Homeland Security Actively Collecting Gun Owner Info, Collaborating With States


DHS MRAP Vehicle
Homeland Security Actively Collecting Gun Owner Info, Collaborating With States
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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Since breaking the story of NY State Gun Owner Daivd Lewis being ordered to turn in his gun's by NY State Police skyrocketed to the center of the National conversation on Gun Control/Gun Rights last week, going viral overnight and being discussed as the lead story on “The Blaze“, “The Glenn Beck Show”, NY State talk radio, local NY State News Stations and the Megyn Kelly Show on Fox News on Friday.

But now, even more disturbing revelations have come to light.

NY State Talk Radio Host Tom Bauerle discussed on his program that several sources inside NY State Govt have told him that the Dept of Homeland Security played an active role in meeting and collaborating with NY State Officials to develop and implement the confiscation scheme that targeted David Lewis and an as yet unknown number of others.

News out of Missouri has recently revealed that Govt Officials in that State have been transmitting the records of all State Residents holding firearms carry permits to the Dept of Homeland Security as well.

Its easy enough to say that the situation in NY is a “one off”, “happenstance” incident with no evil intentions and blame it on a confusing State Law that was rushed through the Legislature without anyone reading it or understanding its real world effects.

But when the same activity The Dept of Homeland Security is alleged to be deeply involved in: in two separate States with exerting their powers to collect information on private American Citizens who have committed no crime and own firearms, then that is not a coincidence, its the beginning of a peak behind the current of exactly what the Federal Govt is up to.

If you've ever put together a puzzle, you know that the jumbled, individual pieces make it nearly impossible to determine what the end result will look like, but as you slowly and methodically start to identify where those individual pieces fit, a recognizable picture begins to take shape.

So lets look at the puzzle pieces we already have and see if we can determine what kind of picture they might produce once they are all assembled.

We know there has been a concentrated propaganda and smear campaign conducted against millions of American Citizens, as well as Veterans, as “potential domestic terrorists“. Whether this type of propaganda is disseminated by individual hate groups or by a government, it serves only one malevolent purpose the World over, to dehumanize the targeted group and make it socially palatable to attack them.

We know that at least some Officials at both the State and Federal Level, having a long and well established history of obsessive Anti Gun statements and policy actions have already acknowledged that firearms confiscation was a policy goal.

We know that those same rabidly Anti Gun Officials at both the State and Federal Level, as well as many, many others, such as the tyrannical mayor of Gotham, Micheal Bloomberg, and Vice President Biden have been single mindedly focused on banning and confiscating the most common and popular types of firearms in America, so called “Assault Weapons” which also happen to be the best platforms for self defense against multiple attackers.

We know that DHS has yet to provide a credible and reasonable explanation for their purchase of over 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, enough to fight a war for almost 25 years, but a round that is banned by the Geneva Convention from use in International Warfare.  (Editors Note, the linked article was written when the purchase amount was “only” one billion rounds, a figure that has since doubled in the span of a few months.)

We know that there have been multiple credible reports dating back to last Summer, including pictures; about The Dept of Homeland Security acquiring and distributing across the Country heavily armored MRAPP vehicles painted menacingly in flat black, sporting gun ports and Anti Rocket metal bars across the windows, but lettered innocuously as “Rescue Vehicles”

We know that DHS also purchased several thousand armored check point booths, sort of “mobile” toll booth style structures, for as yet unknown and thus far unexplained purposes. The most likely of which is the establishment of checkpoints.

And we know that the pending Manchin-Toomey deal on expanded Background Checks has nothing so much to do with punishing criminal misuse of firearms, as it does with preventing people from acquiring firearms without the Government knowing who has them.

Taken as individual pieces of the puzzle, any one of these points is easily discarded as “not fitting”, what we imagine in our minds the actual end picture looks like. But when one endeavors to put those pieces together, and entertain the idea that they may actually fit where they do, you eventually reach a point of critical mass and the end picture suddenly snaps into stark focus.

The end picture of these various activities and policies at both the State and Federal Level is rapidly approaching that “critical mass” stage and what is emerging and should be self evident from the puzzle pieces enumerated in this analysis is a picture of only one thing.

By all outward appearances, the Government is actively preparing to go to War with a significant portion of its own Citizens.

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.”
― Thomas Paine

“The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.”

