Boots on the Ground Needed for NJ Senate Law & Public Safety Committee Hearing

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Senate Hearing April 30 Minuteman Alert
Senate Hearing April 30 Minuteman Alert
New Jersey Second Amendment Society
New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey –-( To all NJ2AS members and Second Amendment supporters.

Register now to attend the Law and Public Safety Committee Hearing on April 30th 2013.

The most important public hearing of our lives is happening April 30th 2013 at the New Jersey State House, and we need you to be there (if the date changes, we will let you know immediately). Buses will be provided with registration at for $20.

Senate President Steve Sweeney has announced the Senate's gun control package, and it doesn't look good for gun owners. Although the package of bills appears to scuttle the paper Permit to Purchase a Handgun, there are many oppressive provisions that may or may not end up in the final versions depending, at least in part, on your participation in the upcoming hearing(s) and rally.

The bills have not been made public yet, but we know from reliable sources that there are several oppressive provisions that we have to fight.

These provisions include, but are not limited to, training just to get an FID card; no more individual firearms sales without going through an FFL; .50 cal ban (with some exemptions); possession of a firearm on school property raised to a 2nd degree crime (if you are a hunter, this means you go to jail for five years for straying onto school property). In addition, there is the possibility of ammunition sales restrictions, magazine capacity reduction and loss of gun rights without due process (addition of the Terrorist Watch List as a disqualifying factor).

Perhaps the most offensive component is what is missing from the bills – the lack of accountability for the issuing authority. None of these bills, to our knowledge, addresses or fixes the unacceptable delays in both the permitting process and the NICS checks.

We are working very hard in conjunction with our very capable friends at ANJRPC and NJOA to stop as much as possible and to add reasonable provisions wherever possible. This is an extremely difficult task and the primary element that will make that possible is your voice and your presence at the Law and Public Safety hearing on 4/30.

The hearing on 4/30/13 at the State House will not be the last event. There may be other hearings on 5/1/13 and possibly 5/2/13. There will also be a rally before the Senate vote. That rally is currently scheduled for Saturday 5/11/13.

There is no way to underestimate the importance of your attendance at these events. Our record breaking attendance of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee was unexpected and surprised both sides of the aisle. We are being watched very closely. Our website is being monitored to see how many people register. We know this because we have been asked by people in the State House about our events and the number of attendees. They are paying very close attention.

These bills will likely be released to the public on Monday. At that time we will do a more detailed analysis and inform you of where we should focus our efforts. Please register immediately. Those numbers may mean the difference between a particular provision being kept or deleted before the hearings. Make no mistake, our opposition is campaigning furiously to keep what is there and to add more oppressive provisions. We must provide the more compelling case.

I know that we would all like to be doing other things, myself included. We have families and we have obligations and responsibilities. However, we didn't ask for this fight; it was forced upon us despite our objections and despite the good judgement of reasonable people. We have dutifully operated within the oppressive gun laws of New Jersey for decades. We have put up with illegal forms, unreasonable delays and senseless restrictions. It is time to say, this far and no farther. All we ask is that our laws punish criminals instead of us. Is that too much to ask?

Years from now, regardless of the outcome, we need to be able to say “we were there, we spoke up and we made a difference.”

  • Click here for the April 30 general registration page.
  • Click here for the April 30 bus registration page.

With sincerest admiration for my fellow NJ2AS family members.

Frank Fiamingo
President, NJ2AS

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit:

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2A Mob Approved

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