GE Capital Cuts Off Lending to Gun Stores Citing Sandy Hook

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GE Capital Cuts Off Lending to Gun Stores Citing Sandy Hook
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Washington DC – -( General Electric's financial wing, GE Capital, is “quietly” cutting ties with gun stores.

The financial group is sending notices to gun stores letting them know ties are being severed and funds will no longer be available for lending.

GE Capital says this action is in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Interestingly, the father of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza, an executive at GE Capital.

Additionally, GE did take stimulus money during Obama's first term; no one has addressed whether that bailout has impacted the financial group's decisions in any way.

GE Capital is only ending business relations with companies that carry firearms exclusively but will continue to work with retail giants that sell products other than guns, like Wal-Mart and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Conveniently, this stipulation allows GE Capital to maintain business relations with Wal-Mart, despite the retailer being “the nation's largest seller of guns and ammunition.”

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  • 27 thoughts on “GE Capital Cuts Off Lending to Gun Stores Citing Sandy Hook

    1. Time to take uor business elsewhere. I know a guy that worked at BOA he said the drop of accounts was worriesome to the top.They werent happy about it. Time to quit using GE and transfer loans or just drop them.

    2. Have to agree. Take ALL business from them. If they truely want to be ANTI GUN then let them pull from Wally world and Dicks as well. Get big or get out of the game. Every firearms owner should make it their business to Hurt this company the way they are trying to hurt SMALL BUSINESSMEN and gun owners. Economic Tyranny should be treated sa such.

    3. Just boycott GE. Appliances and everything.They will say they are not connected but thats like saying the Big guy at GE isn’t an Obama C**k sucker.

    4. You must remember that GE Capital IS owned and run by progressice socialist leftist. It was only a matter of time before the suggestion of cutting off gun shops or anything to do with guns was talked about over a dinner party, cocktails, a golf game or….from someone in government. BOYCOTT GE CAPITAL

    5. Hey, no reason for these Zombie run outfits to prosper from gun-related profits. I say “good riddance” to them, and, by the way, no need for any of us to utilize their services either.

      Let them make their $$ from little king related companies.


    7. Folks, the divide line is getting bigger and bigger! GE caused me to go out of business when I could not get financing for my customers on Spa’s and Outdoor kitchens. Why? Because they were hording the money even though they got bailed out by the Gov. There will come a time when push will come to shove and we (the small) people will have to fight for dog crumbs. We can fight, but not like them. We have to be more wise.

    8. I have closed my account with GE Capital (J C Penney card) and told the representative exactly why – that GE Capital had seen fit to sever its ties with all firearm dealers nationwide because of Sandy Hook, and I object to that because Sandy Hook wasn’t caused by gun stores and if anyone had had a gun at Sandy Hook, the massacre wouldn’t have happened. I also told him when J C Penney contracted with a company that believes in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I would be back.

      The representative read off a disclosure statement and said he put down as the reason “Dissatisfied with credit company.” I asked him to change that to “Dissatisfied with credit company attitude toward gun stores,” and he re-entered the information accordingly. I thanked him and told him he was going to be hearing from a lot more folks closing their accounts for the same reason.

      I think all gun owners should do likewise.

    9. Jeff Imeldt was working for Hussein Obama’s administration (Job creation TZAR?). In addition, GE did not pay US taxes on their billions of $$ in profit. And, GE owns NBC/CNBC/COMCAST networks as well as the DNC media outlet, PMSNBC. Little Jeffrey is obedient to his masters…

    10. This is coming from the president and his inner-circle, they will not stop from any thing to attack on the 2nd amendment, once they successful, it will be an open season on the constitution. They lost in the senate, so now they are going after what make sense as a second prong attempt which is what drive the business, money drives it so cut the money supply to derail the business. If this does not work with any success the third will product liability law suits to bark the back of the industry. There is a law that has been on the books from 60’s that is directing GOV to DISARM THE NATION FROM ALL WEAPONS TYPES. I WILL POST IN MY NEXT POST.

    11. First post here.
      Just to let everyone know, if you’ve ever been to the dentist office or a medical office, and they offer CareCredit to pay for their services, CareCredit is part of GE Capital. There are other alternatives out there, and if you need to finance dental or medical care interest-free, ask your office to go with a different lender.

    12. Emmelt was in deep do and Obama bailed him out. This is payback. I will never buy so much as a light bulb with GE on it.

    13. They can lend to whomever they want. OTOH, they need to realize that they aren’t the only game in town, so they WILL lose money. At this point, I would have to think most gun dealers will be able to operate without as much borrowing, unless they’re huge companies and it’s part of their usual operation model.

    14. The response to GE Capital is simple: our State legislatures need to pass legislation to revoke their business license thereby preventing them from operating within a state. Same with our State Banking Commissions. If they’re going to discriminate like that, then they should have the privilege to do business revoked. I’m contacting my state legislators here in North Carolina about this. It’s time to draw and line in the sand and stand up against this libtard idiocy.

    15. Lets see they are in the “business” to make money. Firearms sales are at an all time high commanding premium prices. Lots of profit there but now they are severing ties and funds for firearms only stores. I have never been in a store that sold exclusively firearms. This sounds like political decision for it makes no business sense but then again it was those with the business degrees that got us into the credit default mess. They will probably open up green energy lending because that is where the real profit is, like Solyndra.

    16. This is another way the gun grabbing scum will try to destroy the 2’nd Amendement,through financial institutions like BOA and these sombitches here making no loans to the industry. Maybe the NRA through members/supporters could create their own bank of sorts catering to firearms related businesses exclusively.HBH

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