Former Redskins Teammates Didier & Riggins Hunt Together on Riggo on the Range

Riggo on the Range
Riggo on the Range
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –-( The ‘old band’ is back together again – It’s been about twenty years since former Washington Redskins teammates John Riggins and Clint Didier have seen each other!

Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, brings audiences a challenging elk hunt, camaraderie and a spectacular meal to remember on this week’s Riggo on the Range. The views of the Blue Mountains in Washington are breathtaking and the results and banter are entertaining. In vintage John Riggins fashion, he dazzles his viewers with his culinary skills in the kitchen and brings his hunt full circle. Don’t miss the ups and downs on Saturday, April 27 at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT.

Reconnecting with his old friend and teammate in the field is certainly a thrill for Riggins on this wild journey to the great northwest. Didier and their guide struggle to spot an elk in the first few days; however, their patience pays off as Riggins spots a herd in the distance but is hesitant about the target and common sense prevails. The pressure is mounting as the elk are hard to find and Riggins’ tag is starting to burn a hole in his pocket, until he locates a pair of elk as the sun begins to set. The hunt is successful on many fronts, but Riggins prefers the sustenance the animal provides for his friends and family.

“I enjoy all kinds of game meat, but preparing and consuming elk is one of my favorite meals,” said John Riggins, host of Riggo on the Range. “I usually put a lot of thought and care into my game meals, but for this particular dinner, I spent more time in the preparation process. I made an elk stir-fry that turned out wonderful and was accentuated by lots of vegetables. The ‘field to fork’ process is one of the many highlights I love about the great outdoors.”

Riggins truly cherishes the opportunity to hunt with his friend Clint “frogger” Didier and it was all he could ask for. Riggins and Didier spent many years together in the 1980s playing for many successful Washington Redskins teams. The strong bond they forged on the football field is just as solid in the sports afield.


About John Riggins

John Riggins is a well-known NFL Hall of Famer and former professional football player in the National Football League. Riggins received numerous awards throughout his career, including recognition as the Jets’ Most Valuable Player in 1972 and 1975, a Pro Bowl appearance, MVP in Super Bowl XVII with the Redskins, and the Bert Bell Award for the Professional American Football Player of the Year. Riggins ended his career with the Washington Redskins, playing from 1976-1979 and again from 1981-1985. Though he spent his professional life playing football, Riggins has always had a passion for the outdoors and has hunted all over the globe. His love of hunting stems from watching Harold Ensley on “The Sportsman’s Friend,” a Riggins family television favorite while growing up in Centralia, Kan. Riggins played college football at the University of Kansas, where he majored in journalism. Please visit for more information, or follow Riggins on Twitter: @Riggo44.

About Sportsman Channel:

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Steve T

Love this show. Was always a big fan of Riggo when he played football. His show is one of my favorites on Sporstman channel. This is must see tv.