New Hampshire Bill Would Victimized Women If They Stand & Fight An Attacker

Hb135 Is Not A Bill Of Equality.

Second Amendment Sisters
Second Amendment Sisters

Concord, NH – -( HB135 is not a bill of equality.

It looks to change a law that has not caused anyone harm. It looks to change the playing field to be in favor of the criminal and lessen the rights’ of women to not be victimized.

The prime sponsor was quoted as saying it is OK for women to defend themselves at home, but not on the street. We bear the burden to try and run from our assailants. If we do not, if we choose instead to protect ourselves or our children, in the court of law we have to prove we could not get away. The prosecution has no burden to prove otherwise.

Faced with a criminal intent on rape, robbery or kidnapping our children WE are faced with the choice to do what we must to save ourselves or our loved ones, knowing that we will be the ones in court. Being victimized a second time by the judiciary system that tells us we have to prove we could not escape.

That is wrong and takes us back to a time when women were not considered equal, but property under the law. This is not the right message to be sending, and we refuse to sit back and allow our elected officials to take away our right to life in favor of the criminal without a fight.

When you vote on Wednesday a green button vote of yes on the motion of OTP is a vote to empower the criminals in the State of New Hampshire. We implore you to consider the effect of your vote on our lives, do not let us become victims of the criminal first and if we survive, then victims of the judiciary system second. Vote NO on HB135 and preserve the right of all New Hampshire women, the basic human right to self-defense.

Respectfully, this letter is submitted on behalf of the Second Amendment Sisters’ New Hampshire Membership.

  • Hon. Jenn Coffey, National Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Margot M. Keyes; Epsom, NH Area Coordinator
  • Kate Muller, New Hampshire State Coordinator
  • Melissa Creem, New Hampshire Web Coordinator
  • Sandy Williams, Andover, NH Area Coordinator
  • Michelle Levell, Windham,NH Area Coordinator
  • Carlene Wheeler, Sullivan,NH Area Coordinator
Hon. Jenn Coffey
(603) 748-1985
[email protected]

Second Amendment Sisters. Founded by 5 women from across the country, SAS has now grown to thousands of members across our Great Nation. We have taken on many functions. We teach and advocate for women to have the right to life – that is, we work to protect our basic human right to self-defense. Our members span the ages from the very young to the mature. We are a grassroots national organization with representation in all 50 states. Second Amendment Sisters, also known as SAS, was formed in response to the Million Mom March.


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D. Murphy

This is what happens when democrats move to your state and start voting. They leave the high taxes and social mess they created in their states and then begin the same liberal crap all over again in ours. Duty to retreat is bad law or us, but a money maker for liberals.


Wait a minute! I thought it was Republicans that had a war on women. If a woman can’t defend herself in an attack, wouldn’t that be a war on women? What has happened to the Dems? If you don’t want to kill your babies when you get pregnant from a rape, we would rather you die instead? That think tank between most liberals legs is definitely clouding their judgment.


Are they serious? A woman with kids is supposed to run away from a potential rapist? She may or may not be able to outrun some goon hiding in the bushes but do you think for a minute that a 5 year old will? What if she’s wearing high heels, will she be able to outrun a guy in tennis shoes? These politicians are living in a fantasy world. I wonder if they would feel the same if a female family member they love would happen on this situation, and after the fact, she were to tell them had she… Read more »


Mike is right. When the law won’t protect you or allow you to protect yourself, it has to be by hook or crook.Say what you want, but 99.9% of women are weaker and slower than men unless she has had special training, and then not always. Yes, she may be a marathon runner but can she out run him for the first 30-100 yds., which is most critical? Will he not shoot her in the back, anyway? It is not a sexist thing but a fact of life. Smith & Wesson makes all men & women equal. Does not take… Read more »


The way I see it is that it is justified KARMA for passing the homosexual marriage bill and in essence accepting the sexual perverts rights bill . Why should some perverts be protected and not others .

5 War Veteran

It is asinine to pass legislation that removes a person’s right to self defense.

Properly trained individuals do not have the anal “movie magic” “I am so scared of a noise” reaction. There will not be a jumpy fear based over reaction simply because the properly trained individual has a positive sense of security.

Stop believing the crap you see on television.

Bill Baker

@askeptic: Their mothers abandoned them in dumpsters to go to another john to fund their crack habits.


Representative Stephen Shurtleff (d)

Why do the Democrats hate women so?


If a woman is attacked, shoot and kill the attacker, then don’t report the attack. Officially, if a crime is not reported it is not a crime. It only becomes a crime when the Police make a Police Report. If there is no witnesses, nobody will know what happened and it becomes an unsolved mystery.


Thats how Sharia law works. Under Sharia law, if a women is raped she is considered guilty. She also has to provide four male witnesses to prove she was raped. Imagine that, the four witnesses would be the ones who gan raped her. Islam considers women half that of a man. Now we have leftwing politicians putting women back in the stone age.


Yeah we had better watch people from NY,Masshole and CT they have been buying more and more summer homes here on the coast of Maine, before long their screwed up views just may come into play here. Either that the locals will burry them out to sea


time to get in these politicians faces..and if need be go to jail after making them understand …enough is enough…they deserve no respect and no quarter…


So, the New Hampshire legislature is considering adding a new hunting season to the books. Buck, does, and humans can now be hunted if the law is passed. NH is going from stand your ground to run to your ground. This is what happens when Massachusettites and New Yorkers move in and take over.
Look out for the earth quakes as native New Hampshirites start rolling over in their graves.