Obama Administration UN Representative says USA will Vote YES On Arms Trade Treaty

NSSF Objects to U.S. Government Abandoning Position that U.N. Treaty Must be based on International “Consensus”.

National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

NEWTOWN, Conn –-(Ammoland.com)- The National Shooting Sports Foundation today strongly objected to the last-minute reversal of the U.S. government position regarding the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

In the closing hours of negotiations on Thursday, March 28 213, the government abandoned its previous insistence that the treaty be approved only through achieving “consensus” of all the member states.

Requiring consensus had been the United States position going back to earlier administrations.

At the end of the session, a U.S. government spokesperson told reporters “It's important to the United States and the defense of our interests to insist on consensus. But every state in this process has always been conscious of the fact that if consensus is not reached in this process, that there are other ways to adopt this treaty, including via a vote of the General Assembly.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the United States would vote “yes” on the treaty in the General Assembly, regardless of the positions of other member states. By abandoning the requirement for consensus the United States is assuring passage of the treaty by the United Nations.

“This abrupt about-face on the long-standing United States requirement for ‘consensus’ illustrates that the Obama Administration wants a sweeping U.N. arms control treaty,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel.

“We are troubled by the timing of the Obama Administration’s decision to abandon consensus on the eve of the Senate debate on pending gun control measures. The United Nations treaty would have a broad impact on the U.S. firearms industry and its base of consumers in the U.S.”

Industry analysts have identified three major areas of concern with the treaty text. The treaty clearly covers trade in civilian firearms, not just military arms and equipment. It will have a major impact on the importation of firearms to the United States, which is a substantial source for the consumer market. And it will impose new regulations on the “transit” of firearms, the term defined so broadly that it would cover all everything from container ships stopping at ports to individuals who are traveling internationally with a single firearm for hunting or other sporting purposes.

“We hope that the Members of the U.S. Senate are closely watching the White House abandon its principles and promises in the rush to ramrod this flawed treaty into effect.

Not only will they later be asked to ratify this attack on our constitution and sovereignty, but they will also be lavished with new promises from the administration in its drive to push a broad gun control agenda through the U.S. Senate when it returns from recess. They would be right to question those promises strongly,” concluded Keane.

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  • 15 thoughts on “Obama Administration UN Representative says USA will Vote YES On Arms Trade Treaty

    1. I wouldn’t put it past this Administration to put UN Blue Helmets on the Homeland Security folks to enforce this….door to door…even if the Senate doesn’t ratify this, which they said they won’t.

    2. Any government or organizations ability to govern or control is predicated upon the willingness of a people to be governed or controlled,
      IM DONE

    3. ACTUALLY if I understand this WHOLE thing, IF “we” vote yes on this Treaty it WILL give the U.N the power & authority to “enforce” this on ALL of US!!! THIS WILL BE the beginning of the REVOLUTION!!!

    4. Also EFF the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty that is also unconstitutional and B.S. to our Government.And We don’t have to follow that trash as well and will never have to ever!!!!!!!

    5. EFF the U.N. and EFF Obama.The U.N. small arms treaty is B.S. and is unconstitutional to our Government.We don’t have to follow that trash and will never have to ever!!!!!

    6. You cannot impeach someone who is not legally President. Nobody true American, if they knew would willingly vote for an illegal alien.
      Just like no American has ever voted for the UN. They are not US elected officials and I have not given any authorization for “Implied Consent”.

    7. The idea of blatant Treason by the Obama administration is nothing new. We knew it was coming, from the moment he started his first campaign. Yet, the idea that the sovereignty of these “United States,” would be given up so freely by those in power, whom have sworn to uphold, defend and protect her is appalling. Even more so, is the fact that not one of our elected sitting officials in the United States Congress or Senate has the patriotic backbone to defend this great country and right the wrong that has befallen her. Blood has been spilled in vane.

    8. It dont apply to America because the un is not American and they dont have any authority to do so . Anything that is signed is birdcage liner nothing more.

    9. This would be blatant TREASON – and unlawful.

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