NY Psychiatrists Served With Subpoenas For Patient Records In NY Gun Confiscation


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Gun Owner Medical Records
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New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Machiavellian Plot to ignore and subvert the Rights of potentially millions of NY State residents developed another layer late Sunday.

After breaking the story of Amhurst NY Area Resident David Lewis having his lawfully purchase and legally owned firearms confiscated by order of the State Police after a flagrantly illegal and Un-Constitutional review of his medical records , Word came to me in my capacity as in journalist late Sunday that NY Officials have apparently doubled down on their sinister plot and blatant abuse of power.

My sources revealed that two prominent and well regarded Buffalo Area Psychiatrists received subpoenas from State Officials, possibly on Friday April 12th 2013, commanding them to turn over all of their patient files to the State. Details are sketchy at this early stage, but I have been told that both Doctors have in house counsel as well as potentially consulting with the Law Firm of Jim Tresmond, Firearms Law Specialist and the Attorney of Record for Mr Lewis.

What is clear is that those subpoenas would have to have been issued by someone in the State’s Attorney’s Office. What remains unknown at this point is whether the order or request for the subpoenas originated with the Superintendent of the NY State Police, Joseph D’Amico or from the Office of the the Commissioner of the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services or one of his lieutenants.

If it’s accurate that the subpoenas in question were received by their targets on Friday April 12th 2013.  That would be the same day that WBEN Talk Radio Show host Tom Baurele told listeners that multiple independent sources within NY State Government related to him that a secret seven member”HIPAA” committee had been created within the Div Of Criminal Justice Services after passage of the NY SAFE Act to work in conjunction with the NY State Police at the behest of the Dept of Homeland Security; for the express purpose of illegally obtaining and accessing the private medical records of potentially millions of NY State Residents. Then comparing those records with the records of known firearms owners and pistol permit holders in order to facilitate the confiscation of firearms under the extraordinarily broad language in the law regarding those that have been deemed “mentally unstable“.

Something that thus far NY State Police have denied, choosing to blame the County Clerk, Chris Jacobs in the Lewis incident which was discussed at length on the Megyn Kelly show, also on Friday the 12th of April.

Interestingly, the “mission statement” found on the website for the NY Div Of Criminal Justice Services contains language that could plausibly be used as “cover” for their involvement in this on going scheme.

“The Division of Criminal Justice Services is a multi-function criminal justice support agency with a variety of responsibilities, including collection and analysis of statewide crime data; operation of the DNA databank and criminal fingerprint files; administration of federal and state criminal justice funds; support of criminal justice-related agencies across the state; and administration of the state’s Sex Offender Registry that allows anyone to research the status of an offender.

Our mission – the very reason we exist – is to make New York State a safer place to live, raise our families and run our businesses.”

At DCJS, our core agency functions include criminal history checks, fingerprint operations, coordination of grant funds, providing timely information, public safety, law enforcement training, breathalyzer and speed enforcement equipment repair, accreditation of police departments and forensic laboratories, Uniform Crime Reporting, research, hosting criminal justice boards and commissions, providing information to criminal justice agencies and institutions, and hosting other criminal justice agencies. Much of our contact with the public involves the Sex Offender Registry, where anyone can check for the presence of high and medium risk sex offenders in their neighborhood (information on Level 1 or low level offenders can be obtained by calling 518-457-5837 or 1-800-262-3257 if you have a name you would like to check. You will need the individual’s name and another identifying fact, such as date of birth). We also support Operation IMPACT, an initiative where we provide special assistance to the 17 counties upstate and on Long Island that account for nearly 80 percent of the crime outside of New York City.

This much is clear given the known facts, as well as the current and ongoing allegations and leaks. NY State is being “led” by a vociferously Anti Gun Governor that has a demonstrated history and extensive habitual evidence of his willingness to impose his will and personal opinion on the Citizens he claims to serve. This situation calls for the urgent appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate these egregious violations of both State and Federal Law, as well as the clear Civil Rights violations and violations of the targeted Citizens individual 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendment Rights.

