Obama’s Push for Gun Control Fails, Beginning His Lame Duck Presidency


Obama Biden Crying
Biden looks on verge of tears during, a grey and worn looking, Obama press conference, on defeat of senate background check bill, 4-17-2013.
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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- Freedom and respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights won the day in convincing fashion yesterday, with draconian gun control all but killed in the Senate.

There are still two other Amendments plus the vote to end debate up for Thursday the 18th 2013. Add to that the fact that Harry Reid switched his Yes vote to No at the last second with speculation being he did this so he could resurrect the bill for reconsideration at a future date under the rules of the Senate.

Constitutional Lecturer, no he was not a professor President Obama and our embarrassingly moronic Veep “Buckshot” Biden shared their thoughts with the press shortly after their despotic proposals were defeated. The President was particularly incensed over the defeat; petulantly exclaiming that it was “a pretty shameful day in Washington”

The President, as well as gun control supporters, including Lori Hass of the religious based, zealously Anti Gun Group CSGV ( Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) , who was removed from the Senate Gallery for screaming “Shame on you” as the votes were tallied made only one truthful statement all day, the one about shameful behavior, only it was their own.

There was and always has been an excess of shameful behavior, all coming from President Permanent Campaigner, Gun Control groups, their followers, Political Allies and Ministers of Propaganda in the media, particularly when the topic is gun control. The exploitation of the families of the Newtown Victims for political theater was shameful.

The bombastic claims and flat out lies that were told by those in support of the package was shameful, more on that in a minute.

It was clearly visible, not just from his tone and choice of words, but numerous stills clipped from the broadcast coverage of his remarks from the Rose Garden that The President was seriously angry and the Twitterverse exploded with commentary on his boorish, childish and very public tantrum.

President Temper Tantrum also angrily insisted that Pro Freedom, Pro Second Amendment advocates and the NRA “willfully lied.” Apparently oblivious or not caring because his media friends wont mention it that the usually reliably Anti Gun Washington Post, in an article two weeks ago awarded him “3 out of 4 Pinocchios” for his repeated false claims on background check data.

Now lets take a look at some of the most egregious and provable outright lies told by supporters of the package of Amendments from the Senate Floor during debate:

Joe Manchin, West Virginia (D) Co-sponsor of the Background Check Compromise and “Proud NRA member” with an A Rating ( time to re-evaluate that rating NRA).

“says that terrorists can go to any gun show and buy fully automatic firearms (machine guns) without background checks. He also says that there are people making a living selling firearms illegally, so his bill will make it double secret extra illegal.”

“Manchin encourages gun owners to break his law. Says that posting public announcements on bulletin boards around town and then selling them without background checks will be perfectly legal under his amendment. No, it’s not. That’s illegal under his amendment, and Manchin is encouraging gun owners to become felons under his language.”

Guess that booze fueled negotiating party aboard his yacht the Black Tie wasn’t such a great idea after all huh Joe? Seems they were too inebriated to even understand the language they were proposing and its effects in the real world.

See noted expert Dave Kopel’s analysis of just how badly flawed, so flawed and poorly written that it would have in practice been a Pro Gun Control Law had it been enacted.

Kirsten Gillibrand NY State (D) notes that “the current penalties are just paperwork violations”. Paperwork violations that can result in a 250,000 dollar fine and 5 to 10 years in federal prison, depending on what you lied about. Violations that Brady Campaign Chairwoman Sarah Brady recently admitted in an interview her group is not interested in pressuring the government over regarding their abominable charging percentage or conviction rate .

Richard Blumnethal Connecticut (D) Touts his support for Police Officers; because of that we have to ban 9mm semi-automatic pistols and “hollow point bullets.” Stated these bullets can pierce a “bulletproof vest” No, they are bullet resistant vests. Sometimes they fail, even for bullets they are rated for. Not to mention that the NIJ Research Div, the FBI’s research and testing branch certifies police issue vests specifically by testing them for their ability to stop hollow point bullets, precisely because when a hollow point bullet impacts anything it “mushrooms” and disperses its energy very rapidly over a greater surface area.
Says that Police Officers “bullet proof armor” could not have protected themselves against Adam Lanza’s AR-15. So he’s basically claiming that the “Trained Professionals” we are always told are the only ones competent enough to carry guns couldn’t defeat a single teenage gunman? They couldn’t have defended themselves against 1000’s of Non Scary looking hunting rifles either. The round fired by AR-15s is considered an “intermediate power” round, basically a .22 (one of the smallest commercially available rounds) in a bigger case with some more powder. Any “hunting” rifle round will go through soft body armor. Blumenthal essentially channeled the ghost of Ted Kennedy with these remarks.

