Sarah Brady Admits Gun Control Group Not Interested In Prosecuting Criminals


Sarah Brady
Sarah Brady
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Manasquan, NJ –-( In a stunning admission during an interview on National Public Radio, Sarah Brady, Chairwoman and Co-Founder of the “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence” , or as I like to call them, ” The Brady Bunch”, publicly admitted that her group, and presumably by default all other Anti Gun Groups, aren’t concerned with actually prosecuting those who engage in criminal conduct.

They are not interested in prosecuting criminals caught lying on a background check form, 4473, in an attempt to straw purchase a firearm, an act which is a felony.

From the interview, mark 2:34: 

SIMON: But again, let me get you to address the reservation some people have, that we really have good common sense gun control laws on the books now and they’re only sporadically successfully enforced.

BRADY: Well, in the first place, I don’t think many people feel that way unless you’re talking about, are people prosecuted? I have heard complaints from the gun lobby about that. Because if they’re trying to purchase a gun and they were not able to, what the law does now – as far as it enforces it – is to not allow them to get a gun. And our main concern is not to prosecute these people as much as it is to have their complete background checked, so that anybody cannot buy a gun if they’re not qualified. (emphasis added)

Yet a NT Times article from January 13th this year highlights the fact that nearly 80,000 people committed such a felony, yet only 44 were Prosecuted!

47 percent of those 80,000 people were already convicted felons and 19 percent were wanted fugitives. That is a whopping 66 percent, or almost exactly two thirds of those attempts were committed by people who are already barred by Federal and or State Law from even touching a firearm, let alone trying to purchase one. A 2008 Justice Dept Study found that those who are denied because of a failed background check were significantly more likely to commit a violent crime, even after having been denied.

But are not we being told by “The Enlightened Ones” that we simply must have even more gun control laws on the books? And “this time we mean it!”. ” This time, if we just pass XYZ, all these horrible crimes will simply vanish, and of course “do it for the children”.

Surprisingly for the rabidly Anti Gun NY Times, the article even goes on to accurately report what the NRA and the rest of us has been saying for years now.

Start enforcing the laws already on the books before you start ramming new ones down our throats!


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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I will not obey.


it should read, “They don’t have guns anymore” in the second sentence.


Let her move to Australia. They don’t have guns anymore. Our Constitution says what it says to protect us from radical nitwits like Sarah Brady. Maybe if they were more concerned about prosecuting crimminals, especially the crimminally insane, her old man wouldn’t have gotten shot.


Why are we not surprised? Because we knew this all along. Gun grabbers can’t BS us. We know their motives and how they work. I work harder at keeping our rights than they do trying to take them from us, so they get blown out of the water every time. Everyone else do the same thing as it will be a tireless afford until we get the lying gun grabber out of the White House. I think we have to always keep up our guard and not just believe what politicians tell us. If they ever vote against guns they… Read more »


Hey STOP confusing assumptions with the facts! This is the US of A and we don’t need no stinkin facts!
We is gonna make its up as we goes along.
– Barry O

M. Simon

Some police officers have an idea that will reduce gun violence.


Pretty bad they don’t want to prosecute the criminals. But what do you expect from the Demorats??. Arm the scum yuppers cant prosecute them cuz most of them are coming from down Mexico way just like the Fast and Furious scheme, arming them and don’t want to arrest” FUTURE VOTERS” im not saying they are all illegal criminals but I bet their are quite a few. We need to prosecute the people they are yammering about ” only 44 ” out of 80,000 THATSVINEXCUSABLE!! On the justice departments head right their and local law enforcement . We all heard Chief… Read more »

Jay W

It’s Nazi Pelosi without the facelift! On second thought, maybe a facelift did contribute to the deer in the headlights look…


Sarah Brady – Wikipedia – It says, “despite her support for gun control,she bought her adult son a hunting rifle as a Christmas present.The New York Daily News and WND suggested she may have “skirted” Delawares background-check requirements for gun purchases.” Check it out people ! HBH


Scum arming scum ! HBH

tom m

What they want is the same result as Fast and Furious. Arm the scum and let them loose to pad the anti stats.
This time it’s leave the scum roam the streets until they finally score that illegal gun and then use the scum’s crime to pad the stats.

Who knows maybe the anti’s are even tracking them after they get denied and putting the gun in the scum’s hand.


Ranchman,you’re right,..that is the prescribed method of execution for treason.Get a rope ! I just read that Nevada will no longer will accept AZ CCW. Yall all take care and keep your chin to the wind and your powder dry. HBH


To think that there are CITIZEN groups, American Citizens, who are working tirelessly to deny the rest of their brother and sister Americans their right to keep and bear arms…despicable!! These people should be hung by the neck until dead, in the town square, with tickets being sold to watch!!


day-am!! its p-lousys sista!