Mark Kelly’s Video Failed To Show He Was Denied Handgun Purchase

Mark Kelly's Video Failed To Show He Was Denied Handgun Purchase
Mark Kelly's Video Failed To Show He Was Denied Handgun Purchase
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Breitbart News now reports that although Gabby Giffords' husband Mark Kelly successfully purchased a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun from Diamondback Police Supply on March 5, the gun store had denied his attempts to buy a handgun approximately two weeks before that.

According to sources, when Kelly first came into Diamondback Police Supply in February he tried to use a Texas ID to buy a handgun and was denied. Then, thirteen days later–on March 5– Kelly walked back into the gun store with an Arizona ID that he used to purchase a handgun. He posted a video of that purchase made with a hidden “pocket camera” recording the transaction to prove that “background checks are easy.”

With the proper Arizona ID, Kelly successfully purchased a Sig Sauer 1911-style .45 caliber pistol. He also tried to buy an AR-15 rifle, but gun store owner Douglas MacKinlay ultimately halted Kelly's AR-15 purchase due to concerns over whether Kelly could pass question 11a on background check form 4473, since Kelly had publicly claimed he had bought the gun to deliver it to someone else (in this case, the local police department).

On March 31 2013 Breitbart News reported that when Kelly released his hidden video to show that “background checks are easy,” the failed purchase of the AR-15 appeared to have been edited out. Kelly's apparent failed attempt to buy a handgun at the Arizona gun store in February didn't make the final cut, either.

In other words, the current structure of our background check system stopped Kelly from buying a handgun once and an AR-15 after that. Kelly's video hides both of those facts in order to create public pressure for expanded federal background checks.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Mark Kelly’s Video Failed To Show He Was Denied Handgun Purchase

    1. Lying or using false ID to purchase a weapon is a crime. Why had he not been arrested and charged? This is why we have problems with criminals. It is not the gun, it is the refusal of police departments to charge someone breaking the laws already on the books, just because of who they are or who they think they are. So more gun laws are going to solve the problem? When they start arresting the real criminals it will. Until then, they are just whistling Dixie in a Yankee state.

    2. What is Mr. Kelly’s agenda here anyway? I empathize with his wife’s plight, but it seems Mr. Kelly’s ego trumps that.

    3. Kelly, a former naval officer, should be ashamed of himself. If he belongs to any associations of naval officers, they should throw him out for his deceit and dishonesty, not to mention for his attack on the Constitution he is/was sworn to protect.

      Ed, FYI, I can get this on Firefox just fine (don’t have Chrome, so couldn’t test it).

    4. Looks like the systems works in Arizona, you have to have a AZ ID and pass the back ground check.
      It works for me and my wife we both follow the laws NOT try to use the wrong ID and use the fact he is a media star.

    5. I find it really hard to believe Gabby Giffords is mentally compitent enough these days to own a firearm. I hate to sound insensitive but if a VET with PTSD is not allowd to own a firearm then niether should Gabby. I think the AZ State Police need to pay them a visit and make a video while they are taking all their guns away. Who knows when Gabby might snap as a result of her PTSD and kill Mark.

    6. Both Chrome and FireFox browsers are blocking access to this story. Only by using IE was I able to read it. Your rights in this country are being attacked from all sides, and the misinformation Mark Kelly is distributing is further evidence that they, the Libs of this country, will do anything dirty or dishonest to paint us law-abiding Conservative citiziens into a dirty little corner!

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