Gun Control Advocates Revel in Obama’s Economic War on Guns

GE Capital Bans Guns
GE Capital Joins Obama's War on Guns
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( As gun control advocates cheered GE Captial's decision to cease business with gun stores, President Obama's economic war on the gun industry came into full view.

While Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) supports legislation to dry up the supply of firearms in this country, Obama and company are working behind the scenes to dry up the capital needed to make firearms and operate firearms related businesses.

We began seeing this in January when Obama's right hand man, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, began pressuring Bank of America (BA) and TD Bank to quit doing business with gun manufacturers.

Bank of America was so eager to comply that they froze the account of Arizona AR-15 manufacturer Spirit Arms before Emanuel even put his request in writing.

Bank of America defended their action by pointing out that Spirit Arms allows customers to order guns over the internet without conducting a background check. BA missed the fact that the guns are not shipped to the customers directly but to a FFL near the customer, where a background check on the buyer is performed before the gun is handed to him or her.

Although BA was eventually shamed into reversing course, the impetus for their action was clear. Now that GE Capital has followed suit, gun control advocates are cheering their victory.

But other businesses are feeling the pressure as Obama, Democrats, and gun-control advocates attempt to turn Smith & Wesson and Glock into the equivalent of Marlboro or Winston cigarette manufacturers. Comcast Cable, for example, announced a ban on all firearm and ammunition advertisers in March.

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  • 23 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocates Revel in Obama’s Economic War on Guns

    1. Yes it is time that we dump Obama out of office but its not just Obama that we need too get out of office. There are many others like stupid Bloomburg mayor of New York. There are many that need too be put packing for a country like Cuba and many bad countries in Africa that rape poor African women over and over. Its time we take are country back and we can have a very strong United States of America ahain!

    2. I believe that the government of the U.S. has, over the years, appropriated more and more power to itself, to the detriment of U.S. citizens. I believe that when this first began to happen, Americans were busy figuring out better and better ways to do things, and in so doing, making more and better goods and as a result, money. These goods and that $ have been enough to feed the whole world for about a hundred years and to defend and help rebuild Europe — twice.

      But now the power grabbers’ actions in DC have become so egregious that they are not to be tolerated. They are burying everything on which this country was built: The Constitution, God’s law, free enterprise, and the freedom to own guns, among other things.

      Since the government is attempting to turn us into mindless slaves ruled by a greedy, power-hungry elite, then I believe that we have but one choice: Vote this entire government out of office, remove its appointees from their positions, and install a government that reflects the values in the Constitution and the principles of free enterprise.

      Check your friends, your business associates, the teachers of your children, and the companies with whom you do business and see where they stand on this issue. Then you will know with whom you should associate and with whom to do business, and you will also know which people are not true Americans and who therefore are your enemies.

      It’s time to stand up like the free Americans we are and throw off the governmental chains that are slowly choking the life out of this country.

    3. So when are we finally going to get piss*d off enough to do something about all this?!? I mean, I’m getting pretty tired of just sitting here, simply writing about my anger at all these morons who keep shredding my freedom and liberty!!! I’m sick to death of these people!! What’s it going to take before ten million of us march on DC, telling Obama straight to his lying, fraudulent face that enough is enough? What are we doing, people? We should have put a stop to this madness over 20 years ago, what are we doing? The elite are about ready to try and take everything we have, what are we going to do about it? We had better wake up or we won’t have a single thing left to lose, and real soon.

    4. I have a question.Didn’t GE design and manufacture the 20mm M61 Vulcan cannon and the GE M134 Minigun that has six barrels firing 7.62x51mm rounds? The US Army,Air Force,and Navy all have variants of the GE Minigun.Theres even a XM214 Microgun that is a scaled down version of the M134 that fires 5.56mmx45mm rounds. GE are some Major Hypocrites.

    5. I wont be using GE products anymore, neither will my adult sons. Im having them pass the word, also the banks that are closing gun manufactures accounts !! Everyone that has a credit card through them should max them out then cut em up and send it to them withba nice little Frack- you- very much!! ( after purchasing guns, ammo& targets ) with them lol

    6. I challenge EVERY gun owner in America to stop doing ANY business with General electric financially , nor buy ANY of their products , which are all junk anyway . NO BUSINESS WITH GENERAL ELECTRIC ! NONE !! NADA !!!

    7. Buy gold, silver, food, water, and ammo! Screw these banks, their money, and their paper! It will all be worth dick soon anyway! Then the CEOs of these socialist SOBs like Jeffery Immelt can kiss our ass for a plateful of food when all his money and selfishness comes back to kick his a$$

    8. Boycott. Pull your money. Don’t give them any money. We don’t need any of these companies. Make sure that younger generations also continue the boycott. Raise your kids to know the enemy and stay away from them.

    9. Any corporation that actively works to undermine the constitution is an enemy to America. I will not do business with them.

    10. Send the gun-grabbers to fight the next war.
      (1)WHY would pro-gun People protect these POLLYANNAS?????
      (2) The GOODY-TWO-SHOES can TALK the enemy into surrendering.
      (3) Send the BANKERS to war. Send their soft bellies to war. Stuff a rifle in their marshmallow hands.

    11. I like seeing these pu$$y companies listed because it gives me a good idea as to who to avoid. If they choose to demonize guns then they demonize my money and I’ll spend it with others with a better grasp of reality…

    12. The Constitution is America, without it we are no better than the typical european peons.
      It is what we are, why we are and what we will remain!
      These corporations and businesses have openly declared themselves to be enimies of the constitution and have joined the ranks of the Democratic socialists!
      I encourage every constitutional American to
      boycott all businesses that support the distruction of the 2ND Amendment and the Constitution as a whole!

    13. Businesses will just move to people’s garages and away from banks……lol It’s not really a win for them, but a win for small business and alternative markets and currencies. Freedom will always find a way.

    14. Apparently Obama and all the Dem’s do not understand that there is always a bank that will help these companies get away from all the liberal bank that are against the 2nd Amendment, plus look at all the jobs the states till be loosing!! This is actually discrimation against these suppliers.

    15. Any company that does what these (GE Captial, Comcast Cable, Bank of America) companies are doing will be banned by me!

      I dropped BoA a long time ago and will NEVER use them EVER again, they SUCK.

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