Donates Nearly $8,000 To Six Pro-Freedom Groups ~ Video

Atlanta, GA –-( known as “America's Pro-Freedom Ammunition Source”, is proud to announce the donation of $7,789.66 to the following six worthy organizations as chosen by our customers:

  • $6,233.92 to the National Rifle Association
  • $386.84 to Soldiers' Angels
  • $642.65 to Homes For Our Troops
  • $133.50 to Campaign For Liberty
  • $239.65 to the Tea Party Patriots
  • $153.10 to Operation Homefront

Every day, customers of choose which pro-freedom organization from a list of 19 receives 1% of the value of their ammunition purchase following checkout. then donates this amount on behalf of each customer – at no cost – to the customer. This is because we believe in actively supporting those who protect our freedoms and wants to attract customers who share our love of America.

Beyond automatically raising money for the pro-freedom organization of our customer's choosing, offers same-day shipping on orders placed Monday through Friday by 3pm Atlanta time, live American customer support, an automated inventory management system that only displays on our site what is in our warehouse, and rotating ammunition deals.

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