Stop The Threat All New Episode – Attack At Lunch Break

On This Weeks American Trigger Sports Network

Stop The Threat All New Episode - Attack At Lunch Break
Stop The Threat All New Episode – Attack At Lunch Break
American Trigger Sports Network
American Trigger Sports Network

Ventura, CA – -( In this week’s crime re-enactment, An armed citizen makes a decision whether or not to stop a burglary in process at his favorite donut shop while on a lunch break.

Stop the Threat host, James B. Towle, and guests Rob Pincus, Michael Carrizales and Wes Doss weigh in on this incident and offer their expert comments in a lively discussion.

James B. Towle, Host
Writer, hunter, shooting sports competitor, and former host of Trigger Sports Radio and Trigger Sports LIVE!, a live weekly web series, founded the American Trigger Sports Network (ATSN) which now offers a variety of programming including ATSN TV, covering shooting sports competitions across the country, Stop the Threat, offering real crime reenactments and informed discussions regarding legal gun ownership, and Trigger Sports TV, a round-table of experts discussing the latest trigger sporting news. ATSN has become the authority for shooting sports and trigger sporting news and is well-recognized in the industry and among shooters, sportsmen, and responsibly armed citizens.

Rob Pincus
Owner of I.C.E. Training Company and developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program

Kelly Muir
Martial Arts Master & Instructor, Owner of Team Karate Center in Columbus, Ohio, Black Belt Magazine’s 2012 “Woman of the Year”, author of “Instructor Revolution”, Black Belt Magazine Columnist and contributor to the Personal Defense Network, Program Founder and Lead Instructor of the Wrong Woman (TM) Program

Steve Vandermolen
Co-Founder of Thunder Tactical Shooters, Lead Instructor Thunder Gun Range Shooters Club, Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Personal Protection Trainer, Range Safety Officer, and Master Level Competitive Shooter who has won numerous local, regional, state, and national championships
“Stop the Threat” panelists offer an informed discussion aimed at armed citizens on legal gun ownership, the use of deadly force, and how one may avoid becoming a victim, or respond to a life or death situation. This series may save your life!


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James B. Towle
American Trigger Sports Network

ATSN was born from the already popular Radio series, “Trigger Sports Radio” which was broadcast nationwide, and hosted by James B. Towle. James wanted to bring the world of Trigger Sports to a whole new level by introducing video clips and LIVE coverage from shooting events on the Trigger Sports LIVE! weekly show. ATSN is set to be the leader in your trigger sports news, and now we are broadcasting around the world! Visit:

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Ernie Chilton
Ernie Chilton
6 years ago

I really enjoy watching stop the threat programs. Im glad there is a show to help shooters on the good side of the law to have an insight of different situations that have happened. I have carried for about a year now and am glad to go threw the classes of training to get it right. Keep up the good work James. Thanks! Ernie

Rob Morse
8 years ago

I’ve tried to find stop the threat episodes several times. It would be great if you posted a link that took us to that particular episode.