HiViz Shooting Systems Says Good Bye to Colorado & Gun Bans

HiViz Shooting Systems
HiViz Shooting Systems

Colorado -( As a result of the recent changes to the Colorado state gun control legislation, HiViz is announcing plans to move out of the state.

Talks are currently under way with officials of a neighboring state regarding the move.

Phil Howe, HiViz President and CEO stated, “I make this announcement with mixed emotions. Colorado is a beautiful state with great people, but we cannot in clear conscience support with our taxes a state that has proven through recent legislation a willingness to infringe upon the constitutional rights of our customer base.”

He notes that prior to the changes in law in Colorado, he made several attempts to persuade state officials via emails and telephone calls to proceed slowly with gun control legislation that would impact individual shooters and the shooting industry as a whole.

Although the relocation will be expensive and time consuming, he adds, “It is in the best interest of our company and our customers.”

Starting with corporate headquarters, the operations will be moved over an extended period of time ensuring no interruption of services to its customer base, and HiViz states that the majority of its employees will make the move with the corporate operations. More details regarding the location and timing of the relocation will be announced as details are finalized.

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HiViz Shooting Systems began in 1996 and has always had a vision to improve the sport of shooting. Let’s face it, when you hit what you’re aiming at and experience success, you’re going to have fun and enjoy it more. So we started designing and engineering our innovative line of sights and recoil pads that have now become the standard for the industry. Visit:

  • 5 thoughts on “HiViz Shooting Systems Says Good Bye to Colorado & Gun Bans

    1. There is plenty of room in South Carolina and we as a state have told the federal government to go pound sand.

      The second Amendment is alive and well in SC.

    2. @ ed,
      make sure you copy that to coors, and explain why. then check around some of the “micro-brew” sites for a beer you might enjoy to replace coors.

    3. I congratulate them for making this decision. These damned legislators ignore the wishes of their constituents as if there will be no consequences. If I lived in Colorado, I’d be moving too, and would sell my house to biggest deadbeat Democrat I could find, preferably one who uses lots of state services.

    4. As a Colorado Native, I am sad to see the loss of companies like HiViz and Magpul, but their continued support to citizens here and across the nation fills me with pride and joy. They will be missed, but the principle is the most important thing. I hope our governor enjoys forcing more tax money and jobs out of state with asinine legislation that is unenforceable and does nothing. Good luck HiViz, you’re my go-to sight company now.

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