As Many As 14 Stabbed In Texas College Weapon Free Zone


Bloody Exacto Knife
As Many As 14 Stabbed In Texas College Weapon Free Zone
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Reports have recently started streaming in of a mass stabbing incident that has taken place at the Houston Area Campus of Lone Star State College.

Latest word is 14 victims have been stabbed, at least four of which have been airlifted to local hospitals by Med Evac Helicopter, which only occurs when the injuries are immediately life threatening, while others have been transported to the hospital by ambulance and at least two others reportedly refused treatment on the scene.

One suspect is currently in custody at this time, but authorities are continuing their investigation and sweep of the campus to determine if there are others.

As of the latest press conference from local Law Enforcement that occurred literally minutes ago, while the weapon has yet to be located, initial reports from witnesses to the attack have reported the attacker used an Xacto Knife ( a modeling knife with a very small blade), commonly available at any hobby store and used in model building and anatomy classes for dissecting specimens.

This is reported to have been a completely random attack in a classroom with no warning as the suspect preceded to attack classmates.

One student being interviewed by a local news affiliate in Houston just stated that when the incident started and they heard screams from an adjoining classroom, that other students, up to 50, crowded into a single classroom of half that occupancy size to flee the attacker.

The student being interviewed went on to lament that fact that current Campus Policy prohibits law-abiding students from carrying firearms for self defense while on Campus.

Once again, the forced Victimhood Advocates, with their fantasy of “weapons free zones” have the blood of no less then 14 innocent people on their hands. People that have been forced to be utterly defenseless against an unpredictable and utterly random violent attack, carried out by someone that clearly cared not one bit about how many laws he was breaking, because of the myopic policies of Anti Gun Groups and Politicians.

How many more innocent people have to be served up as sacrificial lambs on the altar of Anti Self Defense propaganda before people will demand their right to self defense be upheld and respected!

Look for this incident to vanish into the ether of “mainstream media” reporting in record time. There will be no racing to the nearest microphone by the shallowest of Pro Victim-hood Advocates and elected officials to exploit the incident to further their political goals. No family members will get a special 60 Minutes expose’ or free ride on Air Force One, for their grief and the trauma they have had inflicted on them by a deranged attacker cannot be manipulated for exploitative purposes to advance a political ideology.

It will fade into memory almost overnight, because it doesn’t serve the purposes of furthering the Obama/Bloomberg/Malloy/Hickenlooper Agenda because a gun wasn’t used by the attacker.

Basically, these victims “don’t matter” to the Anti Gun Control zealots, only those severely injured or killed by a firearm “count“. But that will be cold comfort to the victims and families of the latest mass attack on innocent, defenseless Citizens.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Bill Butler

14 stabbed!!??? Sounds like a “HIGH CAPACITY” knife. It needs to be restricted to a 10-stab model. Just aother add for Gun/weapon free, target rich environment. Even I can figure out that if you go someplace where you are not allowed to defend yourself, you become just another sheep eligible for slaughter. Maybe the onus of defending these sheep should be placed upon the people that insist on keeping them defenseless. Time for the “scabby-kneed” lawyers to get in the act. Oh yea! Don’t forget to go after the knife maker because he should have known that the knife was… Read more »


No, the gun grabbers don’t give a damn about these people stabbed, but same goes for the ones shot. They love it when they see another happening. More ammo for their agenda. They could care less about the people killed. Just a publicity stunt for them. Obama and Holder had people killed in Fast & Furious so they could blame us. Obama didn’t claim executive privilege for nothing. He did not want us to know what he had up his sleeve, as if we didn’t. Don’t be surprised if the same is happening in these other shootings.


March 1964, Kitty Genovese was murdered by knife in front of her Kew Gardens home. The NYTimes made a big deal about it claiming that no witnesses called the police. That was not true, but that’s the story that rookie City Editor Abe Rosenthal promoted and parlayed into his Pulitzer Prize. He later made Publisher. All fictional, but the REAL STORY was that Ms. Genovese was forbidden by law to carry a concealed weapon.

Don’t forget Kitty Genovese or John Lennon, either.


Where are the dems calls for hearings on knife violence? Knife bans?? Im sure more pieces of legislative paper could have stopped this attack. Maybe since the students cant have guns they could strap copies of the felonious assault laws to their bodies like a shield.


All these incidents ussually occur in weapons free zones.


I knew that was going to happen when it quickly, relatively speaking, faded from the headlines. Newtown was day and night for a week.