Is there something in the water up in Connecticut that prevents people from grasping the fact that any number of different calibers of large game ammunition will penetrate Police issue body armor like a hot knife through butter?

Bob Menendez New Jersey (D) is upset over National Reciprocity, guessing he’s worried that some of his potential voters/thugs might get themselves killed whilst preying on innocent people in the Mandated Victimhood State of NJ. Says we have a responsibility to take assault weapons off the street. Considering I am from and unfortunately still am a prisoner of NJ, I think we ought to get him off the streets.

Chris Murphy Connecticut (D). Another emotional blackmail speech from Murphy , doubles down on a previous lie told by Menendez, claiming that a modern semi automatic rifle like the AR-15 owned by tens of millions of law abiding Americans can fire like a machine gun. Once again publicly pushing the falsehood about so called “assault weapons” that was first invented and promoted by The Violence Policy Center’s Josh Sugarmann back in 1989.

John McCain Arizona (R) Like other supporters, he brings up the useless provision that creates a 15 year prison sentence for misusing records. Who’s going to enforce that? Fast and Furious Holder ?

Manchin-Toomey fails by 54 to 46.

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Amendment.

Chuck Schumer NY State (D) Schumer insists that every police officer in America will tell you concealed carry would be a disaster. Seems Chuck completely missed or conveniently ignored a very recent Police One Survey of over 15,000 active duty cops from jurisdictions across the Country that says just the opposite

Dianne “legal to hunt humans” Feinstein, Wicked Witch of the West. Amendment on “assault weapons” , which was “carefully crafted” by looking at picture books over a year ago ( her quote saying as much) is up for a vote and her shrieking really does remind me of her namesakes agonized cries as she melted away.

““Easy to shoot big clips!” “Large velocity guns.” “This is a majority body!” like I said, incoherent shrieking, which is good.

Blumnethal speaks again in favor of his and Frank “You don’t deserve your rights” Lautenberg’s Large Capacity Magazine Ban Amendment. Blumenthal claims “only criminals use these things” .

Thats funny, I had volumes of standard capacity magazines when I lived in Florida and never committed a crime. ( that really is the accurate description, as “large capacity” means whatever someone wants to say it means, as we’ve seen recently in NY and other States.) One mans “large” is anothers “just right” is anothers “large capacity”.

Chuck Grassley Iowa (R) speaks in opposition, noting a study by the DOJ that showed the magazine ban had no affect on gun violence. Points out there are millions of these magazines out there, they are in common use and banning them ex post facto would be Un Constitutional.

So that is the highlights, err, low-lights of the depths gun control politicians will resort to in order to force their personal beliefs, ideology and power hungry agenda on over 100 million Americans who have done nothing wrong.

The remarks and behavior exhibited by the President and Feinstein in particular are quite revealing of their mindset and beliefs, just like Michael Bloomberg, they are tyrannical Statists who sincerely believe that they have a wholly undeserved and non-existent moral authority to dictate what they think is best for everyone, while exempting themselves. And they react poorly when their imagined authority is challenged, or in this case defeated soundly.

Yesterday could very well mark the beginning of President Obama’s “lame duck” remainder of his Presidency. He expended enormous political capital on this issue and got nothing for it, except for staying myopically focused on an issue that a Gallup Poll on Monday revealed only 4% of Americans even considered important and making it even harder to support him in the future by nature of his breath holding, foot stomping temper tantrum of a reaction to yesterday’s events. Its not going to be a good next two years, but if it means Obama is reduced to an impotent figurehead of a President, thus limiting how much more damage he can inflict, I’ll take it and deal with it, along with my Second Amendment Rights, which shall not be infringed.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves”. – William Pitt, 1783.


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be Armed.com

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They want your guns because they are COMMUNIST !!!


Matching ties too ! What a fucking pair of losers.HBH


Damn its nice seeing those two son of a bitches pissed off ! They got their asses whipped yesterday and there will be more to come if they continue trying to deny Americans their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.HBH