Newtown Voters Reject Budget Hiring Security Guards for Schools

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Newtown Voters Reject Budget Hiring Security Guards for Schools
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Washington DC – -( Newtown voters on Tuesday rejected town and school budgets that contained an extra $770,000 to cover the cost of hiring new police officers and security guards for Newtown's public and private schools.

The $72 million school budget was defeated by 482 votes, and the $39 million town government budget was defeated by 62.

Together, the plans represented a five percent increase in funding for the next fiscal year.

Newtown has been in a recession, so some city officials said they weren't surprised the bigger budget was defeated.

Legislative Council chairman Jeff Capeci said: “At the end of the day, Newtown voters thought it was too much of an increase.”

A second, revised budget is expected to be introduced for a vote soon.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Newtown Voters Reject Budget Hiring Security Guards for Schools

    1. Remember the parents crowding around King Obama calling shame on the senators for failing to pass the Expanded background check law?? They said ” we will be back” !! Lol I friggin hope so because I hope they are friggin reminded NO ONE SPOKE UP !! FOR THIS!! NONE OF THE NEWTOWN PATENTS MADE A DAMN PEEP!! WHY???? BECAUSE THEY DIDNT HAVE A CAMERA IN THEIR Faces!! Ohhhh and this cost money!! The gun grabbing bullshit they were spouting didnt cost them anything!! But us taxpayers having to pay for them to fly on AirForce One with the Biggest Jagoff in office!! Next time these parents show their faces in public and start showing a pictureof their child and start pissing and moaning like that Idiot hesslin or how ever you pronounce the retarded sounding father who made sure he was in the spotlight NUMEROUS TIMES CRYING AND PISSING AND MOANING ETC? granted what happened was a friggin tragedy to no extent but his grand standing among others as well is shamefull especialy with thisbill being turned down and NO PARENT OR RELATIVE OF THE NEWTOWN SHOOTING AT ALL!! No tv appearance!! No one saying pass this bill !! Bla bla! Bla! I sincerely hope everyone on here remembers this when the Gun grabbers start their crap again!! Because this needs to be brought up!! They were used as political pawns to push King Obamas gun grab. Where were the parents and news media when this was voted on?? I know if I were in a similar circumstance I can GD guarantee I woulda been at this vote ! And spouted off at the news media!! Etc what do they do??? NADA!!!! AND IT SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO THEIR LIMITED NARROMINDED FREE WANTING DEMOCRAPIC LIBERAL CRUSADING PISSANTS the next time the gun grabbing starts!! And they are used as pawns in the front flaunting their childrens ages to pull at our heart strings!! This proves to me they dont care about protecting children and they just want their 5 minutes of fame!!

    2. While I can a reason to complain about the costs involved with hiring extra security, they do have an alternative to the situation. They can either have volunteers to come to the school and serve as security or they could have teachers to be trained in the proper use of firearms. Either way, they save taxpayers money. These people just need to realize that gun control laws don’t work and now they have to pay for the protection of their children. That area needs to wake up to the fact that they can reduce crime by having lesser gun restrictions. For those that say they don’t want their children seeing a police officer everyday at school; don’t they see policemen every day in their cities? Kids should just be told that the people in blue are there to try and protect them from harm.

    3. Most of them are Zionist Jews. Go figure. they never learn their lesson because they don’t remember history.

    4. So the parents push their kids out the door in the morning, to go stand on a corner alone till the Yellow Tin Can Bus comes along, so a drunk can shuttle them to the Free daily school, AKA: Glorified Baby Sitting service, that has little security, grab their 3 R’s, free breakfast, free lunch, then a free after school limo Yellow tin Can Bus ride back home, walk back the the house and meet up with their parents just in time,to watch Jerry Springer together. But hey BTW/ None of you deserve to own guns cause our kids are soooo precious. Oh and BTW/ we ain’t paying for No security security, only if it is free. Hows that in a nut shell?

    5. really…really…you turned down armed security because they would be…armed ?Don’t call US when you want to use something harsher than bad language…

    6. Could this because the majority of the people in Newtown realize that the event was a False Flag to push gun control?

      How about some two way communication here!

      I also wonder why there have been no witnesses to bodies being removed from the school? Why this event, unlike the Boston Bombing why was not replete with gore pictures and why it seems that members of CST who played police officers in Sandy Hook showed up in Boston for the bombing?

    7. it seems to me that if I had lost a child in that deal I would be doing almost any thing to make sure there was no repeat. I have to ask where the hell Biden or Obama is campaigning to get more cops into that school system instead of throwing away more and more cash for another exodic vacation some where. And why doesn’t the state of Connecticut ram through some real legeslation that would have a direct effect on keeping their kids safe instead of bending over backwards to make sure the whole country pays for one event. You talk about needing mental evaluation, I think just to run for office an exam is in order!!!

    8. They need to put guns BACK in the hands of the “People”! What a bunch of bullshit! They “Scream” for “protecting Our children”, but dont even realize its been their stupid laws that caused this tragedy in the first place! 154 rds in 6 minutes, could have been prevented with “AT LEAST” SOME RESISTANCE!

    9. Seems like they really care about their child’s safety in school….NOT….just about taking my freedom…fuck all of you…

    10. All bark and no bite. I don’t want to hear any more whining about their kids getting killed. They’ve shown us how much they value them.

    11. The crusading parents should be hounding the officials who voted this down instead of pissing and moaning to King Obama to take peoples guns away!! This just proves the Newtown shooting was and is being used for political gun grabbing!! If the parents realy gave a shit they would be on the nightly news screaming for protection !!
      This proves their little anti gun bullshit is just for the camera and liberal democrap bullshit!! Wheres the added protection for the kids?? They wanna take peoples guns away but wont fork over money for the childrens protection!! What a bunch of bullshit!

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