CT Sen Chris Murphy, ‘I Am Going To Tell The Stories’… But Only Ones That Fit My Ag


Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy
CT Sen Chris Murphy, ‘I Am Going To Tell The Stories'… But Only Ones That Fit My Agenda
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- As the Senate took up discussion yesterday on the horribly flawed Manchin-Toomey Compromise on Background Checks, among the many Senators making comments both for and against the bill, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy took to the floor and stated that it was his intent to “tell the stories of the victims of Newtown”.

Then proceeded to do just that, including the requisite props, heart string yanking comments on the victims and rehearsed “hitches” in his voice of the sort someone has when so overcome by emotion it becomes difficult to speak.

Basically the same reprehensible political theater that is the status quo, designed and implemented to make anyone in opposition to appear as heartless, unfeeling, uncaring monsters, after all “Its for the Children !”

But there was a glaring omission from the stories Sen Murphy, gun control groups and their supporters and their propaganda distributors in the media always ignore and pretend don't exist.

The stories of literally millions of American Citizens (and their children) who were not victims of any kind of violence including mugging, car-jacking, home invasions, robbery, physical assault, kidnapping, rape and murder precisely because they were not forced to be disarmed by the State and were able to defend themselves and the lives of their loved ones with a GUN.

The comprehensive 2004 Study by the Non Partisan National Academy of Sciences; “Guns and Violence, A Critical Review” undertook herculean efforts, and analyzed the results, or more accurately the lack there-of of the most popular types of existing or proposed Gun Control laws or programs. Things like buy-backs, waiting periods (such as One Gun a Month), mandatory safe storage laws, mandatory lost and stolen reporting laws, background checks, assault weapons bans, magazine capacity restrictions and the like.

They determined that not one of these laws or programs had showed any statistically measurable impact on violent crime committed with firearms.

However, they did find that it was “beyond dispute” that law-abiding Citizens used a firearm in defense of themselves or another person no less then 750,000 times annually . They candidly acknowledged that the figure could easily be many factors larger, but the larger figure could not be determined due to several factors including variances in what the definition of “using a gun in self defense “ actually meant and incidents that occurred but were not reported to local Authorities or were reported, but not categorized correctly by those Authorities.

The National Academy's findings validated similar findings in other studies that have been undertaken multiple times over the last twenty plus years and published by the Dept of Justice.

But we wont hear any mention of these stories, of the people who weren't victims, because only victims can be shamelessly exploited for political ideology.

But fear not, just wait until you've been violently attacked, raped, robbed, terrorized or murdered by a violent criminal or deranged individual, or your children are and you to can join the ranks of the exploited, the sacrificial lambs forced to be defenseless by a morally, intellectually and ethically bankrupt agenda.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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7 years ago

Nor did he tell the story of Mark Mattioli, the father of a child murdered at Sandy Hook, who adamantly opposes the Obama/Biden/Feinstein/Schumer-Toomey-Manchin proposals.

Mr. Mattioli has not been on national television news, has not been offered a free ride to Washington aboard Air force One, has not be offered to opportunity to deliver the weekly presidential radio address, nor even had the respect of being mentioned once by any of these “gun control” advocates.

I guess they don’t care about him and his dead child.