Newtown Massacre Search Warrants Released to the Delight of Biased Media

Governor Malloy uses redacted, pointed release to further his agenda.

Connecticut Carry
Connecticut Carry

Hartford, Connecticut –-( In keeping with his word to produce documents regarding the search warrants used in the Newtown Massacre investigation, State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky released about what everyone involved in the legislative discussions knew he would.

He released a one-sided list of only the weapons and equipment that the murderer and his mother possessed. In the releases, there is little or no mention about whether there were any mental issues diagnosed in the murderer’s history or any indication of whether this massacre could have been detected or prevented. Portions of the warrants where witnesses seem to discuss the murderer’s history are conveniently redacted.

The only focus and obvious intention of releasing the search warrants is to focus the narrative on the firearms instead of the actual legitimate questions about the murderer and his history and things that can actually be evaluated and fixed without endangering the rest of us in the process.

But this did not stop the media from talking about a ‘startling arsenal’ which consisted of only a few firearms and a mediocre amount of ammunition.

The media has apparently once again changed the definition of ‘arsenal’ to be 6 firearms, since that is all that was found. 1 shotgun, 3 rifles (two of which were bolt action) and 2 pistols.

If this is an arsenal, than just about every gun owner in the state possess an armory.

Already we have reporters talking about ‘hundreds’ of rounds of .22LR ammunition, when .22LR ammunition is most commonly sold in its smallest divisions in 550 round boxes. In actuality, there were only 1026 rounds of center-fire rounds of ammunition, spread across 7 different types of firearms, 161 of those were shotgun shells. Over 300 rounds of the ammunition were calibers that there was not even a matching firearm for, and therefore they had no way of utilizing.

This is hardly an ‘arsenal’ or shocking. In fact, most shooting sports enthusiasts would go through this amount of ammunition in a normal day at the range, although it would likely be a short day at the range. Many gun owners possess many times the amount listed here at any given time, since ammunition is cheaper when bought in bulk.

This inventory is not ‘startling’, it is hardly even significant.

Governor Malloy instantly expressed his ignorance and contempt for the gun owners of Connecticut by saying that the issue around large capacity magazines was clear, except he did not mention what we expected any of the unarmed individuals to do against a well armed murderer, regardless of whether or not he was changing a magazine or not. Indeed, towns around the state are opting to do the right thing and put people who can stop an attack in their schools instead of relying on silly ideas like gun bans to perform their magic for them.

The media also immediately sought to demonize gun owners and the NRA by stating falsely that there were NRA membership certificates found in the home. Since the NRA doesn’t issue such certificates for membership, these are pretty clearly the state required training certificates for Basic Pistol Safety.

It is odd the media would try to make a negative of safety training, should all residents (well over 200,000 in number) who have taken the mandatory training get rid of their certificates so they are not likewise demonized or linked to the murderer?

This is another step along the way where we see people pushing an agenda who think nothing of exploiting the death of children to get their way.

The legislature should not move on any legislation until the full details of the investigation are released. The investigation of the Arizona massacre where Representative Giffords was shot has been released and it is bringing startling revelations about how much could and should have been done about the murderer before the massacre.

When will Connecticut be afforded the right to review this investigation completely so real reasoning can be applied to this situation?

Arizona investigation details:

More information on this issue can be found on

Connecticut Carry is dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

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Connecticut Carry is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and protecting the fundamental civil rights of the men and women of Connecticut to keep and bear arms for defense of themselves and the state as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Connecticut.

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A scrawny kid with Asperger’s could not do what they claim. You try firing 150 lethal shots in 5 minutes. And why did that “professional” cop manhandle the shotgun in the trunk without so much as a pair of gloves to preserve prints?


Those weapons or the ammunition is not to blame for the Newtown tragedy.Its that crazy son of a bitch named Lanza ! HBH


We know that all or most of the “evidence” was planted behind closed doors. The government or police can’t be believed. We don’t buy it and will never give in to anything or take the blame for what others do. The biased media will be the 1st to go when the revolution hits.

5 War Veteran

The Media is owned by the Elite. They will ALWAYS post the news in their biased slant. The FCC like the FDA and almost if not all other government organizations are in the hands of the Elite. They are corporate business entities regardless of the propaganda they shovel. The only difference in government agencies is the fact that only the Elite within receive the reap profits from shady ventures in back rooms. Whether it is the government employed political figure who bought an oil skimmer fleet two months before the BP oil debacle or the government Politician who got Aspartame… Read more »


The Corporate Media Clan should have their media licenses revoked by the FCC for flat out lying. When they say that there were 150+ empty shell casing found in the school. they fail to say what caliber, then add that a Bushmaster was taken to the scene along with 2 handguns used in the killings. But they try to mysteriously link the Bushmaster to the killings as that was found in the trunk of the car. So within 5 minutes the shooter character did the shooting, ran out to the car and put the Bushmaster in the trunk then ran… Read more »

VT Patriot

This is just another example of the socialist govt using the socialist press to further their ideas on how to take away your rights. There is still so much unknown (covered up?) about this incident. The NRA denies any knowledge of this idiot or his family. Who ‘sold’ the bushmaster to the family? No ffl’s have volunteered any info on that.. This, like the moron in NY is just fodder for their gun grab agenda. Nothing to do at all with ‘personal safety’. Wake up folks, this is just the beginning. Tough to ‘fundamentally transform’ this country if so many… Read more »

Jerrys kidds

So sick and tired of this administration doing everything it can to produce the highlight of the inventory weapons cache this clown had. Have you noticed all these shooters are young. And with all the mood altering drugs they were fed while going to school non of this is being examined. there is so much going on right now and no one is trying to uncover it..

Pantera Vazquez

Once again, the forces that be line up with half-truths. No mention of the psychology behind the crime. The blame is to be thrown on the weapons, and ammunition, as if somehow these items operate magically on their own.