Those responsible for this unprecedented subversion of the rule of law and innocent Americans Rights must be held to account for their actions. If not, any flicker of hope for the concept of “all are equal under the law” will be snuffed out under the boot of the awesome power of the State against its Citizens.

As more details emerge over the coming days on this late breaking development I will update this story or add a new columns accordingly.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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mike smith

Better broaden your horizons, this is not happening in just N.Y.. Also look at MO., CA. and spreading fast. I hope these blogs spread, and spread fast, and that people ask, NO DEMAND that their elected representatives cut these unconstitutional laws off at the head and do it immediately. I have contacted my reps. more in the last yr. than in my whole 60 yrs of life. I have demanded the defunding of the A.H.C.A., DHS and several more. This is going to take a LARGE consorted effort by every liberty loving American that is left in the country. Any… Read more »


Sedition and insurrection is on the horizon. Places like New York must begin to form minuteman groups of 10 (neighborhood squads), then 4 squads make-up a platoon, 2 platoons a company, 4 to 6 companies to a battalion, 5 to 10 battalions equal a division (state) and 5 divisions equal a militia army (regional). Devise a plan of leadership and a expand social networking to provide useful and up-to-date intel and rallying notification. People will act, if they know they are part of a greater unified effort. This is more-or-less how the colonialists did it. They also possessed great courage,… Read more »

John Bates Thayer

Sic Semper Tyrannis!


This is why GOA said that gun control is part of Obama care. Expect Obama care to be used against gun owners How many young women/teenage girls could be deemed mentally ill because of a menstruation problem? I once read that with the way we now define mental illness every 15 year girl could be deemed mentally ill I’m not a doctor but in my opinion NO one should seek any mental health care at all. There are several natural treatments that have a history in Europe that have more success than the SSRI drugs used by the gun grabbing… Read more »


The people of New York should be taking up arms and marching on their capital. It’s obvious that their elected State officials have overstepped their boundaries.

Ronald Chappell

“Gotta be scarier for New Yorkers knowing that gun owners that need help will now not be seeking it because of this..”
By what law have NY citizen’s HIPPA protections been removed. Is this a constitutional right?
“Article the sixth …… The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


VA psychiatrist explained that this WOULD happen one week ago. Here is the full interview: http://surviveandthrive.tv/full-interview-va-doctor-psychiatrist-exposes-national-gun-confiscation-plan/

tired of lies

wow this is just incredibly surreal. where will end? When will the gov’t back off ? Do we have to actually revolt, I don’t mean violently but at least we can make a stand push back using the same techniques as they are.


the fools in power are planting the seeds of open revolt due to there criminal actions.
they are to stupid to even realize what they have created.


Let New York be a shinning example for the rest of the country.

The more tyranny the better provided it stays in New York.

The low information voters need CONTRAST to really see what’s going on, we need New York to provide that contrast.


“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves”. – William Pitt, 1783.


84% of NY counties have passed resolutions opposing the UNsafe Act and many more proposed legislation. Many local law enforcement agencies, including sheriffs the Albany PD have opposed as well. Mental health agencies likewise have done so. This law was passed without public input with a Message of Necessity hours after being printed, late at night, without being read. Even Bloomberg says it is a bad law and Cuomo admits mistakes! Please do not lump NY into one big cesspool like our high-crime, low-education, entitlement supported upstate cities/NYC! No one here is happy and King Cuomo is trying to dictate… Read more »


Not only are the Psychiatrists being subpoenaed for patient records;General Practioners are as well.They commonly prescribe anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressant medications,Et Cetera. Those with no history of mental and/or emotional instability need not worry.Or at least those that have never been treated for it.


News Falsh…Feinstein says that all pressure cookers should be banned, “Mr. & Mrs. Amerika, turn them all in”.


Cuomo & Bloomberg are criminal trash.

The Jimmy Z Show

Hearsay evidence sure does seem vague and weak. Without speaking to one of the ‘prominent and well regarded’ doctors; without having a copy of the subpoena, this is not quite irrefutable and in terms of the potential importance, really must be.