Samuel Adams

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

  • 35 thoughts on “Homeland Security Actively Collecting Gun Owner Info, Collaborating With States

    1. Here in Ohio our CCW permit is “attached” to our drivers licence. All it takes is a call to the BMV office! And the INFO is theirs!!!! Remember driver licence info is NOW in a NATIONAL database, accessible to ANY law enforcement AGENCY! Along with increased ATF Fed employees to canvas FFL retailers, you now have mobility #’s, Firearms #’s, CCW #’s, and geographic “hot spot” locations, all very good pre invasion intel….

    2. To Bob Damon:

      I live in Missouri and have been following this story since it was uncovered. Bob, your a idiot. The ATF requested this information and it was supplied to them twice. Now why do you think the ATF wants this?

      Jay Nixon and Kostner are both headed for impeachment, just wait and see. Your either stupid or complicent or both.

    3. All in all my personal opinion is that should ANY government agency approach the general population demanding the surrender of arms, even under duress of threat or incarceration, they wouldn’t get very far. The initial few may surrender their arms just to go along with law enforcement, but the vast majority will be able to see it on CNN before a nation-wide lock down would be able to be enforced.

      As a soldier I swore to uphold the constitution, and to defend it and the American public from all threats, foreign and domestic. Try getting my rifle, really, try…

    4. As its been pointed out that the gov has trolls posting all kinds of exciteful posts so beware. But the price of ammo isnt going to drop anytime soon and this whole thig with dhs smells to high heaven, the contracts for ammo, m-raps , and 7000 select fire ar rifles for ( self defense). If they arent readying for war what the hell would you call it, a sunday picnic!!! JUST KEEP BUYING AMMO AND ARMS AND GET READY, ITS COMING LIKE A FRIEGHT TRAIN!!!

    5. Also if you can.Go to gun training schools for the rifle and pistol.You will come out a better shot and learn something maybe you don’t already know.Hopefully the manufacturers will make alot more ammo of coarse, and so many people won’t be hoarding and panic shopping so prices of ammo and certain firearms go down.Where I live there’s one semi-auto pistol caliber that the local gun store has alot of ammo for.Its the .40 S&W.

    6. The Boston Marathon Incident was tragic especially the 8 year old young man being killed.Its good it wasn’t done with firearms or law abiding responsible gun owners would catch even more crap from President Obama.Hopefully Homeland Security will stop looking at law abiding responsible gun owners and go after the evil bastards that conducted this terrible bombing X2 in Boston during the Marathon.Though you know there going to try and disarm the United States of America so that we can’t defend against a tryannical govt. or express our Second Amendment Right to keep and bear arms.So that we can defend the Constitution and protect the other rights and Amendments of our Great Land.The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.There going to go after anyone who takes a pill for anxiety or depression or anything they deem as mental illness.Thats how it will start.Than there going to go after any Semi-Auto Rifle with a detachable magazine and any Semi-Auto Pistol with a detachable magazine.So all semi-auto pistols will be banned and most semi-auto rifles.Than they will have you register your semi-auto rifles and pistols so they can confiscate them with the help of homeland security and Military thug units that they send around house to house like they did in New Orleans at the time of the Katrina Hurricaine.THey will pass all kinds of crazy laws like they did recently in New York.So there will be eventually no semi-auto rifles,pistols,and shotguns.All there will be is Single and Single/Double action revolvers and some side by side shotguns and some pump shotguns and bolt action rifles with low capacity magazines.So hopefully alot of the 100 million gun owners will fight.Thats why they bought 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo cause you can’t use it in the military because they use FMJ, otherwise known as ball ammunition.So there going to fight and we’re going to fight and they will put the prisoners in FEMA camps or bury them in FEMA coffins.It all sounds ugly and horrible.A Soldier prays for peace but prepares for War.If you have some ammo to spare.Go to your local gun range and practice.Just don’t expend too much if you don’t have it.Dry practice also.I hope and pray this isn’t going to happen but I have my eyes wide open and I’m ready if it does.We have to join together and look out for one another and keep lines of communication open if this all goes down.De Oppresso Liber-Hooah!!!!

