Rhino Revolvers – What’s the Deal? Revisit & Update

Chiappa Five-Inch Rhino Revolver In Tactical Black
Chiappa Five-Inch Rhino Revolver In Tactical Black
MKS Supply

Dayton, OH –-(Ammoland.com)- Italian gun maker Chiappa designed the totally revolutionary Rhino Revolver to significantly reduce recoil and muzzle flip.

The Rhino fires from the bottom chamber of the cylinder (6:00 position) and not the conventional top chamber (12:00 position).

The lowering of the barrel aligns it more with the shooter’s arm and greatly reduces flip and shifts recoil back rather than up. Additionally, bullet torque is better controlled. Bullet torque is the result of the bullet screwing itself though the barrel on the shooter’s hand.

If early-era revolver designers had something different from single shot muzzle loading (top shot sight aligned over the barrel) pistol designs they might have considered the superior Rhino design. But back then the recoil of their large and heavy revolvers firing relatively light lead ball (projectiles) the recoil was very low. Additionally, gun makers of that era did not have access to light alloys the Rhino uses to keep the sight rib and overall weight low.

So, traditional revolver appearance was recently shattered by the revolutionary Rhino design. But the thing works! Anyone firing a Chiappa Rhino quickly discovers it turns the hottest .357 Magnum load into the felt recoil and muzzle flip of a .32 or maybe.38. This makes the Rhino seriously fun to fire and incredibly quick for fast and powerful follow up shots. Actually the recoil and flip of the .357 Magnum Rhino is less than a 9mm semi-auto., but the power is much different.

The Rhino is equipped (not 2-inch version) with a Picatinny rail for LASER or white light and features a flat-side cylinder for a lower-conceal carry profile. The unorthodox looking Rhino grips (stocks) makes one wonder how well it can be held, but once you hold a Rhino, you quickly realize they work very well!

The Chiappa Rhino is a highly-effective platform and is currently chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special and now the 40 S&W (moon clip). The Rhino comes in blue, polished nickel and 6-inch version in a polished anodized gold finish and in barrel lengths of 2, 4, 5, and 6-inches. The 2-inch Rhino comes with an open top Italian made pancake holster.

Chiappa plans to debut a new light-weight composite-poly frame Rhino in the near future.

The Rhino is a premium level revolver and has an MSRP from $980.00 to $1325.00.

To learn more about the Chiappa line of quality call (877) 425-4867 or visit www.mkschiappa.com

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Rishi anand

I want to buy few revolver of ur company if I can get it shipped in india I will be obliged money no matter will pay u double the price of every gun

Charles Dixon

I agree with “Guy”. I have a five inch barrel and it is an easy accurate shoot.


I have one in the longest barrel version. It is one of my favorite to shoot handguns of all time. .357 is completely manageable out of it, and 38s feel closer to shooting a 22 🙂 I have had no problem getting ammo (.38 special or .357) for it. I kinda wish they would make something like the rhino for an even larger caliber such as the 44mag. I am curious as to how the change in barrel alignment (6oclock position) would affect felt recoil and torgue in a noticeablely more powerful round. Consider the possibility of a rhino type… Read more »


Ammos hard to get for it though. For some reason.


I’ve got the 200ds and it shoots great.
It does have some quirks. My first mistake was when I proceeded to do follow up shots I leaned into the gun to counter muzzle rise. A mistake. Unlike other revolvers that was not needed and I, from shooting other mags,pushed my second and third shots low.

I am very pleased with this weapon. I kid you not, you can shoot this thing almost all day. One Handed!