Armytek Flashlights Will Save Your Life In Emergency Situation

Armytek Predator X v.2 XM-L. Variable Bezel Flashlight
Armytek Predator X v.2 XM-L. Variable Bezel Flashlight

Ontario, Canada –-( It seems really hard to choose the right tactical flashlight for Military officers, Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies as well as for Hunting and Airsoft lovers.

But let’s think what do all these application fields have in common?

In fact, all tactical applications comprehend frequent use of the flashlight with different weapon and often in diverse harsh environments. That’s why it’s greatly important for a tactical flashlight to be highly reliable, to withstand any external exposure and not to “let you down” in extreme situations. And that’s exactly what Armytek flashlights offer you!

Let us explain, what makes Armytek flashlights the safest, most reliable and trustworthy tactical lights.

Armytek Predator X Flashlight
Armytek Predator X Flashlight

Electronics Supervisor Technology
Most of you have probably faced problems connected with overheat of powerful electric devices. With Armytek flashlights you will never have such problems again! A special controller customized into the flashlight monitors the temperature of the LED and electric circuit and prevents overheat by automatic switching to a lower brightness mode in dangerous situation. Due to the controller you can be 100% sure that your flashlight will not be damaged and will never turn off unexpectedly because of LED or electronics overheat.

Intelligent Li-Ion Protection Technology
This technology enables you to power your flashlight with unprotected rechargeable batteries which can have higher capacity (e.g. Panasonic 18650 Li-Ion 3100 mAh). Unlike other flashlights Armytek lights will prevent over discharge of unprotected batteries and thus prolong their lifetime. The use of higher-capacity unprotected batteries will enable you to get longer runtimes. Furthermore, with Li-Ion protection system you don’t have to worry that your flashlight will turn of suddenly and won’t turn on again till you change batteries – like it happens when the protection circuit in protected batteries works out.

Firefly Technology
First of all, Firefly mode is extremely convenient to lighten close objects when you lie in wait or hide as such dim light (0.1 lumens) will not disclose your location. You can also use Firefly mode to lighten things in a tent or room at night and not worry about awakening sleeping people. But the most fabulous thing about Firefly is that your flashlight will provide you with incredibly long runtimes in this mode – which is essential in extreme situations when there is no opportunity to replace batteries. And Armytek flashlights are also the only lights in the world that have doubled electric circuits! It means that if the main circuit gets out of order the flashlight is able to produce light at reserve circuit for more than 120 days in Firefly mode – and this can even save you in unpredictable dangerous situations!

You can see now why Armytek flashlights can be considered the safest, most advanced and reliable tactical lights in the world. Add to all these unique advantages their extremely high and effective performance – and you’ll get the whole idea of a Perfect Tactical Flashlight!

So don’t waste your time and supply yourself with the best tactical flashlights right now!

Armytek Optoelectronics Inc.
67 Vandervoort Dr, Richmond Hill,
Ontario, L4E OC7, Canada
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garbage from china!
do some research before promoting!
oh and nice gold bezel on a tactical flashlight ! lol