    7. Here we are again with people of power releasing information to the feds that is “against the law” in their state. When are you going to realize that they are looking to socialize us “freedom loving citizens”. The ones that don’t cooperate and defend their property and family against our “loving government” will either be dead or will be relocated to a DHS camp in work detail. Obama and his corrupt cabinet has it out for the United States and will stop at nothing to see his plan come to fruition. Impeach them all or file charges and arrest them for breach of oath. Hang them for treason. (April 19, 1775)

    8. This portion of Bob Damon’s 7:48am post is pure disinfo in and of itself. “DHS has had those MRAPs since 2006. They only have 17, one for each regional office. And they really do have them to use as shields for officers and people hey rescued.”
      I have physically seen with my own eyes and counted 18 of these trucks spread out over a very long convoy on US Highway 200 and I-15 near Great Falls, MT on three separate days in the past 3 months. So don’t you dare try to tell me there are only 17 of them with one in each district. They are very intimidating with .50 cal’s, mk19’s or m249’s mounted in the turrets when you drive past them. This very inaccurate statement of yours makes everything else you write very suspect to me as an eye witness to the contrary. This on top of your statements about fact checking. Tsk, tsk.

    9. Bob Damon thank you!!!

      So many people have their tinfoil hat on too tight and spread bad information as a result.

      People need to realize that a large amount of the disinformation comes from people wanting to sell precious metals and survival gear.

      It is a form of scare tactic just like the government uses. The general story is “If I feed the masses bad information, maybe they will buy my product that I’m pushing.”

      I love a good conspiracy theory just as good as the next guy, but I also do the research behind the scenes and don’t accept the first article that I read as fact.

      I would encourage everyone to investigate and ask themselves “What is the agenda?” behind anything that you read before accepting it as fact. Ask, “What does this author stand to gain as a result of writing this article?”

      Do this with everything that you read or watch!!

      If you evaluate a situation from every angle, it makes it a lot harder for someone to sneak up on you and take you by surprise!

    10. @bob daman if you despise ammoland as much as you say false info etc.,then spread your pro gov bullshit where someone might buy it HBH

    11. @bob damon,you’re a total idiot and prob.are a federal punk spreading their bullshit. We know whats going on and it will never work.Give up your weapons if you want,I never will !!! HBZh

    12. Them sonofabitches try getting confidential CHL info.on Texans they will be told to go to hell ! Gov.Perry and AG Abbott have already told the bastards that. HBH

    13. to bob damon – I have seen these HEAVILY FORTIFIED “Police” towers employed in three states (you said they only bought one “mobile traffic tower” BULL**). They used at least one for the convention in Charlotte NC, & others in DC. You seem to be working for the feds. Are you?

    14. What shlep could believe a state authority would transmit info to Feds incrypt so they could not read it. Why bother sending anything? And if the read failed for some trch reason the Feds would just get the info in the clear. Its not like anyone would tell them “NO you can’t”. Bob come on are you a drone or a fraud? There may not be enough evedence to convince you but their isnt enough evidence to clear the fed either. The 2nd A has NEVER been in the way of Nat’l securiety for the Republic only for those who want to take it down! You need to get a clue.

    15. This is highly illegal. The State Government can’t transmit information of their legally registered gun owners to Homeland Security. This act violates the U.S. Constitution.

    16. just reading the comments I am convinced this nation will very shortly be an enslaved communist ” utopia ” .

    17. April 19th 1775 was and still remains “Patriots Day.” That was the day, “those embittered farmers fired the shot heard round the world.” Please read some American history.

    18. This should be a wake up call to everyone. The Missouri Dept of Revenue provided the personal information of about 165,000 CCW permit holders to the feds in November…..then again in January! This was against state law, but they did it anyway.

      The Governor, when asked about it, denied that any such information was provided to some “magic federal agency”. His comment was clearly intended to demean those who were (and still are) alarmed about this. Less than 2 days after he made this statement publicly, the Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol reluctantly confirmed that the transfer of information DID, in fact, take place.

      They then said the federal agency it was sent to was unable to access the information in the format it was sent in and the disks were ultimately destroyed.

      The problem with this is, they broke state law (which should have NEVER have happened in the first place!). When they were questioned about it, the lied about it. When the truth finally comes out, we find out they didn’t break the law once, they broke it twice because the information was sent to the feds twice.

      So the people who broke the law, and who tried to cover it up now tell us that the information couldn’t be read and the disks were destroyed and we’re supposed to believe that? Really??

      They have no credibility to make such a statement. Their word means nothing now because they’ve shown they can’t be trusted.

