Benghazi Blood on the White House, Spec Ops Determined to Get the Truth

Wild Bill for America
Wild Bill for America

Colorado –-( The White House is covering up the murders of Americans in Benghazi. American special ops people are fighting for the truth.

Special Operations Speaks PAC:
Mission Statement
We, as veterans, legatees, and supporters of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Forces, have noted with dismay and deep alarm the recent stream of highly damaging leaks of information about various aspects of America’s shadow war in the overall War on Terror. Our principles are the same as when we were in active service — Duty, Honor, Country.

Our goals are:

  • To emphasize the pressing need for the nation and its representatives to understand the value of our Constitution and actively support a return to its application in all phases of government;
  • To illuminate the failed operational security environment of the Administration and to provide the public with accurate information about these repeated releases of highly classified information;
  • To restore accountability in government and with it the trust in our government that We The People deserve and demand.
  • Visit:

About Wild Bill for America:
Bill grew up in the Colorado Rockies and had a successful career in law enforcement, serving as both a Deputy Sheriff and a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He is a graduate of the Colorado Law enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the U.S. Marshal’s Academy. Prior to law enforcement Bill served with the U.S. Marines as a Corpsman.

As a security specialist, Bill has tackled Islamic violence and intimidation head on, recruiting and training security teams to protect missionaries serving around the world. Having studied Islam intensely and seen how it operates first hand, Bill is well qualified to speak out about the dangers this religion presents.

As one of the first Tea Party members Bill continues his policy of speaking the truth boldly and encouraging others to do the same. Visit:

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@MM1(SS),I don’t think Roger is playing with a full deck either. I bet he cast his vote for the african born muslim stinking up the white house though.HBH

Jeff Reau

I have no clue what Roger just said!

Jerry L. Busby

How much more has taken place or will take place. How much money and Arms has he given to those who are killing our Troops. I say Go with all my support and Prayers!


I guess if blood is one the White House because of Benghazi, then it must be still flooded with the blood of victims of 9-11 and Bush. What a bunch of B.S.


Benghazi is just a drop in the bucket compared to what is going on right here in our own country.