NRA Has Begun Running Ads Against Democrats Seeking 2014 Reelection ~ Video

AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On Feb. 21, the NRA will launched a print campaign against Democrat Senators seeking reelection in 2014 in Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

This was complimented by “digital advertising” in states like Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and South Dakota.

Maine will also be blanketed, as will New Hampshire.

The NRA will also began running full page ads in regional sections of USA Today on Monday, Feb. 25 2013. These ads will reach an additional 15 states, setting the tone for the campaign to come.

The ad campaign is designed to highlight internal Obama administration memos –specifically a DOJ memo– which admits that “gun control proposals will not reduce gun violence.”

As Breitbart News has previously reported, gun control has now become a political campaign that could turn the tide in the 2014 elections–particularly in the Senate, where seven Democrats from red states are running for reelection next year. The NRA’s campaign covers all seven of these states.

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D. Murphy

If you respect the Constitution and BELIEVE in all the enumerated rights contained in it plus own a firearm, you need to turn these democrats out of office. If they can trample on one right they can take them all away. VOTE THEM OUT.

vincent marquette

gun grabbers are a serious threat to our country. state laws are attacking 2nd amendments rights at a high rate. mayors against illegal guns. what is a illegal gun? it is a gun he does not want you to have.


Turn the tide is an understatement. Try tidal wave! The NRA ads will help us but I think things are already pretty much set in granite. Gun grabbers and fence sitters in both parties are going to get their waling papers and won’t be back. Too late to “change their minds” now. We know how they really feel and they are gone. They can shut up today. Won’t matter, they are still gone. Thank you for showing your true colors. Now we will show you ours!!!