      People like “Bob Damon” may try to blow this off, but he obviously DOESN’T know what he’s talking about. I live in Missouri. I’m a CCW holder here and I have a much better idea of what’s going on. Governor Nixon is working with Obama to circumvent Missouri Law to impose the same kinds of gun restrictions here. He can’t do it through the state legislature, because the Republicans have a super majority there and can override his veto.

      Mr. Damon, and others like him, need to wake up. If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, and if it sounds like a duck……..it’s a duck.

    19. We all should now know it’s not the killings in Conn, Colo, or any place else that has brought on this gun control laws. It’s this world wide UN Small Arms Agreement. Obama wants to be a “team player” and gut our right to bare arms. The NWO is the goal and Obama wants to be a part of it.

    20. Note:All of the data that is collected through any guber-mint agency is KEPT, P E R I O D. The rest is a lie through word twisting.All data is back up transferred overseas to both Interpol and the Isreali’s in Haifa and their collection/retrieval data base there.This word play is like all of the rest of the lies.”We” don’t keep it.(the other guys do it for us)Example:question about armed helicopters at Waco.”We didn’t have guns “on” the choppers.True and a LIE.The men “IN” the choppers had the guns and straifed down through the roofs over and over and over again.(remember the hearings where this BS was played out?I do)How can you tell when the shiesters in Guber-mint are telling lies.Easy, it’s when their mouths are moving.They are Filth.Buy more arms and ammo as you find them.Liberty 1775

    21. One thing I do have facts and confidence in, and that is the True American Patriot. Regardless of the debate on how many bullets, check point booths or armored personnel carries were purchased by the government, nor what illegal or ineffective laws are created by rogue politicians, the Gun Shows are packed to the gills, barely breathing room to get down the isles, and ammo and guns are selling at a record rate. That my friends is true American patriotism and living freedom, which protects us from traitors, tyrants and terrorists who wish to do us harm.

    22. Add this to the information coming from the whistleblower in the VA.

      FULL INTERVIEW: VA Doctor Exposes National Gun Confiscation Program

      Daily they started calling us terrorists.
      As time went by their actions and oath breaking they are now creating what they “TERM” terrorists. (you know the people who haven’t done anything at all — those terrorists)

      I predict, it won’t be long before what they CALL a terrorist, actually gives these oath breakers (from ICLEI, to evil DSM exploiting shrinks, to straight up oath breaker holding office) of their own twisted medicine.


      But if your going to keep calling us it and fucking our lives… LOOK OUT

    23. This happening in NY is just a test to see the reaction will be before they try in nation wide.
      If gun control doesn’t pass in congress Obama will declare gun control on his own. Then it will be grab your ankles and bend over.

    24. WE would not be in this situation if the electorate was educated and well informed (as Jefferson intended) and those who care about the Constitution actually got off the couch and VOTED. You get the government you deserve and we have been given democrats by the uninformed and low information voter. This utimatley is our fault..

    25. Total contract projection per fiscal years 2013 and 2014 exceed 4.9 BILLION rounds and are all verified numbers BEFORE the AmeriKan copy of the Interior Police of the KGD,you know,Homeland Suck-urity(DHS) made all of the purchasing information “Restricted” per Police State Policy.Smells like a PIG, looks like a PIG,acts like a PIG(and is run by a QUEER)That is the core of the POLICE STATE….DHS. Compromising with Soviet Socialists is signing your own death warrant.I don’t think I’ll pick up that pen and be part of that “contract”. Only an IDIOT,INCOMPETANT,FOOLor COWARD would think that compromise with such filth is OK. War is coming.Buy what ever arms and ammo you can find.Aim for the GROIN.Strip them while warm.Liberty and 1775 is the answer to the problem.MGK

    26. The weakest link in our defense of our second Amendment rights is the spread of bad information and those that will not take the time to read, verify, and understand what they read. You don’t have to believe me that this story contains inaccurate information, you can check all of these stories yourself.
      If your 2A rights are important to you, you will take the time to find and understand, not just be a sheep eating whatever you are fed.

      My guess is you won’t spend any time seeking information, you will just continue to take the easy path, and scream about the “gov’t” being against you.
      If we all act like you, our 2A rights will be gone, our adversaries are smart and determined, and will prevail unless we are all informed and work together.

