Kahr Arms Wins Lawsuit against Diamondback Firearms

Kahr Arms
Kahr Arms

Pearl River, NY-(Ammoland.com)- On Thursday, March 25th, a jury in Florida found Diamondback Firearms guilty of patent infringement of Kahr Arms’ (Saeilo, Inc.) patent number 5,502,914.

The lawsuit filed in 2011, states that Diamondback Firearms infringed upon the patent by using Kahr’s exclusive cocking cam trigger system into their own firearms.

Currently, Kahr holds seven U.S. patents for their exclusive locking, firing, and extraction systems. The cocking cam trigger system employs a patented cam to both unlock the passive safety and complete cocking and releasing of the firing pin. The system provides a “safe cam action” and a smooth double action only trigger stroke.

The cocking cam trigger system patent was granted to Kahr Arms founder Justin Moon on April 2, 1996. This design is found on all Kahr firearms.

The court not only ruled that Diamondback Firearms had infringed on the patent, but also that the patent is valid and uniquely belongs to Kahr Arms.

For more information, visit www.kahr.com.

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Kahr sues DB for stealing tech, yet Kahr was founded on tech they stole from Seacamp.

John Fitch

This has something to say about the ethics at Diamondback!
I have one of their DB9’s. It has jammed on every clip with over 200 rounds of 5 different ammos. Their customer service and service is the worst I have seen. The gun is the only one in over 50 years of guns I have owned that was a piece of crap.
Diamonback has had my magazine in for “repair” for seven days after they said I would get it back in two days!
I’m going to find someone I don’t like and give the gun to him.


I’m disappointed Diamondback copied another makers design. I own a DB9 and really like it for its small size and concealability but probably would not have bought it had I known it was a copied design. It does shoot well but does have a limitation on the kind of ammo it will shoot.


Good for you KAHR I hope you teach them a lesson, I had 2 of their 9mm jam-amatic,s and they did nothing good for me just excuses.

Wild Bill

Good for Kahr. They make a well designed and top quality product. Love my CW9….the perfect CCW handgun.


Kahr makes a damn good fire arm…P45 is my favorite and one I can carry concealed without a bulge problem..