New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte: Broken Promises

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte
New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( Yesterday I told you that Senator Kelly Ayotte was weakening. She is planning to side with anti gun Senator John McCain and the compromiser Senator Lindsey Graham and oppose today's filibuster of gun control.

When she ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010, Senator Ayotte made very specific promises to support the Second Amendment. There were promises to oppose gun bans and only support checks that hampered criminals not law abiding gun owners. Senator Ayotte promised to fight attempts to reinstate the Clinton gun ban. She also promised to work to repeal the Federal Gun Free School Zones law.

But now, it seems that she is about to break those promises.

Senator Ayotte claims she wants a debate on these issues. The filibuster WILL BE THE DEBATE! It is the debate that will kill the anti gun bill. Call Senator Ayotte and ask, why won't you help Senators Paul, Lee, Rubio and Cruz stop gun control?

NHFC, Inc. has posted her candidate survey and advertisements on our website so that you, the law abiding gun owners, can see the promises that were made and are now being broken.

Click here to read Senator Ayotte's promises. Then, after you see the promises, call her and ask why she won't help to stop gun control in the United States Senate?

Here are all the office phone numbers for Senator Ayotte:

  • Washington, DC – 202-224-3324
  • Manchester, NH – 603-622-7979
  • Nashua, NH – 603-880-3335
  • Portsmouth, NH – 603-436-7161
  • North Country Office – 603-752-7702

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq.
President – NHFC

P.S. The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is working tirelessly to keep gun owners like you up-to-date on as many gun issues as possible — please consider contributing to the effort by chipping in $15 or $20.

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire's only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

  • 13 thoughts on “New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte: Broken Promises

      1. How can I vote when you give no good choices? It’s kinda like choosing dinner I have the choice of brussel sprouts or eggplant. Well I’m not eating ether of those things just like polititions if I don’t like the what’s for dinner I’m just going to make my own. F#@# politics it’s all corrupt. All patriotic americans need to send a message don’t vote and take back our country or what’s left.

    1. It sounds like we should change the state saying from “Live free or Die” to “Welcome to Massachusetts North”.

    2. I agree I figured NH and Maine would be safe like VT supposedly is but nope !!!! Fracking Collins and King both voted yes. Even after all the bull crap bluster how they support the 2 nd. YOU CANT TRUST POLITITIANS!! they are all liars!! Turncoats etc. Best thing to do is take names and ALL GUN OWNERS !!! Need to vote this next congressional and Senate elections and vote these liars out !! Its a shame the New England states fought and won the Revolution now they are ALL enacting restrictive gun control laws ABOVE the federal level. What did they all die for?? And every war sense?? Just so some liberal A-Holes can take power in DC!! Everyone should read the 2nd and USE IT!! Im a veteran 18 yrs before I got hurt Im friggin pissed off how the govt is treating vets!! Now Obama wants to SLOW DOWN !! military pay increases!! what pay increases!!! If you figure the hours the military puts in vs take home pay you dont even get minimum wage! Benefits?? They are slashing them taking them away plus VA benefits. You gotta fight tooth in nail to get anything.
      The Polititians and all those inside the Beltway get their raises every year!! A-holes!!
      They should all be hung as traitors!! Liars!! Turncoats!!! But we gotta use a pen now!! To change out the govt vs the 2 nd ( which is exactly why its their!) When the govt get to big for its britches or doesnt do as the populace wants and goes off the deep end thats what the 2nd was put in place for !!
      Im done sorry for the rant! To many liars in the govt now and LACK OF MORALS!!

    3. All New Englanders are progressive communists because they think they are better than us great unwashed American society .

    4. I’m personally not all that upset about allowing the vote. I’d rather get Senators on the record one way or the other. Blocking debate certainly kills the action, but it also allows vunerable Dems to avoid making a hard vote.

    5. These are not thr only traitors to the 2nd Anend. Senator Jeff Merkely from Oregon promised that he would support no further gun ligislation when elected. He lied. No shock as all politicians lie.

    6. As a former New Hampshire boy with a long NH heritage, I hope Kelly is planning on voting against the 2 man committee proposal. Allowing this bill to be debated on the floor is not support of this infringement on 2nd Amendment rights as long as she argues against further gun control. A filibuster will not resolve the public outcry. A floor vote against the actual wording of the bill can show how further restrictions will not reduce the risk of more active shooter events.
      Kelly, hold true to your promises and state heritage.

    7. The Second Amendment is the Heart and Soul of Individualism.If you own yourself you have the right to defend yourself.It is the antithesis to Communism.When this right goes all others will follow.Maybe not right away,but they will certainly be infringed just as the Second Amendment is being infringed now.If we freedom lovers cannot stop the trampling of the Second Amendment we won’t be able to stop the other Amendments from being swallowed up and discarded just like the 10th Amendment and the Second Amendment.By then who will really care?

    8. I realize how naive I was, but I used to believe the country held its veterans in high regard. But having dealt with the VA myself, and seeing now just how many democrats are stripping vets of their gun rights like we are criminals I am sickened in this country. I won’t say I joined to protect everyone’s rights, truth is I joined because I was young and had grown up watching world war II movies and fantasized about taking on the ‘big bad enemies.’ But how many veterans would not have joined up had they known that the government would use their service injuries as excuse to strip them of their constitutional rights?
      I realize how close I came now, having suffered two Traumatic Brain Injuries in my life, and a judge once asking me if I wanted him to assign someone to help me pay my bills during my recovery. Had I said yes, I would be being stripped of my rights, and maybe, they will still catch up to me on that. But I never got judged that way, and never diagnosed with anything by any shrink. Ironically I once thought I had anxiety attacks and wanted to see a shrink but they wouldn’t let me, turned out it was mini strokes from my neck being broken in 7 places, but had I seen a shrink like I wanted at the time, I’d be screwed now. I speak personally to say that many vets like me will stay far away from shrinks even if we need help thanks to this kind of thing going on.
      Too many have broken promises to our vets and having broken their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution I now consider them traitors.

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