Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly Targeting Senators Who Stood Up for Your Rights

Mark Kelly Leading Gabby Giffords
Mark Kelly Leading Gabby Giffords
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( The Anti-gun Americans for Responsible Solutions, the gun control special interest group founded by Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, has started running ads against Senators who opposed the Manchin-Toomey background check expansion on April 17 2013.

The first two Senators targeted by Giffords and her husband are Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). Ads against them are going to “saturate the airwaves” in Kentucky and New Hampshire over the next two weeks.

The ad against McConnell focuses on the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting while the ad against Ayotte claims the she is out of touch with women.

Both ads claim McConnell and Ayotte put “loyalty to the special interest gun lobby in Washington ahead of support wildly popular sensible policies that would keep their communities safer.”

According to recent polling, gun control is no where near “wildly popular.” A USA Today poll conducted April 18-21 showed the percentage of Americans supporting gun control has been in a steep drop since February, when 61% of Americans said they supported stricter gun control laws.

The number supporting such laws is now at 49% and falling.

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  • 22 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly Targeting Senators Who Stood Up for Your Rights

    1. @Bill Butler,l feel like you that its a shame Gabby was shot by that nut job in AZ. Gabby was a defender of the 2’nd Amendment before the shooting only when it applied to her personally,never for the millions of law abiding American gunowners protected by the Second Amendment.Thats not being “small minded”,thats pure fact.HBH

    2. It is unfair and cruel to pick on Gabby Giffords. Before she was shot, she was a defender of the 2nd Amendment. Being shot and terribly damaged might change your perspective too. Try to be less “small minded yourself. As to her spouse, he’s retired and looking for work. His wife’s misfortune has given him something to do and allowed him to make mmoney. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for office in Arizona, soon. He will use this opportunity, just like his pal, Rahm Emanual, did in Chicago. “Never waste a tragedy” or something similar, said the Mayor!

    3. Get ready for the revolution. The gun grabbers are not going to go by due process and we are not going to let them get away with it. See how well they fight guns hiding under their beds. Drag them all out in the streets and shoot them. That is when they will wish they had a gun. Only way to teach idiots.

    4. Perhaps they haven’t gotten the message…
      Elected officials are supposed to work for those who elected them to office. So, if they voted NO to the nonsense, that a few were trying to put over on the many, then, I say they did their job! Let’s just hope, that the next time around they remember how to do it again.

    5. This is all about political aspirations for Mark Kelley,nothing more. The biggest problem this moron has is that he’s on the wrong side of the issue,totally.HBH

    6. You have to remember that Gabby Giffords is a shell of her former self, she is a more or less a Howdy Doody puppet, being lead by, told what to say, what to think and what to believe by her husband Mark Kelly.
      The woman can’t even think for herself!
      How the hell is ‘she’ targeting anything without lies and assistance from outside forces?

    7. They are both responsible for their actions. These communist are all about their agenda and have sold their soul to the devil. We need to call them for what they are. So the divided expanse gets even wider! No wonder patriots are buying up guns and ammo they will need it for the coming revolution in this country.

    8. Whilst I am sympathetic to Gabby’s plight and am still appalled that such a thing happened, it appears that Mark Kelly is a self-grandizing pompous ass who can’t stand not being in the limelight. The fact that both wish to deny us our Second Amendment rights is something that simply cannot be tolerated.

    9. Sadly, Gabby may be mentally ineligible to own firearms to brain injury. Her husband goes out and purchases an AR15, then claims it to be for publicity? I think the Senators have plenty of “ammo” to make these two look like big time hypocrites.

    10. I think it will backfire on them. They are part of the crowd that saying 90% of the people wants all of these restrictions on guns. The 90% is totally untrue. I for one helped Joe Manchin get the votes that put him in office. Next election I will work twice as hard to get the SOB defeated. What a joke he has turned out to be.

    11. It all depends on which face you see today. I do not fault Gabby, she was a victim of a horrible crime, perpetrated by a drugged up idiot and perhaps a pawn of the Elite.

      Instead of attacking the common thread of all these shootings, psychotropic drugs they attack gun ownership.

      How many honest citizens have used weapons illegally? NONE!(Ok not a fair circular statement)

      The point is if you take weapons from law abiding people then only criminals have guns.

      If you impose laws that immediately criminalize gun owners who do you serve? The Elite. Any Questions?

    12. I some how got on their email list, have un-subscribed 10 times to no avail. they are hippocrates wanting to ban, yet mark tries to buy ar15

    13. Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords. Switched from constitutional Republicans to unconstitutional Democrats. Go figure. Now they want to take your rights away too.

    14. Mark, we can hardly wait for you to run for political office in Arizona, so we can soundly thrash you as the left-wing agitator you are! Stop acting as the Edgar Bergen to your impaired wife’s Charlie McCarthy persona. She doesn’t deserve you, you pathetic opportunist!

    15. Despite the money and lies poured in by the odious Michael Bloomberg, the pathetic lack of insight, knowledge, and good faith displayed by the hoplophobic monomaniac Dianne Feinstein, the bizarre antics of Joe Biden, the shameless exploitation by so many bad-faith politicians of schoolchildren murdered by a madman, the emotional but empty rhetoric bleated by the White House, and of course, the dishonest and inflammatory war waged against the Second Amendment by an arrogant and completely co-opted media, despite all of these things and more, the Senate nonetheless showed that they still have a little backbone left. And the Left can’t stand it. I’d like to let Mr. Kelly and Ms. Giffords in on a little secret… I and millions of other gun-owners are also targeting the U.S. senators who voted for the Constitution and against further specious gun-control legislation; we will whole-heartedly support them during their next re-election bids in any way that we are able.

    16. Its a shame she was shot but you are judging all gun owners by one coward Gabby needs to step out of the picture and so does her husband .
      Maybe their wanting a place on the kings court . And since you dont want to defend the constitution you swore to protect you are traitors to the real america all these new gun laws will only hrt the law abiding citizens

    17. You people are pathetic. You both swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States and all it’s amendments and you instead join forces with a tyrannical leftwing govt. that wants to sell every true American down the liberal toilet. Go for all your personal agends and this dictators agendas and see how far you get. Quit using Sandy Hook because if either of you have a brain you know hundreds more gun laws and bans and a universal backround would not have prevented it. or any of the others.

      Look at New York after the bombing in Boston. No one is allowed guns, the leftwing grabbers led by this idiot Bloomberg and Cuomo, terrorists running the streets and no personal protection or very little of it, and a true taste of Communists coming to your door for searches. I could go on but it just makes me sick the thought of you people running our country.

      Why don’t you go home, get well and when you do something political, remember why the people voted you in. Uphold the Constitution and our rights. You work for us not your own personal agendas.

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