Wyoming Firearm Protection Act Gutted by Liberal Republican Politicians

Wyoming Senators that went along with Obama's gun grab
Wyoming Senators that went along with Obama's gun grab
Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming –-(Ammoland.com)- Recently I informed you that — Wyoming Gun Owners MUST now shift to being a full time, year round, grassroots organization.

Well those plans are now well under way…

To help a get the word out about Wyoming Gun Owners year round operations, I'm ecstatic to give you the first word about our AR-15 GIVEAWAY!

This is the exact weapon that Barack Obama wants to take away from YOU — and it's the same so-called “scary looking rifle” that law abiding gun owners in New York are no longer allowed to freely possess due to draconian laws were recently passed by the bleeding heart, anti-gun politicians following Obama's lead.

These are the very gun rights that we are trying to protect and defend here in Wyoming.

Sadly some Wyoming politicians agree more with Obama's gun control schemes then their own freedom loving constituents.

As you know — HB-104 the Firearm Protection Act — was “gutted” in committee by a “Republican” majority — then adding insult to injury, HB-104 was blocked from being heard on the floor by Senate “Republican” leadership.

I'm sure you'll agree, it's the liberal Republican politicians that will be most remembered as the “Senators that went along with Obama's GUN-GRAB“.

HB-104 the Firearm Protection Act was first introduced here in Wyoming by Representative Kendell Kroeker (R-Nartona) — would have made new federal gun control schemes “unenforceable” in Wyoming.

The good news is this: Legislation similar to HB-104 has now spread to over two dozen other states. This is something YOU can be proud of, that your activism has driven “states gun rights” debate on a national scale.

To help get the word out about Wyoming Gun Owners and our unwavering commitment to defending your gun rights — we are going to give away a brand new DPMS AR-15 absolutely FREE to one lucky winner in Wyoming!

Believe me I'm chomping at the bit to give this new gun away and as soon as I have all the details worked out we'll launch the giveaway signup page.

You can help now by telling all of your “like minded” friends and family that Wyoming Gun Owners is the only “boots on the ground” organization working at this level!

Please tell them to sign up on our email list ASAP, so they too can hear about this great news firsthand.

If you are as excited about this gun giveaway as I am and concerned about the loss of freedom in Wyoming — please consider chipping in just $20 dollars, or whatever you can to afford to help Wyoming Gun Owner's ongoing fight against politicians that will go along with Obama's gun grab.

To Liberty,
Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Wyoming Gun Owners has now been forced to switch to year round operations and as part of a new “get the word out” campaign — WyGO will be giving away a brand new AR-15 to one lucky Wyoming winner.

Wyoming Gun Owners is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens' organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed by Article 1 Section 24 of the Wyoming Constitution and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Wyoming Gun Owners is the only organization taking action at this level–with an aggressive program designed to mobilize public support for pro-gun legislation as well as opposition to gun control. www.wyominggunowners.org

  • 8 thoughts on “Wyoming Firearm Protection Act Gutted by Liberal Republican Politicians

    1. wait a minute!
      didn’t Oblackbastard say that Fineswine’s AWB bill “deserves a vote”?…but…these goober-knackers in the Wymng lgslt reckon that HB104 doesn’t?


      if it’s good for the goose, then, it should be equally good for the gander, eh?

      so…..STOP Fineswine’s bill getting a vote…or, even, a fing hearing!

      these gun-grabbing bastards!

      Yanks!!……just make sure you don’t go down the fing CATASTROPHIC path of gun control that happened Down Under, eh?!?

      http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/catastrophe-when-americas-twin-gave-up-guns/ ;

    2. It’s time to go on the offensive and take the fight to the enemies of freedom. Targeting these folks for removal in the next election cycle will convey the message in terms they can understand; and correct, we need to be a 24/7/365 force that’s relentless.

    3. What’s worse? A democrate or a repulican that falters in the time of need? Vote them OUT get rid of them and vote someone in that will stand up for the constitution and serve the people, not their pocketbook.

    4. Seems the time to organize all State gun owners groups into a National grassroots coalition is now. These State groups need to stand as one against the tyrants.

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