Gun Control Lies Files: – ’90 Percent Support for Background Checks’


Gun Control Lies Files: - '90 Percent Support for Background Checks'
Gun Control Lies Files: – ’90 Percent Support for Background Checks’
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Its the hot meme’ of the moment in the debate over gun control, specifically the Manchin-Toomey Compromise on Expanded Background Checks.

The defeat of which is certain to be used as a political football in the coming days,weeks and months since we learned this morning that the two terrorist brothers responsible for Monday’s Boston Marathon Bombing Attack were involved in a running gun fight with Police last night. As well as the vow by The President to resort to executive fiat to dictate that which he could not achieve via the vote in Congress.

But is it true? Do 90 percent of 300 million plus Citizens really support expanded or Universal Background Checks? That would be an astounding number in a Nation that hasn’t been so polarized and divided since the Civil War Era.

Ok so 90 percent of the population supporting the concept is quite a stretch, unbelievable actually, thats 9 out 0f 10 people!

Nine out of ten Americans wouldn’t agree if it was partly sunny or partly cloudy on any given day. In fact, its a flat out lie, as a Gallup Poll on Monday, just 48 hours before debate in the Senate on the Gun Control Package showed that only 4 % of the Public felt that Gun Control as an issue was the “most important issue facing the Country”. The topic ranked as the ninth “most important issue” in the poll, with issues like the Economy, Jobs, the Federal Deficit, Debt, Immigration and the like all ranking higher as important to American voters.

Well, maybe they meant 90 percent of poll respondents then?

And that in fact is significantly more likely to be accurate, but it is totally dependent on the way the poll questions were worded, as a well known and documented concept known as selection bias comes into play, as does sampling size.

Lets look at two differently worded examples of the same question. We will use the Expanded or “Universal Background Checks” issue as the subject for obvious reasons.

Here’s how the question is worded when the poll is paid for by a particular anti rights group or even media outlet that commissions the polling company to produce the results they seek.

1) In order to prevent criminals, terrorists and the mentally deranged from easily obtaining firearms, do you support or oppose Legislation that requires background checks be completed on every person that attempts to acquire a firearm?

Worded that way it should be no surprise, and its not at all newsworthy that the answers would be overwhelmingly in support of such a law, perhaps even the 90 % range of support the President, Anti-Gun Groups and their shills in the media have been claiming.

Because even those that fall squarely on the side of support for Gun Rights, as well as the “fence sitters” and “FUDS” that are really ambivalent about the topic still want to keep bad people from doing bad things.

But lets look at the same question, worded differently, and in such a way that is actually representative of what the defeated Manchin-Toomey Amendment would have made law.

1) In an effort to make it more difficult for criminals, the mentally ill and possibly terrorists from obtaining weapons, do you support or oppose Legislation that would require mandatory background checks for every person attempting to acquire a firearm , even during private sales, trades or transfers amongst people that are well known to each other, such as co-workers, distant relatives, long time neighbors and or friends, even though numerous studies have shown that criminals most often obtain their weapons from black market sales and from theft then any other source ?

Worded that way, chances are better than good that you would see support for such a law plummet. For understandable reasons. Its instinctive to immediately recognize how ridiculous it would be to require that people submit to such a law, particularly when they have long established connections with the prospective purchaser or transferee, especially in light of the fact that criminals already acquire their weapons from sources that “universal background checks” would never apply to anyway.

By the way, the industry jargon for the careful wording of poll questions to get the desired answers to support a pre-ordained, paid for result is known as “push polling”.

That is why polls such as those paid for and marketed (really a self congratulatory circle jerk) by Anti Gun Groups like MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns), a poll that claimed that 2/3rds majority of NRA Members supported Universal Background Checks are so suspect.

Selection Bias.
The NRA doesn’t publish or release the membership information, so how can MAIG be reasonably certain that those polled actually were in fact NRA Members ? They CANT!

Sampling Size.
The MAIG Poll about NRA Member Support for Background Checks was conducted on less then 1,000 people, only half of which claimed they were “current or past NRA members” by their own admission. The NRA has somewhere between 4 and 5 million members. Even if every single one of the 1000 or so people surveyed were provably actual current or former NRA members that affirmed support for expanded background checks, that would mean that MAIG’s poll was relying on the answers of less then 0.0002%  of the total membership, then marketing it to the gullible public and the media as representative of  “an overwhelming majority”.

Then there’s the polling company who is hired to conduct the poll to consider. In MAIG’s /NRA Poll, that company would be “The Word Doctor” owned by Frank Luntz, a company that has been censured in the past by the (professional group American Association for Public Opinion Research, of which Luntz was not a member, criticized Luntz for refusing to release poll data to support his claimed results “because of client confidentiality”. Diane Colasanto, who was president of the AAPOR at the time, said

“ It is simply wanting to know, How many people did you question? What were the questions? We understand the need for confidentiality, but once a pollster makes results public, the information needs to be public.

People need to be able to evaluate whether it was sound research or their methodology and who openly brag in the advertising of their services on their website that

“Our creative team is made up of expert wordsmiths that know market research as well as they know language. And here is what matters most for you: as a result, you get language that is tailored specifically to shift support towards your issue.”

The 90 percent support for Expanded Background Checks is a myth, nothing more, a creation; like every other one of the talking points and so called “facts” of the Anti Gun left.

Maybe that’s why they and the President were so shocked and angry at the results of Wednesdays Vote, they believe the validity of their own lies and presume that the American Public believes them as well.


