Colorado Shooting Competition Canceled In Wake Of New Gun Control Laws

Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship Canceled
Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship Canceled
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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. –-( Organizers of the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship, initially scheduled to take place July 4-6 2013 in Montrose, Colorado, have announced that the match is being canceled in the wake of Colorado’s recently passed gun control laws.

An estimated 300-plus shooters from the neighboring states and across the country were expected to attend the three-day competitive shooting event. This is the second shooting competition to abandon the state after a recent announcement by firearms maker Ruger that it was moving the 2013 Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championship out of Colorado.

“With these new Colorado laws going into effect July 1, and based on the ambiguous way in which they were written, we have decided to cancel the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship,” said event organizer Walt Proulx of Grand Junction.

“Due to the growing number of hunters and shooters choosing to boycott Colorado, and the risk that these laws as written will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals, we were left with no other choice but to cancel what was planned to be one of IDPA’s major regional championships, and one strongly supported by Montrose-area businesses.”

Cancellation of the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional adds to the negative economic impact resulting from the passage of Colorado’s recent gun control legislation. Already, Colorado-based firearms accessories manufacturer Magpul Industries Corp. has announced its intention to leave the state, and Michael Bane, an independent producer for the Outdoor Channel, has said he will cease production of four of the channel’s popular shooting programs in Colorado.

Hunters and shooters, as well as the firearms industry, play a major role in Colorado’s economy. According to data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, over $590 million in annual economic impact is generated by the firearms industry in the state while Colorado’s 259,200 hunters spend another $465 million annually.

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  • 23 thoughts on “Colorado Shooting Competition Canceled In Wake Of New Gun Control Laws

    1. Dan is correct.Soon we will all be “criminals”.So was Patrick Henry,Thomas Jefferson,George Washington and Capt.Parker(Lexington&Concord)among others.Look what “law-enforcement did to Nathan Hale!The great G.Gordon Liddy summed it up best when he said “give em 2 to the head and 1 to the chest!

    2. We have the right to spend our $ however we wish to,I wrote the Gov of Colorado and told him I would not spend and dime in the beautiful state of Colorado.I live in Ca,I know happy wife happy life I also wrote my representatives and told them the $225 dollars I spent last year will be the last dime I spend in this state of ca.The gov can make us do a lot of things but they can’t make us spend our money.

    3. It’s a sad day when so many people don’t realize what is truly is at steak here.If any state can just pass any legislation it wants in total disregard of the U.S.constitution and get away with it,NON of are rights are safe.Its not just the Second Amendment, its all of our rights.If you want to change our constitution you do it by the amendment process.Those clowns in Colorado will be doing great harm to our form of government if this is allowed to stand.

    4. the traitors in the political class need to be run out of town….soon you will be a criminal any way you look at it ..they want you to be in fear of their power..when you have the power to destroy THEM….soon the task will be in your face….

    5. Sadly, after growing up in Colorado, and being a loyal Coors drinker my whole (mostly) adult life, as soon as I kill my last remaining bottle, I’m done with their fine product. The Coors family is huge in Colorado’s power structure, and they’ve let me/us down. Bye bye…

    6. You are ALL Welcome to come move to Florida.. We love the 2nd Amendment, the weather is great all year, and there is NO State Sales Tax. Excellent Homestead Exemption for property owners, and over a Million Concealed Weapons Permits holders here.

    7. Maybe soon the voters of Colorado will become smart enough to Vote all their law makers and that Idiot Governor out of office and set an example for the rest of the country and then do the same toObama!

    8. Don’t forget Oregon as a free state…
      I agree also, BOYCOTT anything to do with those states. Let’s also write our favorite manufacturers of anything gun related to Not sell to ANYONE in those states.

    9. boycott boycott boycott hit em in the pocket books where it will leave a mark—0— lets make the liberal bas—– wake up and take notice !

    10. It’s time for firearms & outdoors industries’ manufacturers to jump ship from CO, NY, NJ, CA, CT, MA, PA, MD, DE and other Bolshie states, and move to free states like TX, AZ, WY, GA, SC & FL, among others.

    11. Im with Vlad on this one.I will be curious to see what our great defender of the faith Col. Bob Brown at soldier of Fortune magazine has to say.Perhaps he and his operation would join a freestate project in Wyoming.Still it saddens me to see what idiot and or spineless politicians are doing to our former land of the free.

    12. IDPA pulls out of CO, good for them. How many IDPA members in CO voted demokratic in the last election??? Feeling good about that still???

    13. They do understand that bad people are the problems are the problem. They are just cowards and afraid of bad people. Pussies are afraid to touch guns. So they blame someone who has nothing to do with it. In their weak minds they think this will make the bad guy go away. Such cowards are afraid of making the bad guys mad. Least they come and get them, which they have only made easier for the bad guys to do. So CO has lost about a billion dollars in revenue, because of the gun grabbers. Well, people, next time vote these idiots out. Why did you vote for them in the first place? If you had belonged to the NRA you would have known who these politicians were and what they stood for or didn’t stand for.

    14. There is a gun author named”Boston T.Party who also has felt for awhile that Wyoming is a great place and I believe mentioned the Wyoming Free State Project.His books include Bostons Gun Bible,Boston on Guns and Courage,among others.

    15. This is very sad why are these people not understand that it is the bad people who needs to be disarmed.

    16. I purchase a large number of products through the internet and no longer will purchase anything from companies in Colorado, NY and any other states that pass laws in violation of the Constitution. If all responsible gun owners did the same it will eventually hurt. Many thought us Vietnam Veterans were wasting our time boycotting Hanoi Jane Fonda but we did get to her begging us for forgiveness.

    17. Would love to see Magpul, the Outdoor Channel, and all firearms businesses, activities, and hunting, conferences, etc. move right across the border to Wyoming and suck all the jobs and money with them. Screw the fascists in Colorado. Boycott everything Colorado and let’s make the free state of Wyoming the beneficiary of Colorado’s gross fascist stupidity.

    18. Dang those unintended consequences huh? But, the politicians that voted for the new laws in kolorado are probably just as glad that “gun nuts” are deciding to not come to their state, thus making it a safer place. Right!

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