P.S.S. – With all todays “Conspiracy Theories” run amuck and even though I was sure my last post/comment would be the last – I caught something that I must make sure is NOT confused/twisted. Equipment for wartime purposes – nothing to do with the “Towers”. The “TOWERS” and everything since is clearly part of G-ds judgement. No matter whom one thinks/believes perpetrated the event/crime. I do not believe that anyone in the American Govt. had anything to do with that evil… But isn,t it sad that one would feel the need to make that clear in our beloved (At least… Read more »


Oh – it all began with the fall of the Twin Towers by-the-way. (Read the book “The Harbinger – The Ancient Mystery That Holds The Secret Of America’s Future” by Jonathan Cahn) as a 2nd witness to the things I write. – and no – I have no affiliation to him either. On 9/11 I was hooking up equipment for RC airplanes in an undisclosed location for an undisclosed purpose. In the sand. Just for a little cred…read the book…


For what I meant – “Every mans hand against his brother” (Is 9:19, Is 19:2, Jer 9:4, Ez 38:21, Micah 7:2, Haggai 2:22).


Sorry – but I feel I must one more if permitted? And this one to Burt Gummer and Barryoldwater – Burt – if they come for your guns – give them up! (Read all of Jeremiah for understanding – but pay special attention to Chapter 38 and esp. verse 17) for understanding. If you truly don,t want your guns taken – then PRAY! It,s your only recourse – but, if they (Our Gov.) comes for them – give em up! Understand – even KINGS are Judgements from G-d. Those that put G-dless Kings into power (VOTE for them) will pay… Read more »


P.S. – I would like to THANK G-d (And Jesus) for showing me/helping me to see and understand these things – just that I might give credit where “GLORY” is due. Thank you Jesus! I’m just a wretch!!!


Now (after Boston) they’re going to have to “Subpoena” psychiatrist and cookingware companies for records of Pressure-Cooker owners. Boy – have our security-specialist and “Non-Gun Owning” leaders sure got the work cut out for them-selves. One could almost be driven to believe that things were being intentionally set-up so that every mans hand would be turned against his own brother (All conspiracy like) — but, I,ve read the Bible. And by doing so – G-d showed me that it,s all His doing! He showed me that when a nation turns their back on Him (and tells Him – along with… Read more »


Dumb sh!ts are creating an atmosphere where no one that needs help will go get it because they know a trip to the shrink for a temporary episode such as the blue’s will strip them of thier rights. Gotta be scarier for New Yorkers knowing that gun owners that need help will now not be seeking it because of this.

Burt Gummer

NY Gun Owners should all immediately report their guns stolen, while securely hiding them for future resistance.


Watch the doctors in this state start to file bankruptcy as their “former” patients move out of state for care.

Bee Thomas

Yes, people voted for Democrats but they did not vote to have their rights stripped from them and their medical records illegally searched, violating the Second AND the Fourth Amendments. If some Judge does not step up and stop this tyrant, the people are going to be forced to take matters into their own hands. Do the right thing NYS courts.

James R Colloca

I can only hope the people who voted for Cuomo and the politicians who voted for the Unsafe Act, have this law come to roost at their door. Anyone who voted for these politicians could not have researched them before voting for them. These politicians don’t have a place in our government and must be voted out before they can complete their agendas. I’m sure you won’t be able to access their medical records but they have been able to access yours. Governor Cuomo is unconscionable, disgusting and a slimy politician, who would break the law to support his agenda,… Read more »


There’s no way those subpoenas could be written narrowly enough to be legal. Going after potentially thousands of confidential medical records in the hopes of getting info on a few lawfully-armed citizens is immoral & illegal.
Then of course, there’s nothing saying that someone with a medical issue is incompetent, so they can’t even use the records to disarm law-abiding people like they want to.
NY just keeps digging itself in deeper…


“NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Machiavellian Plot to ignore and subvert the Rights of potentially millions of NY State residents developed another layer late Sunday.”

New Yawk has been voting democrat since FDR was Governor. You get the government you deserve.