Nebraska Star Beef & POF Firearms Introduce “Patriot” Beef Jerky

Nebraska Star Beef Patriot Beef Jerky
Nebraska Star Beef Patriot Beef Jerky
POF Firearms
POF Firearms

Rural Holdrege, Nebraska –-( Nebraska Star Beef and POF Firearms are pleased to announce a new beef jerky product that is intended to help bring Patriots together.

It has become exceedingly clear that Patriots need to make themselves heard to prevent tyrannical swings from striking our inalienable rights.

Patriots across the United States are waking up and realizing that to maintain the freedoms granted by our forefathers in the Bill of Rights that we must stand up and be heard. Nebraska Star Beef and Patriot Ordnance Factory realize this and have teamed up to offer Patriot Brand Beef Jerky. The idea came about at the 2013 SHOT Show when Frank DeSomma of POF suggested the incorporation of POF Patriot artwork into a jerky product while talking with Steve Johnson of Nebraska Star Beef.

Steve commented, “People like Frank share our belief that the time to come together and take a stand is right now.” Frank added, “Patriot Jerky allows us to plant the seeds of liberty and freedom with every bag we sell; it’s jerky with a purpose.”

Patriot Beef Jerky is a premium product. Its “Original” flavor profile delivers exceptional “Steak House” taste without being too spicy. The MTM CASE GARD .50 cal ammo can makes a great point of purchase display for retail locations and our hope is to see them in lots and lots of gun shops in the near future. It is also available in a 12 count open stock case that ships with a merchandising strip. More information can be found at: OR stop by the POF at the NRA Show in Houston – Booth 5009 and try some Patriot Jerky for yourself.

American Patriots – Defending the Homeland Since 1775 …..Will You? Nebraska Star Beef is a small, family owned, innovative producer of natural Angus beef products near Holdrege Nebraska

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I’ll buy it and try it , if I like it I’ll buy it real often .