Gun, Ammo Sales Surge Higher After Boston Marathon Bombing

Long Lines at the 2013 Syracuse NY Gun Show
Long Lines at the 2013 Syracuse NY Gun Show
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( The surge in gun and ammo purchases that began after Sandy Hook and continued through the Senate’s failed gun control vote appears to have picked up steam again following the Boston Marathon bombing.

For example, at the Syracuse Gun Show on the New York State Fairgrounds last weekend, so many people showed up that some had to wait in line more than two hours just to get into the gun show. Those that waited did so on a windy day, amid sleet and snow flurries.

Moreover, for this specific gun show, few people came to sell guns; most came to buy them and find the ammo they needed for their guns at home.

Jeff Dillard, who runs the National Armory in Pompano Beach, FL, said the combination of the “terrorist attacks” and possible gun control legislation put people into a “panic situation” again.

He said acquiring ammunition and ammunition components is getting more and more difficult: “Our [ammunition] vendors are telling us not only are they out of stock but some are two to three million [bullets] in back order. They won’t even take our orders because they don’t know when they’ll be able to fill them.”


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Alvin Hons

Does anyone know where I can get some 22 cal., 38special,357mag and 9mm ammo? If so please let me know—[email protected]


Ammo in Texas is coming back around,its higher,but in the shelves again.I stockpiled ammo for the last two years and got plenty,but just bought 300 rds of Remington 556 at Walmart yesterday just because it was there.I might start going to the range again now. HBH