Barack, Michelle, Biden All to Skip Thatcher Funeral to Push Gun Control

Barack n Michelle
Barack, Michelle, Biden All to Skip Thatcher Funeral to Push Gun Control
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Washington DC – -( Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's funeral is April 17 2013, but President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden are too busy pushing gun control to attend.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman explained that Obama is unable to attend the funeral of our Britain's Iron Lady and staunch U.S. ally during the Cold War because “this is a hugely significant week in terms of U.S. politics.”

The spokesman elaborated, saying that because the First Lady and Vice President Biden “are the president's point people on gun control,” their attendance at Thatcher's funeral is not possible either.

“This is a week when there is a lot of movement on Capitol Hill on gun issues,” the spokesman said.

In lieu of the President, the First Lady, the Vice President, or even a White House Envoy attending, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) is sending “a U.S. delegation that will consist of two men who would be traveling as private citizens to the funeral already.”

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  • 18 thoughts on “Barack, Michelle, Biden All to Skip Thatcher Funeral to Push Gun Control

    1. …”I bet George W. Bush will attetnd as a private citizen. That’s the type of man he is.”

      Yeah, a lying, ignorant sack of shit who got us into a war that the USA is not allowed to win, because there are rules of engagement for the good guys. This was an excuse to attack a country because they had oil and oil money is what got him elected, so his rich, oil cronies could continue turning out record profits year after year.
      Mission accomplished, remember? Tell that to the thousands of widows across the US and their children who’ll never know their dad/mom. Make no mistake, Dubya is a rich, priviledged, cake eating, draft dodging puppet of the oil industry.

      Mission Accomplished, remember? Tell that to the thousands of

    2. FYI

      Thatcher narrowly escaped injury in an IRA assassination attempt at a Brighton hotel early in the morning on 12 October 1984.

      March 30, 1981, just 69 days into the presidency, while leaving a speaking engagement at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., President Reagan and three others were shot and wounded by John Hinckley, Jr.(insane)

      It’s my opinion that Margaret Thatcher would understand the reason Obama/Biden would not be attending her service.

    3. President Ronald Reagan & Baroness Thatcher enjoyed one of the best relationships between US & English leaders since the end of the Second World War. Prime Minister Blair was a staunch ally, who supported us, (at great political cost to him & his party) during both Gulf Wars. There, is indeed a special relationship between our two countries, which are bound by a shared heritage. As an American Citizen, I wish to apologize to both the English People & their Government for both our President & US Governments incredibly rude, selfish, and crass behavior. Rest assured he doesn’t speak for the majority of American Citizens, who both respect & admire Baroness Thatcher!

    4. I was gonna write something rather derogatory, but I’ll just quote WorldWatchman above cause he pretty much sums up my feeling.

      “Piss on all 3 of them. They’re progressive socialist democraps. Ronald Reagan would slap the stupid out of them.”

    5. I am so ashamed to even be an American at this point because of the current administration it is disgusting. I have been in the active Marine Corps I have been in Law Enforcement and now work for the Government. Yet, this administration is not only an embarrasment to America, it is also a tremendously scarry Administration. I have a gut feeling that they are trying their utmost to destroy this Country by the end of the term. If, that is, they do not attempt to “keep” the White House.

    6. Surely you gest there is no reason to forgo the opportunity and privilege to honor a leader like Margret Thatcher. Especially a head of state from this country. Now am I not only disenchanted with this administration now I am ashamed. Please make sure this is true. I think I am in the middle of a nightmare.

    7. Obama is a F-ing embarrasment!!! I remember Thatcher and Reagan with fond memories! Ohhh they beat communism and socialism which im Sure Commisar Obama is mad about the GB POS, Obama is a discrace and isnt even American at heart. Look at the stuff going on under his watch !! Whats he doing???? He vacationing and golfing with his Bro Tiger Woods!! This SOB hasnt taken accountability for ANYTHING!!!!!! IN HIS 5 YRS IN OFFICE!! every time he opens his pie hole it reminds me of an episode of cops!!! WASNT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I I I I DIDNT DO IT !!!!!!!! WAS THEIRRRRRRR FAULT!!!! NOT MINE!!!!!!

    8. Piss on all 3 of them. They’re progressive socialist democraps. Ronald Reagan would slap the stupid out of them.

    9. Alex, our next President, if we have one and the dog turd we have now doesn’t figure out a way to stay in office, will probably be spending most if not all his term running around apologizing and fixing this one’s fubar’s.

    10. Lord knows the Obama/Biden team don’t want to miss a chance to screw the American people, by going to a state funeral. There are but so many chances, that one has to stick it to the honest, loyal and law abiding citizen, while ignoring the criminal element in today’s society!

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