Open Letter to NY Senator Fuschillo & Assemblyman Curran – Are You Ashamed?

“As of March 11, a total of 52 out of New York State’s 62 counties have introduced resolutions requesting the repeal of the NY SAFE Act. Of those 52 county resolutions, 40 of them have already passed — meaning that roughly two-thirds of the counties of New York State reject Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “landmark” gun control legislation.”

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XXX, XX? –-( Senator Fuschillo and Assemblyman Curran,

How does it feel to be part of the faction that has helped to polarize a whole state? The above counties comprise 50% of the state’s population, while the remaining seven counties comprise the other 50%.

You should not be pleased! You should be ashamed!

You have probably criminalized roughly 20-30% of your population and they did absolutely nothing, except to wake-up on January 16th 2013. Again, you should be ashamed!

With the passage of the NY SAFE ACT, you have breached your fiduciary responsibility to your voters, as you did not consider anything other then Governor’s personal agenda. You DID NOT debate the bill. You DID NOT request public input. You DID NOT read the bill. But YOU VOTED for the bill. Again, you should be ashamed.

And what of the brilliant fact that the NY SAFE ACT did not need an Economic Impact Report?

The word out of your party is that there “would be NO economic impact.” This is just truly amazing, as common sense shows that there WILL be a loss of Sales Tax revenue, there WILL be a loss of Federal Conservation dollars (Read: PITTMAN-ROBERTSON ACT (1937)). some businesses WILL close down, and workers WILL be laid-off. Amazingly, Mr. Curran has signed onto a bill that states there is an Economic Impact (A bit late, isn’t it!). Again, you should be ashamed.

You have misrepresented yourselves to your constituents, and you should have the good sense to resign from office. Again, you should be ashamed, as WE THE PEOPLE, your constituents, are ashamed of you, and your party.

Sarcastically, wishing you a delightful next election, I am

Alan Chwick, Editor
Nassau County News Flash
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5 War Veteran

Ashamed? or Brain dead?

All the assistance programs that support people who do not deserve it is a perfect example that the Majority is not asked or followed.

Taking my money to “aid” people who do are capable but do not work to earn it is called tyranny.

Allowing jobs to be shipped overseas is not supporting the “people”.

Passing laws that steal away my rights is not serving the majority of the public. It serves only those who wish even more control. Serving the Elite and a dictatorship.

VT Patriot

Such a shame that NY is so divided by geography. The NYC population is all for these gun laws, after all – they have Nanny Bloomingidiot for a mayor. Upstate, different story. Some terrific hunting areas in the remaining 95% of the land remaining out of NYC. But the morons in Albany know where the population centers with their gangs and rampant criminals are. Thats where the votes come from. The rest of the state be damned. Glad I moved from NY state many years ago.

D. Murphy

Shame on you low information gun owners in NY who vote democratic, do you finally understand that the democratic party is the party of conformity, statism and intolerance?? Your freedom is being taken from you…


as we have seen all over this land…voting and begging the traitors to listen to citizens grievances is mostly futile…voting then out the sane futility..the damage is done…NEVER disarm…NEVER register…NEVER comply…..and in practice NEVER miss your target…..


Ashamed? Not by a long shot. They are very happy and proud of themselves. They just made criminals of a good portion of the population of NY. That was their intent to begin with so why should they be ashamed. Now, it you play by “their” rules like they think you will, you will turn in all your goodies to them and become one of the undefended. They want the whole country that way. Welcome in criminals. All you can do now, is vote out these bastards you voted in and make sure the next ones are for you and… Read more »

Sid Cranston

Are you ashamed for trying to make so many New Yorkers criminals? Don’t we have enough of them already?