Command Consulting Group, Phoenix RBT Solutions Announce School Security Training Programs

School Security
Command Consulting Group, Phoenix RBT Solutions Announces Training Programs In School Security Effort
Command Consulting Group
Command Consulting Group

WASHINGTON –-( Command Consulting Group (CCG), an international security and intelligence consulting firm, and Phoenix RBT Solutions, an industry leader in reality-based training solutions for security professionals, have teamed up to provide recommendations and training programs to assist schools nationwide in enhancing security.

Following the Sandy Hook tragedy and other horrific occurrences of school violence, the two organizations conducted on-site school security assessments across the United States. Informed by the findings of those assessments, CCG and Phoenix RBT Solutions have crafted up-to-date solutions specifically tailored to address the security challenges facing schools today.

Based on their combined expertise from decades of service in law enforcement, military, intelligence, and the private sector, CCG and Phoenix RBT Solutions set forth an array of broadly applicable best practices for school security covering essential topics such as school culture, physical security infrastructure, and emergency preparedness and response. Together they’ve provided comprehensive school-specific training programs for School Resource Officers (SROs) and other armed security personnel as part of the National School Shield (NSS) Task Force. Schools considering an armed security presence can turn to this program to help enhance their security in a safe and effective manner.

W. Ralph Basham, a founding partner at Command Consulting Group, former Director of the U.S. Secret Service, and Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, emphasized the importance of CCG and Phoenix RBT Solutions’ efforts.

“As a grandfather of twelve, I think I speak for any parent or grandparent when I say that nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of our children at their place of learning, and of our teachers and school administrators at their place of work,” he said.

“There is an important dialogue now taking place on how to better secure our schools, and CCG’s belief is that nothing should be off the table in terms of additional resources and security improvements at our nation’s schools. The ultimate decisions should rest with local schools, parents, and other community leaders about what is right for their schools and their children. Our team was proud to contribute in identifying current vulnerabilities and best practices for schools.”

Anthony Lambraia, Owner and CEO of Phoenix RBT Solutions, echoed Mr. Basham’s sentiment and drew on his perspective as a father of two boys, saying, “The time to effect change in school safety programs is long overdue. We’ve provided training programs guidelines and a best practices manual that offers actionable steps that can be taken to address school safety concerns. Our training concepts and principles can provide trainers a guide to deliver safe and effective training to improve school safety nationwide. Working together with teachers, administrators, and law enforcement professionals, we believe we can achieve positive outcomes.”

Command Consulting Group and Phoenix RBT Solutions offer schools vulnerability assessments, innovative security solutions, and reality-based training for security personnel, professional trainers and law enforcement professionals. CCG and Phoenix RBT Solutions provided the aforementioned best practices and training programs as contributors to the NSS Task Force. Further information on NSS can be found at (


Command Consulting Group is an international security and intelligence consulting firm that provides advisory services to governments, corporations, educational institutions and high net worth individuals. Members of the CCG team helped lead the efforts to overhaul and modernize many of the agencies responsible for the security of the United States and implement major reforms in the areas of intelligence and information sharing, technology deployment, and interagency coordination. CCG’s solutions help clients meet their unique security challenges and are based on experience gleaned from years of service in leadership positions at the White House, the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community, the military, and private industry. For more information, visit

Phoenix RBT Solutions offers reality-based training solutions for law enforcement, military and private sector security at the national and international level. Phoenix RBT Solutions’ professionals are former law enforcement and military personnel who are recognized throughout the training community for their superior training experience and performance. Phoenix RBT Solutions specializes in instruction, program development, consulting, training products as well as training facility design. For more information visit

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wolfgang W Halbig

Do you want to see the script that was used at Sandy Hook shooting?

You have a responsibiltiy in telling the truth to school district leaders and how do you do that if you are not telling the truth?

If you care to see it let me know.

You can Google my name Wolfgang W Halbig