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This Week in Guns
This Week in Guns

DeKalb, IL –-( This Week in Guns features a panel of hosts from the Firearms Radio Network including Hank, Steve, Jake and Special Guest this Week is Ron Larimer from When the Balloon Goes Up.

This week states across the U.S. push for new gun laws in favor of gun owners. A town in Maine is pushing to make gun ownership mandatory. South Dakota pushes through a law allowing teachers to carry on campus.

The fight in Colorado continues as the bill restricting high capacity magazines passed the state senate committee. if the bill is passed, it could inadvertently make pump and semi-automatic shotguns illegal. The crazies down in Florida try to push a bill that would make bullet buyers take an anger management class.

Also following Magpul’s lead, Beretta threatens to leave Maryland should they pass the strict gun laws bill being proposed. On the flip side, possible a poor move by Remington, they expand production in New York after being awarded an $80 million dollar contract by the Pentagon.

Ron and Steve have a lively discussion on whether or not law enforcement should have access to restricted firearms.  Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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This Week in Guns is an on demand talk radio show that covers the latest firearms industry news, information and buzz.

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I vote not just with the ballot , I also vote with my pocketbook , and I will no longer buy ANYTHING from Remington Arms , there are too many 2nd amendment SUPPORTERS to deal with that need my money much more than Remington .


Bravo- MAGPUL who called Colorados bluff!!! CO passed the bill saying that MAGPUL wouldnt leave , haa jokes on CO, Bravo- Beretta- Maryland should take heed on what happened in CO, I just hope Beretta stands firm and does what it says its gonna do. Remington!!!! – Shame on them !!!!!!!! Bowing to the Obama regime !!! I agree it kinda makes that 5000 strong assembly in Albany a mute point now !! Only alternative wiyh a traitor is to SHUN THEM!!! Remington could make that 80 million up in sales ( granted its not as quick as govt contract)… Read more »


RE: Remington’s lost ways – Boycott them and buy Mossberg instead.


RE: Florida – The crazies down in Florida try to push a bill that would make bullet buyers take an anger management class.

How about the FL Crazy Anti-Gun/Bullet Freaks -Take Common Sense classes to over come their incompetence.


Sorry to hear about Remington. I guess they couldn’t turn down 80 million dollars.

Robert Myles

A very bad move on the part of Remington to even accept the pentagon bid in the light of their stance when over 5000 of us rallied in Albany Feb. 28th as there they stood with us against Coumo, but this would for all appearances be a bowing to the will of the Obama gun control proponent’s in Washington. This makes the Threat of Remington moving from New York after almost 200 yr’s a moot point and weaken’s our stance against Coumo


Don’t ever give in to these bastards. No matter what state the gun grabbers are in, they will just keep chipping away. We have to be in the for the long haul. No turning back. No giving ground. Do they want our guns badly enough to start a revolution? I know not. They are bluffing and we have to call their bluff.