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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J Kozma

It would appear that the president is simply quoting the results of The Washington Post – ABC News poll:

The wording of the question doesn’t seem too slanted:
Q: Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows?

90% of the registered voter respondents said yes, with Sampling error +/- 3.5%. Result for every other demographic was at least 85%, with the exception of conservative republicans, only 84% of whom support “a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows.”


Unfortunately Mr. Roberts is the only person who said 90%. Should everyone be mad at him now? One of the comments referring to 90% being a crock is correct, though his spelling is not. Ironic. No, actually it’s not.


These were the comments made by the President regarding the references he made to the NRA in his statement. It is taken straight from the transcript. I am leaving nothing out. Is the author uninformed or simply blogging about something heard about and trying to pass it on as credible? Quotes are: “I’m going to speak plainly and honestly about what’s happened here because the American people are trying to figure out how can something have 90 percent support and yet not happen. We had a Democrat and a Republican – both gun owners, both fierce defenders of our Second… Read more »

Troy Don Scott

Don’t get misled. I have no problem with background checks. Every gun I own I have completed a background check. The problem is that the Public Safety and Second Amendment Protection bill did none of what the title suggests. Don’t judge a book by its cover! First of all as for protection of the Second Amendment protection there were (0) zero wording of any kind that prevented any further attacks on the Second Amendment. However it did spend several billion dollars on creating hundreds of new government jobs. It made everyone’s including non-gun owners medical records be reported to the… Read more »


What a crock!!! This parasite is lying so badly and copying his mentor Clinton the one who was lying every time his lips moved! Obama has lied so much it’s discusting some one needs to call him out and ask for proof ,which we all know he can not produce!! I don’t believe anything he says when it comes to this issue. If he guts the second amendment what’s next? Well I guess spending us into a crushing killer debt isn’t working fast enough for him. Anyone remember the overspending and crushing debt that experts said caused the demise of… Read more »


Those liberal douchbag gun grabbers will say anything and their 90% number is total BS on b/g checks.They don’t even enforce the background checks on the books. They will/have failed but the somabitches will be back,and so will we. HBH

Robert Wing

Bill Baker, I couldn’t agree with you more. This guy must be a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. I was brought up in a strict religious home and the Bible I read never mentioned this crap you spout. Heck, America hadn’t even been formed then. Bible toters use to claim Hitler was the anti-chirist, now you’re saying he wasn’t. If you’re going to quote the Bible, you should at least know it. Bill, I agree with you regarding the Republicans biggest problem. I was a conservative Republican for years but they started movements I couldn’t support. So I left… Read more »

Bill Baker

@Arizona: Ironic your claiming the rest of us haven’t read the bible when you espouse the dante’s inferno and nostradamus versions. Might as well pretend that the mayan apocalypse is going to take us all and that they just got the year wrong. In the old testament the ‘anti-christ’ is never actually mentioned and was brought in by italian poets such as Dante. The ‘beast’ that is marked by 666 does not look human in any way and is said to have several heads among other things, and they did not mean it metaphorically. In short, if your going to… Read more »


I know,none of you macho men have ever read the BIBLE,but now would be a good time to realize you have a PROBLEM,your bible told you all this was coming and all you did was throw beer bottles at the people warning you and now the problem is out of control,ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ASS,or are you ready to start listening yet,WHILE THE WHOLE COUNTRY GOES INTO THE SHITTER,BRACK OBAMA IS THE ANTI-CHRIST of revelations our dear LORD spoke of when he warned to not let him into power,DID YOU LISTEN? no you voted him… Read more »

John Perry

The “90% of the population” is BS on the face even without much looking. The USA Quick Facts, a site, states that for 2012 the estimated amount of children below 18 is 23.7%. This reduces the total US Population to 76.3%. Next, according to usgovinfo the population in prison is 3.1%, reducing the amount to 73.2%. These amounts come off the top as being ineligible for polling. To disprove an element of the statement disproves the entire statement. However, many americans will believe this outright lie as the gospel truth if they are of the same opinion and even… Read more »


what is the exact wording within the expanded gun background checks?
be aware that mental health is the avenue for Gun Confiscation..
See a shrink, lose your guns.. have you or your children ever taken psychiatric drugs, including AHDH medication..


Do you support the actions of a fraudulently selected person attempting to revoke the rights of veterans and law abiding people using lies, fake stats and victims to justify their acts of treason.


Just LIES!! and MORE LIES!!!!! Im a current member of the NRA and NO ONE ASKED ME DICK!!!! I have gone throgh background checks at my local gun shop, I purchased a gun ONLINE! And before I could get my fingers on it I WENT THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK!!!!!! I went to a gun show last August and bought 2 AR lowers and I WENT THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK!!!!! Hmmmmm WTF,?? Why dont they NAME STATES!! where these gun show loopholes are at!!!! Name companies who sell firearms online who DONT REQUIRE THE FIREARM TO BE SENT TO A FFL… Read more »

Bill Butler

I believe that the President is, at the least, un-informed and at the worst, a malevolent force mentioned in the book of “Revelations.” His agenda is not a positive way for the country to go. He will bend the facts to meet his needs even to the point of outright lies. It is unfortunate that the voting public put him back in office. But, we got what “we” voted for. “Carry On.”

Eddie Howard

here is the place that skews the polls to match the buyers desired results. it was cited as the source for one of the claims of 74% pro UBC in one recent ad campaign….

notice thier motto: ” its not what WE say, it what THEY hear”