Manchin/Toomey ‘Compromise’ Is War on Gun Shows, Internet Gun Sales

Senators Manchin & Toomey
Senators Manchin & Toomey
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Washington DC – -( After Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) held a presser putting forth their background check “compromise” this morning, it was gun shows and internet gun sales are in their crosshairs

The “compromise” consists of closing the so-called “gun show loophole“–something that Democrats and Republican Moderates like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have been wanting to do for years.

This supposed “loophole” consists in the fact that some private sellers rent a table at gun shows and make secondary gun sales. In other words, they set up a table to sell their dad's guns, or their own guns, or the guns their neighbor doesn't want anymore. These sales require no background check because they are secondary, used gun sales.

What Manchin and Toomey are proposing is an incremental expansion of the NICS background check system that would include these private sales too.

This really is a slippery slope–for once the expansion of background checks starts, where will it stop?

Their compromise also consists in passing laws requiring background checks for internet purchases–something that already exists, and has existed for years and years.

If an Arizona resident purchases a gun off the internet from a store in Florida right now, that gun is shipped from a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL)  in Florida to a FFL in Arizona. IT IS NOT SHIPPED TO THE INDIVIDUAL WHO BOUGHT THE GUN.

Once the FFL in Arizona receives the gun, he calls the consumer who then comes to the gun store, does a background check–and only after passing it–gets to take the gun home.

Republican Senators and Democrat Senators from red states who are running for re-election in 2014 should think long and hard before supporting an incremental expansion of background checks, an attack on gun shows, and the passage of laws that already exist, simply for the sake of saying “we did something.”

It should also be noted that nothing in this compromise corrects a problem that allowed Sandy Hook to happen. Adam Lanza did not buy his guns at a gun show or over the internet–he stole them!

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  • 11 thoughts on “Manchin/Toomey ‘Compromise’ Is War on Gun Shows, Internet Gun Sales

    1. Darren,
      We as dealers get charged to make these calls for a backround ck’s and we pass that charge on to the customer. It is not free for a ck.

      1. In Texas if you have a LTC there is no call in ! Very,very cool ! My FFL only charges 10$ if he has to make s call in. Nothing if you have a LTC !

    2. I have been an NRA Life member for a long time. I cannot argue with the position that giving up any rights is a slippery slope ending with confiscation. I attend several “gun shows” each year and I see the same faces behind the table, always selling their “personal” firearms and claiming to not be a dealer. The firearms are seldom the same that were on their table at the last show. They are not telling the truth and should be stopped. Arrest is not out of the question, then let them prove their innocense in court. Or get a lisense and admit they are dealers. If you talk the talk, you should walk the walk.

    3. In response to Dan L. Comments it is clear that winning elections is what matters not the lose of liberty we see occuring. It is the frustration that is manifest in comments like those expressed by mr. Sudbrink. Personally I don’t mind if my guy loses an election to a superior politician. I believe we got the opposite with obama and company

    4. If the bill requires things that are already required, it doesn’t sound like much is changing. How does that equate to needlessly complicating gun sales and ruining America? You wonder why noone takes you people seriously, thats why. Have fun losing more elections!

    5. Do not pass this as I am apposed to it as another try by Obama to complicate sales of guns,ammo etc. he is trying to destroy this country altogether and wants all our rights eliminated also! He is the biggest threat to us as has ever been done! He also is the biggest racist of All! He MUST be stopped! Now!

    6. I know a dealer here in FL who supports universal background checks as he says he will charge $75.00 to do the paperwork and call the state for private sales, not a bad little profit! Wonder how many gang bangers will be going to his shop??

    7. I’m glad I’m not the only one confused about passing a bill for something that already is required. I also agree with the slippery slope argument, next will be prohibiting internet sales of ammo, or background checks for ammo.
      I think we should require Congressmen to pass background checks before they can hold office. Seems reasonable enough.

    8. Darren said “At gun shows here in PA I’ve seen dealers charge money to make calls to NICS.”

      Here in NJ, the state already inserted itself between the purchaser and the NICS. If you purchase firearms in NJ, Trenton does the NICS and charges you $15 for the honor. Not only do we pay in dollars, we pay in time. It is currently taking 8-12 days for the “Instant” background check to come back. Welcome to The People’s Republic of NJ, where the Democrats are trying to pass 76 new gun control laws.

    9. At gun shows here in PA I’ve seen dealers charge money to make calls to NICS. The fact that they profit from background checks may be a reason they don’t oppose them more. I’m 100% against any laws against charging for these calls but do think that we the customers should refuse to pay them these fees. Once the profit is out of the picture there might be more opposition to background checks.

    10. Toomey has been more of a big tent Republican. Not surprised he wants to go after the private party sales at gun shows. Does he expect them to pass the sale through an FFL Dealer ? How about a simple “Know your purchaser” rule where the private seller needs to identify the purchaser with Driver’s License information and a signature signifying the purchase is not a strawman purchase ?

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