Review: The Heat Locker Keeps Outdoor Duds Warm, Dry & Scent-Free

By Gretchen Steele

Pleasant Ridge Outdoors’ Heat Locker
Pleasant Ridge Outdoors’ Heat Locker
Women’s Outdoor News
Women’s Outdoor News

Rolla, MO –-( I can tolerate cold. I can tolerate wet. I cannot tolerate cold and wet.

Every waterfowler knows the uncomfortable feeling of donning outerwear that’s still wet and cold from the morning hunt, or pulling on waders that have sat in the truck all night and are just plain frigid or frozen in a permanent folded position. That feeling easily qualifies as MISERABLE.

Thanks to Pleasant Ridge Outdoors’ ever so handy product, the Heat Locker, those days are over! The Heat Locker keeps outdoor duds warm, dry and scent-free.

The Heat Locker is a revolutionary new wardrobe. Unlike other storage units that just let you hang up your garments or bedding, The Heat Locker allows you to DRY them!

I will freely admit that I was a tad skeptical about how well this product would really perform. The assembly was quick and easy and in just a few minutes everything was up and running. It all seemed way too simple, and way too good to be true. A few of my duck hunting pals and I immediately stuffed the 42-cubic-feet of storage space with waders, coats, pants, gloves, hats, boots; in other words, every cold wet thing we had hanging around.

However, I drew the line at also zipping a pair of wet Labradors into the roomy wardrobe.

Following the easy to understand instructions, we set the timer and waited…

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