Gun Owners Should Drive Gun Grabbers into Political Oblivion

Gun Rights Policies with John Snyder
Gun Rights Policies with John Snyder

Bethesda, MD – “American gun owners should resolve to drive gun grabbers into social and political oblivion,” gun law expert John M. Snyder said here today.

He said also that. “Gun owners and gun owner groups should develop, promote and implement an attack strategy against gun grabbing establishmentarians.”

“For over four decades,” he continued, “law-abiding gun owners and gun rights organizations have fought the enemies of freedom generally from a defensive position, reacting against anti-gun proposals as they are advanced.

“However, gun rights people and interests should go on the offensive. It’s time to attack ideologically and practically the gun-grabbing establishment and its spokesmen and adherents with vim, vigor and absolute determination.”

Snyder said, “America’s 100 million owners of 300 million rifles, shotguns and handguns and national, state and local organizations of firearms organizations can launch a massive counterattack on the gun-grabbing forces of evil.

“The defeat of gun control in the Senate recently can be a springboard for this.”

Snyder estimated that, “Gun grabbers in the White House, politics, media, churches, schools and business spent thousands of hours and tens of millions of dollars on their nefarious plan.”

Snyder declared that. “The bad guys want to impose more restrictions on gun rights.”

“These forces of evil lie,” he stated. “They lie that government restrictions on the civil rights of citizens will foster reductions in the murderous activities of criminals and crazies.

“The very opposite is true, as common sense as well as studies indicate.”

Snyder said that, “Gun owners and organizations of firearms owners should develop a strategic plan for the ultimate defeat of the gun grabbers and for their social and political destruction. There are bright and dedicated men and women in various capacities and groups in the United States whose coalescence can contribute to the development of such a plan.

“We must drive the gun grabbers into social and political oblivion.”

Snyder has been named the “gun dean” by Human Events, the “dean of gun lobbyists” by The Washington Post and The New York Times, a “champion of the right to self-defense” by The Washington Times, and the “senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News.
John M. Snyder
Telum Associates, LLC
Arlington, VA

About John Snyder:
Named the Gun Dean by Human Events, “the senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News, a “champion of the right to self-defense” by The Washington Times, and “dean of gun lobbyists” by The Washington Post and The New York Times, John M. Snyder has spent 45 years as a proponent of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms as a National Rifle Association editor, public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, treasurer of the Second Amendment Foundation, and founder of

A former Jesuit seminarian, Snyder is founder/manager of Telum Associates, LL.C., founder/chairman of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc., a director of Council for America, and serves on the boards of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and the American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens. He is also the author of the book Gun Saint. Visit:

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Drive the gun grabbers into political oblivian ? Fuck that ! Drive the treasonous bastards one way to the gallows. HBH

Bill Baker

Harrold: I agree with your sentiment, but of course what you suggest is impossible. No law or amendment can be made that can never be questioned. This is why we can’t be lazy, and must be forever vigilant in our cause. We must take back our schools and culture from the liberals and teach loyalty and honor, to each other and the constitution, and we must never forget. Standing up for our values and principles is something we must do always, and must teach the next generation to do the same.

John Harrold

We MUST enact a law, that will prevent gun control, from EVER being brought up again, in any form. The second amendment stands, and no one will be able to change it. NO laws, bills, or amendments can ever be made against our GOD given right.

Donald L. Cline

No. Not from my cold dead hands. Fight to win, brother, not to be a martyr.

Dan Wiberg

We cannot expect the same king of thinking, “the political system” to fix the problem it created.

Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid Americans have not paid attention for the last 60 years. If the system was supposed to work we would be living in the most wonderful times. Instead with every president since JFK things have slowly gotten worse. Most recently it has been getting worse even faster and we are all witness to that fact.




John is correct gun owners need to defeat the anti-gunners.

Make sure every gun owner votes and gets involved.

The NRA has compromised in the past and has supported people like Harry Reid and laws like the NICS, 68GCA and the Illinois FOID card.

We need to educate ourselves and inform the NRA that NO compromise is the new standard!


the NRA has compromised with politicians for many a year and look where we are with that…you have a good idea,but imho we are out of time….and the left will never stop their agenda..never……we can not count on any house or senate to support pro-gun proposals as they have not honored their oath to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights…soon we legal gun owners will be declared enemy combatants…and be required to “settle in place”…as a major city just did..I for one will never settle in place or abide by a curfew…I will go down ‘Free” …Semper Fi