I’m In Love With An Anti-Gunner ~ Video

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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- This is a fun video by Youtube’s fxhummel1 that many pro gun folks can relate to; “I’m In Love With An Anti-Gunner”. https://tiny.cc/rk3wuw

The bumper sticker on her car says Obama/Biden 2009
Her Facebook posts spew anti-gun rhetoric from the left all of the time
On a sexy scale from 1 to 10 this girl’s between an 8 and 9
When we debate the 2nd Amendment we never see eye to eye

He’s a concealed weapons permit holder
She hates guns, but I’m so taken by her
We have been dating most of the summer
I’m in love with an anti-gunner

The 3rd date that we went on I surprised her with a trip to the gun range
That’s when I found out that she’s on the political side of hope and change
She looked straight into my eyes and then told me I should really be ashamed
I tried to explain to her about freedom I did my best to persuade

I’m a member of the NRA
I’m more into the Brady campaign
We have never been on the same page
Of the firearm control debate

When it’s my turn to pick a movie to watch, we watch Fighting Pistol
She just cannot stand to watch and listen to the lecture from James Yeager
She’s not that into chick flicks, but she has some specific criteria
She’ll watch anything starring a “Demand A Plan” celebrity actor

I stand with our founding fathers
I prefers Feinstein and Bloomberg
We don’t have much of a future
I’m breaking up with an anti-gunner

She thinks that people who carry guns will be dangerous if they get mad
She’s worried that her gun owning neighbor will murder her if his day’s bad
I explain that’s what mental health professionals describe as projection
She did not care for it when I pointed out her defense mechanism

Our differences brought us together
Now they’re what’s making us reconsider
I’ll rebound, soon I’ll get over her
For now I’ll sulk at home and dry fire

This video contains an original fxhummel1 song. All the music and lyrics were written by fxhummel1 and he owns all the rights to the contents of this video. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.