The Democrats Assault On Gun Rights Is Relentless This Year


California Rifle and Pistol Association
California Rifle and Pistol Association

Sacramento, CA –-( on to your guns! The anti-gun movement has sounded a loud and fierce battle cry at the California state capitol with an unmatched onslaught of anti-gun legislation aimed at assaulting your gun rights.

Make no mistake the anti-gun movement is relentless and their aim is to take away your Second Amendment right to own firearms.

This year the CRPA is tracking an unprecedented number of bills – 47 to be exact – that could impact firearms owners and sportsmen.

Most of this legislation is vehemently ANTI-GUN AND ANTI-HUNTING and outright attacks your gun rights.

Some of the worst include (click bill number for more information):

AB 48 (Skinner) – Intends to require registration to purchase ammo, require reporting of bulk ammo sales to local law enforcement, require ammo vendors to be a licensed gun dealers, and bans magazines over ten rounds. Click to contact Assemblymember Nancy Skinner.

AB 174 (Bonta) – Proposes to confiscate firearms that were previously “grandfathered” as pre-ban firearms.

Click to contact Assemblymember Rob Bonta

AB 187 (Bonta) – Intends to establish a tax on ammo.

Click to contact Assemblymember Rob Bonta

AB 760 (Dickinson) – Seeks to establish a 5¢ per round sales tax on ammo. Click to contact Assemblymember Roger Dickinson

SB 47 (Yee) – Aims to ban semi-auto firearms with bullet buttons.

Click to contact Senator Leland Y. Yee

SB 53 (de Leon) – Seeks to require you to have a permit to purchase ammunition and would ban mail order and internet sales.

Click to contact Senator Kevin de Leon

SB 293 (DeSaulnier) – Proposes to require any handguns sold in California to be equipped with owner recognition technology.

Click to contact Senator Mark DeSaulnier

SB 374 (Steinberg) – Intends to ban the sale of all rimfire and center fire semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines or fixed magazines over ten rounds.

Click to contact Senator Darrell Steinberg

SB 396 (Hancock) – Aims to ban all magazines that hold more than ten rounds, regardless of the date acquired.

Click to contact Senator Loni Hancock



The reality for 2013 is that the anti-gun movement is now on a rampage and gun owners are in for an even more grueling battle than usual to protect their rights in California. Please do your part to defeat anti-gun legislation by joining forces with the CRPA. DON’T WAIT – ACT NOW TO OPPOSE anti-gun bills.

Call, e-mail, and/or write your state representative and the authors of anti-gun bills.

  • State that you are a member of CRPA
  • Be professional and courteous
  • Be concise
  • State what the issue is
  • State your concerns
  • State what action you are requesting

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may find that some senators and assembly members try to reject your contacts if you are not from their district. Please don’t be deterred by their attempts to silence you! Let them know that you have the right to contact them and that you will continue to contact them when there is a Second Amendment or hunting rights issue pending before the legislature.


Visit the Bill Status Update page here to view a complete list of all 47 bills, daily updates, and direct contact information for the bill authors and your state representative.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association “CRPA,” founded in 1875, is dedicated to defending the rights of law-abiding citizens to responsibly use firearms for self-defense and the defense of their loved ones, for sport, and for all other legal activities. CRPA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association. A California non-profit association, CRPA is independently directed by its own Board of Directors. CRPA’s members include law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents. CRPA has always worked to reduce the criminal misuse of firearms and firearms accidents, while actively promoting and organizing the competitive shooting sports and Olympic training programs in California. We are proud to say that many CRPA competitors are among the best in the world. Visit:

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Ivan Pistov

Your senator Feinstein was just now on Fox News in an exchange between her and Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and she was downright nasty with him (3:30pm EDT). According to her we ‘don’t need Bazookas or any other high powered weapons”. There are some 2000 weapons exempted (So how can she discriminate between weapons that are now legal?). I notice that the CA legislature now plans to ban .22 rifles with detachable magazines, or fixed with more than 10 rounds (many pump and lever rifles). This is the first time I have seen an effort to include .22 rimfire weapons… Read more »


You know if the FRUITS! NUTS and FLAKES from California who elected Commisar Feinstein ( even after the first assault gun ban) she submitted and got passed. Want a representitve like her then let THEM SUFFER THE GD gun ban and confiscation that Bitch wants to enact again but dont make the rest of us law abiding gun owners SUFFER FOR THEIR STUPIDITY !!! I HOPE THEY REMEMBER THIS CRAP IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION AND GIVE HER A PINK SLIP FOR X- MAS !!!! if she is re- elected I hope California falls into the Pacific ocean because of the… Read more »

Bob stent

I have already contacted my representatives I also told each one that I spent over $225 on hunting and fishing licenses and tags in Ca,I also stated I refuse to hunt or fish in the state of Ca,instead I will spend my money in a state that respects my rights and the second amendment


Talk about a bunch of scum with “mental issues” ! HBH


One way to contact these clowns is to use a zip code in their district as this seems to be the “screener” that is used to “allow” your comments to go through or not. I’ve used this method with the fed legislators. Instead of getting the “thanks for your comment but we only respond to constituents in our district” letter/email, I get actual responses from the clowns. Everything else I put on is correct except the zip code. Even if I’m in another state from the one they “represent”. And I use the term “represent” rather loosely.