New Mexico Background Check & Gun Registration Bill Rising From the Dead

Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force
Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force

New Mexico –-( A2ATF Network:

House Bill 77 was on the ropes last week after a tie vote in the Senate Public Affairs committee with Democrat Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto (D-Albuquerque) crossing the aisle to vote against the background check and gun registration bill.

HOWEVER a second vote was taken last Thursday after some amendments were added giving new life to this anti-gun legislation.

Senator Ivey-Soto then changed his vote in favor of moving the bill along to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The bill which started out EXPANDING background checks to ALL private sales, has been stripped and amended to close the so-called “gun show loop hole”.

We all know that expanding background checks is a step closer to registering all firearms!

There is still hope of killing HB-77 outright!

The state legislature adjourns at noon this Saturday, don’t let the gun grabbers get a foot in the door by ramming HB-77 through at the last minute.

Anti-gun Governor Susana Martinez has already said she would sign HB-77.

The fight is not over, here is what you can do:

Contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to vote against HB-77. Click here to e-mail them all!

Senator Richard C. Martinez
Phone: (505)986-4487
Email: [email protected]

Senator Joseph Cervantes
Phone: (505)986-4385
Email: [email protected]com

Senator Ron Griggs
Phone: (505)986-4276
Email: [email protected]

Senator Linda M. Lopez
Phone: (505)986-4737
Email: [email protected]

Senator Cisco McSorley
Phone: (505)986-4389
Email: [email protected]gov

Senator John C. Ryan
Phone: (505)986-4373
Email: [email protected]

Senator Michael S. Sanchez
Phone: (505)986-4727

Senator Lisa A. Torraco
Phone: (505)986-4266
Email: [email protected]gov

Senator Peter Wirth
Phone: (505)986-4861
Email: [email protected]

Senator William H. Payne
Phone: (505)986-4703
Email: [email protected]gov

And then call Governor Martinez and tell her New Mexico doesn’t need ANY new gun laws.

She can be reached at 505-476-2200.

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Bill Butler
8 years ago

Please contact your state senator to stop this legislation. Or contact the Governors office at the number above and ask to have the bill defeated. Thanks

Thom Paine
Thom Paine
8 years ago

These people are insane and do not know rural New Mexico at all. What they are saying is that “to reduce gun violence” ,they will encourage a lawful insurection. Now maybe you got to go to a university to think that away, I dont know, but I do know rural NM and I can tell you they wont give an inch . That is what these Kalifonia transplants in Sante Fe need to understand and quick. Most Peace Officers across the state wouldnt favor such idiotic ideas either. And where I come from in rural NM we still have Peace… Read more »