Giffords Spreading Lie About People Circumventing Background Checks on Internet

Gabby Giffords
Giffords Spreading Lie About People Circumventing Background Checks on Internet
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Washington DC – -( In an April 7 op-ed in the NY Daily News, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords wrote that right now people who “don't want to take a background check” can “buy as many guns as they want on the internet or at a gun show, no questions asked.”

“Those people — criminals, or people suffering from mental illness, like the young man who shot me — can buy as many guns as they want on the Internet or at a gun show, no questions asked.”

The claim about using the Internet to get around background checks is false, as Breitbart News has demonstrated numerous times in the past.

Here's how the process works.

When an individual buys a gun off the Internet, it has to be shipped from an federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL) to a FFL in order to be picked up. In other words, if a resident in Reno, NV purchased a gun from a store in Jacksonville, FL, that gun would be shipped not to the individual who purchased it but to an FFL in Reno who would then contact the consumer, tell him or her the gun had arrived for pickup, and then perform a background check on the individual before allowing the gun to be taken out of the store.

As for sales at gun shows, there are some instances where private sales occur and therefore there is no background check, but these are secondary gun sales–they are not sales of new handguns or rifles coming straight from the factory to a citizen without a background check being performed. All of the guns were first purchased by someone who passed a background check, unless of course the guns are so old that they predate background checks.

The “close-the-gun-show-loophole” argument is usually employed as a means of ending private sales by requiring every grandson who buys a gun from his grandpa to go through a background check before doing so. This is exactly how Giffords is using the argument in her op-ed.

But we must remember–Jarod Loughner did go through a background check when he bought his Glock 9mm handgun at Sportsman's Warehouse in Tucson, AZ on Nov. 30, 2012.

The FBI did the required check on him and he passed, and Giffords does not dispute this.

So private sales did not in any way contribute to the horrible crime committed against Giffords in 2011 nor did they contribute to the other horrible crime Giffords' mentions in her op-ed–the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

In the former, a background check was performed and the shooter passed it. In the later, the guns were stolen, so no amount of background checks would have made a difference.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Giffords Spreading Lie About People Circumventing Background Checks on Internet


    2. Gabby was shot in the head and had to resign from her job because she was brain dead, which accounts for all her crazy remarks!That explains her being brain dead, but it seems her poor husband became brain dead too when she was shot in the head and maybe explains all his crazy talk and lies!

    3. Sorry Ms. Giffords, that you have fallen to the use of socialism that have used your injury against you and your country.

    4. I felt sorry for her when she was shot, however she has turned into a complete Nazi Marxist Communist with what brain matter she has left.

      It never ceases to amaze me how these radical Liberal scum will destroy this country with their last breath or ounce of strength.

      They are all vile, morally corrupt and have no souls. I truly think they have all sold their souls to the Devil.

      If Giffords is so in love with Tyrannical Govt then move to North Korea or Communist Red China.

    5. This doe’s not surprise me at all, considering who their new friends are since they have switched political parties from republicans to democrates.

    6. Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies.
      Just like Kelly!

      I guess that one of the parts of her brain that was destroyed by Loughner’s bullet was the part that involves telling the truth.

    7. I used to feel sorry for her, and wouldn’t wish for anyone to be shot like that, but I no longer have any sympathy for this lying sack. A horse once broke my neck, I didn’t turn anti-horse. I have been shot once, stabbed on four different occasions and still have not turned anti-gun or anti-knife. This lady was always a hypocrite liar who was another anti-gun liberal pretending to be pro-gun prior to her attack.
      Problem is, we are being lied too and attacked from within by Republicans who at least on guns were supposed to be on our side. This is worse than anything as it will lead to the eventual destruction of the US as we know it. Pro gun people will refuse to vote for Republicans in the future, or just not show up to vote, either way it will lead to our vote splitting and the democrats picking up more seats as we fight amongst ourselves. More dems in charge will of course lead to more things like more and more gun control until our society or government collapse, or we just go into civil war which I don’t believe will happen until our country goes bankrupt. Too many people say ‘molon labe’ but are too comfortable in their cushy lives to fight back yet, and will thus give up their guns when the police come knocking. Even then, the first that do fight back will be instantly villified as criminals and right wing extremists and destroyed in the MSM and even those of us who agree with them won’t be able to publicly admit it or risk our own destruction.

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