Musky Allen Regarding ‘Shooting Bigfoot’ & the Reality of Killing a Bigfoot

Open letter from Bigfoot skeptic turned believer, Musky Allen.

Dead Bigfoot Sketch
Dead Bigfoot Sketch
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USA –-( With just nine days [release date is April 30th 2013] to go before the the premier of “Shooting Bigfoot”, I would like to post another statement of my position on Rick Dyer, Minnow Films and the creature, “Hank“.

A few things that need to be said in support of Rick Dyer. In all the years of viewing Bigfoot/Sasquatch videos including the Patterson/Gimlin film, the Tent/Camper videos were by far the most compelling to me. Not only did Rick Dyer capture this Sasquatch on a cell phone video, but a professional film crew also filmed multiple minutes of this SAME creature.

Can that be said for any other Bigfoot video known to man? The same creature filmed by two separate individuals with different cameras, i don't think so!!!

Furthermore, not only is this creature caught on camera, I went to great lengths [more than anyone for the record] to verify Rick's story. Rick Dyer shot and killed a Sasquatch, I saw it first hand at a very professional facility with a great deal of security and legal agreements just to gain access. It's real people, you will soon see for yourselves, believe me when i tell you this.

It is important for you to know I can also 100% tell you this Sasquatch met it's death by a gun shot wound exactly the way Rick Dyer explained.…i cant talk more about that, but for the record I DON'T condone any further harvesting/killing of these amazing creatures. In a few short days Minnow Films, “Shooting Bigfoot” WILL show a real Sasquatch, yes, the same one Rick Dyer killed, which may put a personal connection or emotional attachment to ‘Hank‘, watching [the film of him] him harmlessly going about his daily survival, sad but true.

Remember folks, let's hope something lost is something gained with this, for science and Humanity!

“Musky Allen”
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    1. Whatever happened to the liar that said he shot and killed a sasquatch,also whatever happened to the liar that said he saw a dead sasquatch in a facility.

    2. this is all so hilarious to me. it’s just entertainment.. like WWE.. BF don’t exist. Hairy, large, creatures ARENT hiding in the woods with superior smarts. Sorry to burst your bubble..

      on with the show! (popcorn and soda in hand…)

    3. he can’t apply for the 1million bounty because minnow films and one of his backers is housing the bigfoot and also has a legal calim to it also i’m sure if their paying the cost to keep it frozen all this time and if it is real why claim only 1mil bucks and have It taxed and lose out on all the profits he’ll make from a real bigfoot body(if real) if you had brain one in your skull you wouldn’t turn the body over for just 1 million bucks when you/he stands to make multi millions from a undiscovered creature of myth and lore.

    4. As you can see by some in the thread supporting Mr. Dyer, the only information they have, has come from Mr.Dyer himself. It is absolutely ridiculous to say that we should put his hoaxing past behind him, this is definitely why he shouldn’t be trusted. Mr. Dyer has said in his own words he will HOAX again, and that he hates the Bigfoot community. He is doing it again, just with a new crop of people. Mr. Dyer is dragging it out, and is doing it for one thing and one thing only MONEY. HE doesn’t care about anything else but that. He is nothing more than a con man. See the movie I heard it is good, but do not trust Mr. Dyer, that leopard never changed his spots. The movie actually makes him look stupid.

    5. I have absolutely no doubt Dyer did exactly what he said he did–killed a Bigfoot. There’s no indication of ANY deceit on his part and his past hoax can’t be held against him just as a criminal defendent’s past history can’t be held against him: its no indication of guilt in another future matter. Listen to Musky Allen’s interview and then tell me this is a hoax. He stood next to this carcass and touched it. He smelled the embalming fluid and saw signs of the embalming. He described the high-security facility where it is kept. He is a lifelong non-believer who is now absolutely convinced that this species exists. And the idea that this is murder is absurd. There’s no indication whatsoever that this is anything other than an animal, not a sentient being. And in order to protect the species, one HAD to be killed as it could never be taken alive, IMO. That would be even more cruel than killing it–to keep it in a cage for the rest of its life. Prepare to be blown away, folks!

    6. If he did shoot this creature where he says he did, he would have garnered attention from the nearby facilities and businesses. If he had killed a sasquatch, why hide it and wait until a low budget documentary that most people won’t watch to come out? I’m not smelling a skunk ape, I’m smelling a hoax. If it were me, and I certainly would never shoot bigfoot with anything but a camera, I would be calling all of the experts in the world to come and test it. Has Rick Dyer even told Dr. Jeff Meldrum? I doubt it, because he is a liar.

    7. Rick Dyer is a proven liar and hoaxer. It is beyond doubtful he shot a Bigfoot a few hundred yards away from a Home Depot in between two busy expressways. This is all about hyping up a low budget documentary.

    8. No matter what Rick Dyer has done in the past it will soon be forgotten.When the film is shown and later the body revealed,anyone who still is skeptical will simply become a parody of a skeptic,a science denier.This may also make a few atheists understand that if they were wrong about the existence of BF they could also be wrong about denying God.

    9. I remember not long ago someone claimed to have a dead bigfoot in a freezer. The DNA test came back as another smaller animal it was obviously a hoax. It looks too much like a human to go shooting at one. You might end up shooting a hairy naturist instead, or a bearded man out for a walk in the woods. I do believe they are out there, but if they are they are a rare creature and should be protected by federal law as endangered species.

    10. @FaiMao
      You are exactly wrong. Paranormal merely means what is outside the bounds of what is commonly known. While the possible existence of animals, like a Sasquatch, would usually be called cryptozoology, it would still fit in the realm of the paranormal. IMHO, this whole story is a crock of crap soup. Just imagine the press that this guy would get for the release of his film if he allowed scientific study of the alleged cadaver. In a nut shell, if the kill was real, he would be doing exactly the wrong things to increase interest by keeping it under wraps. Hustle, con and scam are a few words to describe Mr. Dyers’ film.

    11. ” Why isn’t he applying for the one million dollar prize offered by for demonstrating anything paranormal? Because it didn’t happen, that’s why.”

      Nope because if he shot a real animal it isn’t paranormal. It is just an unknown species. I doubt very much the the Randi group would pay the bounty.

      Now if he’d shot a ghost, captured an evil spirit or killed a vampire then that’s different. He might even get the bounty for a space alien though they would not be “paranormal” either just from far away.

      A creature that that lives in the woods and that is not described by science is not paranormal, just unknown

    12. Nonsense. Why isn’t he applying for the one million dollar prize offered by for demonstrating anything paranormal? Because it didn’t happen, that’s why.

    13. He didn’t kill this being.
      If he did — then it would be ‘murder’. And the fact that he stalked it, and murdered it would be CAPITAL MURDER.
      EVEN if it had been some guy in a hairy suit… tromping in the woods -it would have still been murder. Perhaps Mr. Dyer should talk to a Judge… and a good attorney.

    14. Rick Dyer has told different stories, plus he has been caught on tape laughing about once again “fooling” the people. I am not believing any of this unless I personally see this creature. However, I am sincerely against any killing of any Sasquatch unless a human life is in acute danger. Let the Sasquatch live in peace. I still believe all of this “new dead body” Sasquatch is another lie to make himself more money as he says on a tape recently posted around the internet with him saying exactly what I wrote.

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