SHWAT Welcomes 10 Companies to the ‘Dust Collector to Long Range Precision Rifle’ Project

SHWAT Dust Collector to Long Range Precision Rifle Project
SHWAT Dust Collector to Long Range Precision Rifle Project
Special Hog Weapons and Tactics (SHWAT)
Special Hog Weapons and Tactics (SHWAT)

Abilene, Texas –-(  Loaded question: What if the law of the land prevented you from shooting, training, hunting or even owning an AR-15, an AK-47, or the highly anticipated Israeli Tavor?

What if semi-automatic guns and full capacity magazines got banned?

Or maybe these great parts of the gun culture were simply regulated just out of reach.

It’s too real of a possibility for some, too remote for others.

Well as it turns out, Grandpa’s gun might just have a ton more potential than first meets the eye. It could be a serious shooter. What if could be reborn as an amazing precision tactical rifle that caused involuntary drool every time you pulled it out and could take out clay pigeons (or hogs) at 1,000 yards?

Well, it’s happening and it starts with this story, right here at Special Hog Weapons and Tactics.

SWR Suppressors is joining a powerful lineup of participants including: Timney Triggers, NightForce Optics, Harris Bipods, Dynamic Research Technologies- DRT Ammunition, BLACKHAWK!, Tac Pro Shooting Center, King’s Arsenal, and Cadex Defence, Alamo Four Star, and more are joining forces with SHWAT to bring an older Remington 700 to out of storage where it’s been collecting dust and give it new life as a 1,000 yard precision shooting instrument!

This exciting project will continue throughout this year.

You’ll want to follow this story line in the months to come, but we start here. Don’t miss a word. Keep reading, and you’ll want to pass this one along to some forums, some Facebook friends, and even some people you talk to in person!

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We all know what Obama and the gun grabbers have planned. Total confiscation of our guns. That is why full scale revolution is going to be our only answer. They just don’t believe how far we will go. They have given us no other choice so what did they expect. Obama and Holder breaking the gun laws just so they could blame us was the straw that broke the camel’s back.