New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Statement on NY SAFE ACT

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

New York –-( Dear Senator,

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association founded in 1871, the Nation’s oldest and the State’s largest Second Amendment Civil Rights Group opposes technical amendments to the SAFE Act of 2013.

The people of New York State were stripped of their Constitutional Rights without being allowed to voice their opinions because of an abused over used message of necessity, normally reserved for matters of great urgency.

That combined with the draconian restrictions, unconstitutional provisions, confusing and contradictory language that in some instances mandates equipment that does not exist or makes New York State Citizens felons for owing previously legal equipment makes The SAFE ACT not amendable; therefore the SAFE ACT must be repealed.

As stated very vociferously by the 10,000 gun owners in attendance at the NYSRPA RALLY on February 28, 2013 “NO DEAL; REPEAL”! The people have made it abundantly clear that those Senators who voted in favor of this legislation will be held accountable during the next election cycle.

That is not idle rhetoric the people of New York State, on both sides of the issue, are outraged by the method of passage, harsh provisions and the unrealistic charges. These circumstances have made unusual allies of many diverse groups and individuals who believe in not only the Second Amendment but representative government as evidenced by the thirty plus County Legislatures and sixty plus police groups who have unanimously sent resolutions to the Governor urging him to repeal this law.


The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is the state’s largest and oldest firearms advocacy organization. Since 1871, our organization has been dedicated to the preservation of Second Amendment rights, firearm safety, education and training, and the shooting sports. Our membership consists of individuals and clubs throughout the state. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization and the official NRA-affiliated State Association in New York. Visit:

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The February 28th Albany NY pro-gun, repeal the “safe” act rally was the largest protest of its kind ever at the state capitol. We shouted so loud that Governor Cuomo heard us from the rock he was hiding under down on Long Island that day. On March 16th at 1PM the village of Schoharie NY will host the We The People pro-2nd amendment rally which is now expected to draw a much larger crowd than the Feb.28th Albany rally. All who attend are encouraged to bring American flags and homemade signs with unique, catchy slogans and proudly display them. Be… Read more »


I really feel for my fellow law-abiding,constitution loving gun owners in New York State. There has to be a way to get this criminal political scum impeached for treason,not only in New York State but around the country.HBH


I think all of you and your friends and any one else that you know need to let the gun and ammo manufacturers know that you will boy cot any business that sells to government agencies or their employees I.E. those that have been exempted from the laws they have enacted! Keep the pressure on!


770-432-1202 – Ask for Law Enforcement Sales
Email [email protected]

SIG Sauer

603-418-8190 – As for Law Enforcement Sales
Email [email protected]


800-331-0852 EXT 3627
Email [email protected]


All you people complaining about the gov in NYS need to start e-mailing all of your official morons in office and tell them you will not reelect them. Hold them responsible for their need to flood the system with e-mail.


We in Maryland feel your pain, but please do not send us your YELLOW lefties we have our own to deal with. O’Malley is attacking his people just so he can score points for his 2016 run for President, like we won’t forget.


perhaps the “Good” citizens of NY should work not only to recover their rights, but to impeach and recall the legislature responsible for this unspeakable act.

Joe Satalino

To coumo and his puppets we have a message for your act of a coward low down sneaky and a non forgiving act you all pulled on this once greatful state of New York will never be forgoten.We voted and had much trust for your leadership and you let us down.There is no easy way out of this disgrace that you made across the country and so be it.Its time for the people to speak and that we will come election time no matter if you repeal or not,you all can’t be trusted.There are other departments in the state that… Read more »

D. Murphy

Wonder how many NY gun owners voted democratic and are now just figuring out what they have done??


ANY criminal that votes for ANY of these ILLEGAL
banns should be arresed for TREASON.