Present Arms Gunner’s Mount Inspection Plate Pro Review

Present Arms Gunner's Mount Inspection Plate Pro Review
Present Arms Gunner’s Mount Inspection Plate Pro Review
Hovey Smith
Hovey Smith

Central Georgia –-( New jigs from Present Arms allow easy dis-assembly of military and police firearms, including 1911 pistols and AR-platform rifles.

These jigs are ideal for those who regularly build, or service such guns on a daily basis.

These are also available for Glocks, S&W M&Ps and other semi-auto firearms.

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John Muehleisen

Bruce, it’s been a long time. Good to see you’re still in the business.

mark Jenkinson

Bruce, were working on it , use MJ10 in the code and get 10% off.. material is killing me, with some volume we’ll get the price down.
Thanks, Mark

Bruce Hillman

It’s nice that innovation has a place in the industry…but $120!!! I’ll take mine apart the old fashioned way and have money left for ammo. Oops, I forgot…there isn’t any ammo available out there.

There has to be a way to get this out to the shooting community for much less.