CT Gov: Gun Companies Don’t Care, Will Sell to Criminals & Mentally Ill

Connecticut Governor Malloy
Connecticut Governor Malloy
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- During an April 7 2013 appearance on CNN, Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said gun companies “don’t care” who buys their guns. He claimed these companies would sell to the “deranged, even if they are mentally ill, even if they have a criminal background.”

According to Malloy, the bottom line for gun companies is simply that they “sell guns,” period.

These come across as “in your face” comments  to gun companies who watched Malloy sign 139 pages of new gun controls into law on April 4. These were laws that gun companies had warned they wouldn’t tolerate–laws that they couldn’t tolerate economically because they ban the in-state sale some of the very products Conn. companies like Colt, Ruger, Stag Arms, and Mossberg make.

In the wake of the new gun bans, “assault weapons” manufacturer PTR has announced it is leaving the state and taking its jobs and revenue with it. The company says Malloy’s new gun requirements are so stringent that every rifle PTR makes would be banned in the state, and every magazine the company makes would require a serial number and registration.

But in Gov. Malloy’s opinion, gun companies are just ruthless outfits that sell guns to anyone at anytime–“they don’t care.”

Maybe the citizens of Conn. will care if PTR is followed out of state by another gun company, and then another, and then another. And soon, the already extant economic downturn, the largest taxe hike in history–signed by Malloy in 2011–and the loss of 3,000 jobs in the gun industry may wake some people up.

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Wild Bill

Infringing on the Second amendment civil rights by passing and signing state laws is the work of the mentally ill. Attempting to limit or even take away the firearms of law abiding people is the work of the mentally ill. Hey, I think that we are on to something here. If a politician is for gun control, then we must not assume that they are corrupt, we must take it as evidence of mental illness. The mentally can not hold office! And since disarmament is a danger to their self or others (by making us defenseless to criminals) those mentally… Read more »


Malloy is a typical government LIAR. It’s the ATF that did Gun Runner to Mexican drug cartels. How about we stop selling to CT Police . Let their firearms get worn out and run out of ammo. When the police cry about not being able to defend themselves tell them welcome to the Civilian world in Ct.


He claimed these companies would sell to the “deranged, even if they are mentally ill, even if they have a criminal background.”

What’s worse is they’ll even sell to the DHS.


Colt, Ruger, Stag Arms and Mossberg… COME TO TEXAS! We love you! Anyone living in Connecticut: You need to gather your data… anything proving your governor, state representatives and members of congress are guilty of NOT upholding their oath of office, guilty of sedition, treason, insider trading, bribe-taking, etc. Present that to the sheriff in that elected representative’s county to file charges, then have the sheriff get a couple of FBI agents (so it won’t be kidnapping) and maybe a Provost Marshall to go arrest the twerp! Adjudicate ASAP. This can be done with Obama, too… particularly since he can’t… Read more »


a mentally ill ‘governor’…will now have to go to NJ to buy a gun…oh wait..he has body guards…no need now….till he leaves office then he will have to move to a state where the 2nd amendment and the Constitution are honored…by the way you all need to change your state motto…how about..the ‘NOT ANYMORE CONSTITUTION STATE’…CITIZENS SHOULD BE RECALLING EVERY TRAITOR IN OFFICE THAT VOTED TO REMOVE THE CONSTITUTION FROM YOUR STATE….YOU ALL WILL PAY A VERY COSTLY PRICE…SOON…imho


I live in ct and I can honestly say that in my circle of friends and family every single person I know is flaming mad at these new laws, I don’t know anyone who likes these laws. This is one of the reasons why people are leaving the blue states in droves


I did live in CT, glad I moved out when I did. The state is so corrupt and taxes so high I dont know why anyone wants to live there or who voted for this idiot! Retroactive income tax last year and no one knows where all the tax money is going! Already had strict gun control laws, now they are the worst in the country! Oh and the crime rate in New Haven is on par with Chicago! Take guns away from law abiding citizens but do nothing in regards to the criminals, seems to be the Progressive way.… Read more »


I don’t live in CT and I still want to punch this piece of crap in the face! I feel sorry for you CT gun owners. Is it true if you take a gun outbof state you can’t bring it back in? Horrible!