      Today is Patriots day, the day our founding fathers planned and took action.
      Did you know today is Patriots day?

      I expect much more from someone who holds himself up as a model American.

      If this story is an indication of how Ammoland can help us defend our second Amendment rights, then we can do without them.

    27. War is coming.Buy what ever arms and ammo you can find.If it’s not in central warehouses then it is that much harder to try to take.(which they will)Organize,arm,equip and train as a Militia/team for mutual defense.Set up a 5/10 program in your AO.logistics.More is better.The Blue Lodge State Police are bought and paid for by the FED.MJTF and JTF operations are their bread and butter.Police states are NOT accurate nor do they want to be.”this must be a mistake”is always mumbled by the victim.The Police state knuckle dragger will always say”Yes,yes,Comrade.We will figure it all out in the Gulag.Now shut up or I will kill you”.All been seen before.Liberty and 1775 is the answer to the problem.

    28. @Bob…

      Absence of evidence is not proof, but evidence of absent information is often a clue to conspiracy.

      There can be no dispute by any American that our nation is trending toward less liberty rather than more.

      Ask yourself why a Federal agency would have any business receiving gun owner CCW lists in the first place, whether encrypted or not, when we have no national reciprocity. And why would DHS need such information and not ATF? Do you really think that the encryption can’t be broken or that DHS won’t conveniently happen to “find” the key – be it provided by an (anonymous) state agent, stolen or coerced?

      Ask yourself where all those MRAPs are, in fact, going, and why there’s little informaton on the exactive count. Ask yourself why you can’t get a straight answer on where the assets are, at present.

      Ask yourself – procurement procedures aside – why DHS would need hollow point ammunition in such quantities, even if it’s only half of the ‘ceiling’ you suggest as being no source of concern.
      In the Afghanistan and Iraq engagements, our combined ammunition expenditures were at a peak of 20 million rounds per yearfor both training and operations for ALL BRANCHES of our armed services. At that rate, DHS has secured 80 to 100 years of ammunition adequate for a shooting war. Seems a bit much, don’t you think? If history has tought us anything it’s that State power expands incessantly.

      I’ll grant you that all conspiracy theories are not necessarily true, until those conspiracy theories become conspiracy facts.

      If someone were to have raised the alarm just a few years ago that the ATF was knowingly and intentionally allowing guns to be sold illegally by the thousands to Mexican drug lords, you’d dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. My observations about this administration and the expansion of our Federal government in general lead me to conclude that nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

      To dismiss Mr. Roberts’ conclusion seems to me as naieve as you think he’s being alarmist.

      Those whom you would label as conspiracy theorists are poeple who see patterns in the chaos that many of us do not, and raise the alarm. Consider it an ‘early warning system’ and hope you never have to find out the hard way that you were mistaken.

    29. How much do they pay you to spread dis info and cover for DHS? Here in the desert its going to get hot in those vehicles with no AC quick with no gas and locked inside.
      I dont understand why or how you can deny the facts and ignore warnings and call your self an American No matter what you call it, how you justify it. how much you deny it, its just a bunch of losers and control freaks

    30. I clicked on your reference to the ‘mobile toll booth” , DHS only bought 1 booth.
      It is not mobile.
      If you follow this link, you can see a photo of the booth installed at DHS in Harpers Ferry.

      With less than a minute of googling, I found they sell these to a lot of different groups.
      The Westminster Presbyterian church bought one,
      NY Transit Authority bought 31.
      NASA bought 6
      If you visit the Shelters Direct website, they have a long list of customers.

    31. Sorry, just not true.
      I am disappointed that Ammoland would sensationalize and spread false information.
      The state of Missouri did send CCW data, but DHS was unable to read the data tapes, they are encrypted.

      The y are not really buying 1 or 2 billion bullets. Without a long and complex explanation of US Federal Acquisition Regulations it will be difficult to understand, but basically, they have to place a high ceiling on any purchase, and that’s all they are doing. Take the time to find he source proposal and you will see the breakdown for each part of DHS.

      DHS has had those MRAPs since 2006. They only have 17, one for each regional office. And they really do have them to use as shields for officers and people hey rescued.

      The M-T bill just expands NICS background checks, no new information is collected. All the forms stay with the LGS.

      I don’t understand why or how you could publish a story like this without no background or fact checking?

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