Sen. Manchin: Pro-Gun in 2010, Pro-Gun Control in 2012, Strangely Silent Now

Senator Joe Manchin Assault Weapon
Senator Joe Manchin Assault Weapon
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Where does Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) stand on guns? Depends on when you ask him.

If you asked in 2010 he was pro-gun. If you asked in Dec. 2012 he was pro-gun control. And if you ask right now, he’d rather not talk about it.

This latest incarnation of Senator Manchin came to light when Martinsburg, WV’s The Journal ran an interview with him that contained this editor’s note: “This question and answer session was permitted under the condition that The Journal would not ask questions regarding gun control legislation or the Second Amendment, as requested by the Senator’s staff.”

Just think about it:  In Nov. 2010, Manchin won a special Senate election by courting the NRA and taking strong pro-gun stands. Photos of him shooting short and long barrel AR-15s with 30 round clips helped sell his pro-gun stance.

Then, after the horrendous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary on  Dec. 14, 2012, Manchin gave an unexpected boost to President Obama’s calls for more gun control by speaking out against AR-15s and 30 round clips.

And concerning the “assault weapons” ban Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and others were just starting to push at that time, Manchin said he wanted the NRA to “sit down” for a discussion on it. He said he didn’t know why anyone would find such restrictions “objectionable,” because “it sounds very reasonable.”

But now that the 2014 elections are fast approaching, and pro-gun voters are planning to flood voting booths in opposition to gun grabbers, Manchin has fallen strangely silent.

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Manchin does NOT fool me. Voted for him ONCE. Will NOT get my vote next time. Manchin is more dangerous to us than any other right now. He’s working more closely with Obama than he is allowing you to know. He’s a DECEIVER just like his “mentor” Obama. He must GO!


I wonder which face we will hear from next? Hey Senator Manchin. Are you the Manchurian candidate? The one who will sell us all to the Crown?
Who do you really work for, come on you can admit it and tell us the truth. I am sure that if we followed the money and the promises the Elite made to you we would find who your handlers really are.


ANY politician that votes for gun control must be voted out regardless of party! We must NOT compromise on this issue, its too important. Wake up gun owners! We have already given them too much ground already.


Well we’ll see just how tough we are come election time. I just hope that there isn’t one anti-gun politician left Congress after the election.


The rule of thumb to always follow: If anyone in government office ever votes against guns, they are anti-gun-anti-2nd amendment. There is no going back and don’t let them fool you come election time. Obama was always mad dog anti-gun until he ran for president the 1st time. He said it was foolish to even bring up new gun laws, and it was given his position and what he had at stake. Nothing his whole 1st term and during his bid for a 2nd term. He knew he wouldn’t be shooting himself in the foot, but in the head, had… Read more »


Manchin has to go.


He’s another “weak” politician, floating with the popular vote, and won’t make a stand for his beliefs, and obviously willing to allow the 2nd Amendment to be stepped upon.