Senator to Piers Morgan: Gun Control Push Failed, When Are You Moving Back to England?

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Manasquan, NJ –-( CNN’s Piers Morgan had a fiery debate with controversial State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday.

At one point, Campfield said, “Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England. Because everyone in Tennessee is dying to know” (video follow above):

Late last year, CNN’s Piers Morgan threatened to “deport” himself if the United States did not dramatically change its gun laws.

  • 20 thoughts on “Senator to Piers Morgan: Gun Control Push Failed, When Are You Moving Back to England?

    1. It is disgusting that owning a gun in my country has lead me to being treated like a criminal, my little Walther PP will get me 5 years in jail, and for what. Because I want to defend myself with a gun and apparently that makes me a criminal who deserves 5 years in jail for the victimless crime of owning a gun. To all you Americans not all of us are like Piers Morgan and some of us do not agree with this law all the best fellow gun owners legal or illegal and never let them take your guns ever as they will never give them back!

    2. the english are an arrogant, and disgusting race. i say “english” and not “british” because the scots, welsh, and irish are okay by me.

      DEPORT.ALL.ENGLISHMEN/WOMEN. no matter what the career field–entertainment, business, academia–an englishman/woman in the “states” does nothing but piss off their non-english peers. also, it seems as though those englishmen/women who end up in the “states” tend to be here because they couldn’t “cut it” in the united kingdom & europe. DEPORT ALL ENGLISHMEN/WOMEN, as they do nothing but cause detriment to the quality of life of those around them.

    3. You know how they are always remaking movies or they are coming out with (just as an example Bad Boys-Bad Boys 2-Bad Boys 3 etc) New movie………”The Shot Heard Round the World 2″

    4. If the British, Canadians, and Aussies had fought gun control like we have, they could own a hell of a lot more than water pistols now. Imagine them trying to get ready for a real war with 18 yr. old kids who don’t know which end of a weapon to hold. We’re not stupid. We know that gun grabbers never go away just because they turn silent. Obama has taught us that lesson. One that I hope we never forget. Too bad he had to be re-elected for us to lean that lesson. Morgan love our freedom but doesn’t think we are entitled to it. He thinks his accent makes him smarter. Did not carry your ancestors far in 1776 or 1812, did it Piers? Squirrel hunters kicked your ass at New Orleans.

    5. give piers morgan a kayak and a paddle, point him due east and wish him “bon voyage”. it’s only 3,000 miles over open ocean to dear old blighty.

    6. Morgan is still saying the kids at Sandy Hook were killed by an assault rifle… Lanza left that back in the vehicle

    7. I’m extremely lucky that my ancestors showed what to do with those limey idiots back in the 1770’s. Maybe we should do the same now.This nation would not exist if our forfathers had not been able to be armed. There was a time in our history,after that, that every household was REQUIRED to have working weapons.(to guard against the return of the defeated British)

    8. Piers Morgan is a government tool. A waste of human flesh piloted by the Elite. A clueless fool touting the political line who refuses to recognize the facts.

      People are 43% more inclined to be victims per capita in the UK because of their “gun control”.

      Facts are facts and Piers Morgan is a talking head douche bag.

    9. @John
      Give him 2 choices; Go back to your commie country or we hang you for being a tyrant.

      Don’t go labelling the UK commie based on Piers bloody Morgan.
      There’s more than a few here who do all they can to back the RKBA in the US because we believe 100% in the principle.

    10. Do whatever you like with the obnoxious porky git, except PLEASE don’t send him back here as we don’t want him either.
      See if Venezuela wants him, though even THEY have some standards….

    11. Piers Morgan is such a tool, people should then be allowed to carry bombs then. last I heard my gun will not just accidentally shoot by itself just by carry it, unlike a bomb which most of these terrorist use are extremely unstable. some will blow just because you moved the wrong way or a electrical signal or spark causes it to blow. I just don’t see guns going off in people’s pockets unless the trigger was pulled. people like him think their so bright but the problem with all these gun haters is their either misinformed or just plain ignorant.

    12. The queen is almost as old as that piece of paper, he should shut up and leave. I would contribute to his boat fare cause he isn’t worth the cost of an airline ticket. He can’t be popular there or else he wouldn’t have come here.

    13. When that limey pissant referred to the 2’nd Amendment as “that old piece of paper”,the scum has to go ! The only reason that sonofabitch is here at all is because of our US Constitution ! HBH

    14. Why is a Piers Morgan Rellevant in any way,He is an Englishman that has an Agenda for the NWO,We Need to Vote all Ppl’s Against Our Constitution in any State,He or She Who Doesn’t Like Our Beliefs or Traditional Ways,Can All Leave.I Live in an Unconstitutional State,NY our Governor,E Mayor of NYC the Sheriffs n Ppl in Charge of Licensing,The Judges r All Taking Our Rights,Ppl that have No Record No Othing Are being Denied,Not to Mention in NY it Costs about 500 Dollars to get Denied,it’s a Disgrace,I can’t Wait to Move

    15. I will be glad to pilot the boat in order to deposit Mr. Morgan on the beloved shores of his homeland. The U.S. is no place for somebody of his clearly superior intellect.

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