Treestand Preparation and Maintenance Tips from Millennium

Millennium Tree Stands
Millennium Tree Stands

Pearl, Mississippi –-( If you’re like most hunters, the reality is beginning to set in that deer season has ended until fall.

The good news is you now have months to tweak last year’s stand sights and strategize for the upcoming season. Millennium encourages you to put maintenance at the top of your ‘”Things to Do” list.

Although Millennium’s stands are durable, Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. Rodents like to chew nylon straps and trees grow surprisingly fast in a single year, or to the contrary, may become diseased and unsafe to hunt.

The folks at Millennium Treestands believe the only thing more important than your success afield is your safety.

For this reason, Millennium encourages you to remove and inspect all of your stands after hunting season. Look for worn or missing parts. Replace only with manufacturer’s certified replacement parts. Replace all straps and ropes every year. Never used old straps on your stand. It’s often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please, don’t learn that lesson the hard way.

Never carry equipment with you while climbing. Use a haul line to raise or lower your gear. Since most accidents occur when hunters are climbing up or down a tree, always use a TMA approved safety harness or Fall Arrest System. Study manufacturer’s recommendations before using any equipment. Never use a rope to replace a safety belt.

Climb higher than the stand and step down onto it. Climbing up onto it can dislodge it. Wear boots with non-skid soles, because steps or platforms can be slippery in rain, sleet or snow.

Read, understand and follow the factory recommended practices and procedures when installing commercial stands. Inspect portable stands for loose nuts and bolts each time they are used.

Millennium M1 Climbing Tree Stand
Millennium M1 Climbing Tree Stand

Choose only healthy, living trees when using climbing devices. Rough-barked trees such as oak are best. Do not use a tree that is rotten or has dead limbs

As a precautionary measure, remove all logs, upturned and cutoff saplings, rocks and other obstructions on the ground below the tree stand.

During the off-season, reflect on what, when and where you saw it while you were hunting last fall. You may consider placing another Millennium Stand in certain areas of high activity. Giving careful consideration to all the variables now, while not under the pressure of the hunt, will allow you to decide if a ladder stand, such as the Millennium L100 is needed; or, can you best hunt the area with a M210 climbing stick and a M-50 steel Hang On receiver?

At the moment, time is on your side, and fortunately, Millennium is behind you all the way helping to ensure another successful and safe hunting season next fall. To consider all of your options, visit