Check Your Ammo: Beware Quality Control Issues ~ Video

Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

LUVERNE, AL –-( While you might not know it from the shelves at the Wal-Mart gun counter, American ammunition makers are cranking out ammo faster than they ever have been.

Most of the major manufacturers are running 24/7, 365.

This has not always been the case.

When you increase the production of any product dramatically you risk running into quality control issues.

Higher volume makes it tougher to check and inspect each lot of ammunition. There have been several product recalls during the last few years where the wrong propellant was used, etc.

If you plan to carry a gun for personal defense, you should check and visually inspect each and every round before loading your firearm.


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  • 6 thoughts on “Check Your Ammo: Beware Quality Control Issues ~ Video

    1. You couldn’t give me Remington rimfire ammo before this gouge, and I still wouldn’t take it. I agile how horrible the golden bullet is right now.

    2. The are making ammo, but the demand is that high, I’m glad that I stocked up, while the prices were lower. The prices are up now, because of supply and demand, and the demand is keeping it off of the shelves. I went to Cabela’s and it looked like the ammo section had been looted. That is another reason why it’s good to keep a decent ammo supply on hand at all times.
      I’m going to wait until the prices come down, before I buy any additional ammo.

    3. I want some of what this dude is smoking!! I dont know what friggin planet he lives on but wheres all this ammo the companies are cranking out 24/7,,.. ? Because I want to move to that pkanet!!. I like most people I know live on a planet called ( ole mother hubbards bare cupboard) you know thats what the Ammo shelves lok like at walmart and 99.99% of sporting goods stores!. Nor can youfind reloading supplies, magazines etc. So I really wantsome of what he is smoking so ill have all that he says is out their lol. Check quality control on what?? Their isnt ANY AMMO TO CHECK!! M

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